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Date de naissance 04/11/1933
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SUDDEN MANHATTAN (Sudden Manhattan) (1996)
BUSINESS OBLIGE (A shock to the system) (1990)
CE CHER INTRUS (Once around) (1990)
HOLD-UP A NEW YORK (Quick change) (1990)
DIRTY DANCING (Dirty dancing) (1987)
CHEESEBURGER FILM SANDWICH (Amazon women on the moon) (1987)
LES BONS TUYAUX (The longshot) (1986)
ONCE BITTEN (Once bitten) (1985)
GARCON CHOC POUR NANA CHIC (The sure thing) (1984)
HARD TO HOLD (Hard to hold) (1984)
THE LOST EMPIRE (The lost empire) (1983)
OFF THE WALL (Off the wall) (1983)
A BOUT DE SOUFFLE MADE IN USA (Breathless) (1982)
THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS (The Hollywood knights) (1980)
CAPTAIN AVENGER (Hero at large) (1980)
LOOSE SHOES (Loose shoes) (1980)
L'EVADE D'ALCATRAZ (Escape from Alcatraz) (1979)
L'INVASION DES PROFANATEURS (Invasion of the body snatchers) (1978)
DROLE D'EMBROUILLE (Foul play) (1978)
AMERICAN HOT WAX (American hot wax) (1978)
STAY HUNGRY (Stay hungry) (1976)
SLITHER (Slither) (1973)
LE MONDE A L'ENVERS (Steelyard blues) (1972)
THE KING OF MARVIN GARDENS (The king of Marvin Gardens) (1971)
SUMMERTREE (Summertree) (1971)
GLEN ET RANDA (Glen and Randa) (1971)
BOB ET CAROLE ET TED ET ALICE (Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice) (1969)
THE CONNECTION (Connection) (1962)