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Date de naissance 20/12/1869
Date de décès 02/02/1956
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Agence ou contact
LA VALLEE MAUDITE (The gunfighters) (1947)
HOLLYWOOD PARADE (Follow the boys) (1944)
LA CHARGE FANTASTIQUE (They died with their boots on) (1942)
LA ROUTE AU TABAC (Tobacco road) (1941)
ELLERY QUEEN'S PENTHOUSE MYSTERY (Ellery queen's penthouse mystery) (1941)
ELLERY QUEEN AND THE MURDER RING (Ellery queen and the murder ring) (1941)
LES RAISINS DE LA COLERE (The grapes of wrath) (1940)
JOHNNY APOLLO (Johnny Apollo) (1940)
LE RETOUR DES TEXAS RANGERS (Texas rangers ride again) (1940)
ELLERY QUEEN MASTER DETECTIVE (Ellery Queen master detective) (1940)
LE MAGICIEN D'OZ (The wizard of Oz) (1939)
MIRACLES A VENDRE (Miracles for sale) (1939)
JEUNESSE TRIOMPHANTE (Dust be my destiny) (1939)
TROIS CAMARADES (Three comrades) (1938)
TRAFIC D'HOMMES (Stand up and fight) (1938)
SURPRISE CAMPING (Listen darling) (1938)
L'ANGE IMPUR (The shopworn angel) (1938)
OF HUMAN HEARTS (Of human hearts) (1938)
CAPITAINES COURAGEUX (Captains courageous) (1937)
VISAGES D'ORIENT (The good earth) (1937)
LE REGNE DE LA JOIE (Broadway melody of 1938) (1937)
LA GRANDE VILLE (Big city) (1937)
LA FORET PETRIFIEE (The petrified forest) (1936)
LA PETITE PROVINCIALE (Small town girl) (1936)
UNE FINE MOUCHE (Libeled lady) (1936)
DESIRS SECRETS (Alice Adams) (1935)
IMPETUEUSE JEUNESSE (Ah wilderness !) (1935)
CARAVANE (Caravan) (1934)
JUDGE PRIEST (Judge Priest) (1934)
MISS CARROTT (Anne of green gables) (1934)
HEROS A VENDRE (Heroes for sale) (1933)
TOUTE FEMME (Female) (1933)
LES ENFANTS DE LA CRISE (Wild boys of the road) (1933)
DEUX FEMMES (Pilgrimage) (1933)
ROSE DE MINUIT (Midnight Mary) (1933)
THE KISS BEFORE THE MIRROR (The kiss before the mirror) (1933)
UN MAUVAIS GARCON (No man of her own) (1932)
PRISONS D'ENFANTS (Hell's house) (1932)
CONDUITE DESORDONNEE (Disorderly conduct) (1932)
THE WOMAN IN ROOM 13 (The woman in room 13) (1932)
LA RUEE (American madness) (1932)