HALL Alexander
Metteur en scène
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Date de naissance 11/01/1894
Date de décès 30/07/1968
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Decede le 30.07.1968
SON ANGE GARDIEN (Forever darling) (1955)
TU ES A MOI (Because you're mine) (1952)
LOUISA (Louisa) (1950)
MA BRUTE CHERIE (Love that brute) (1950)
DON JUAN DE L'ATLANTIQUE (The great lover) (1949)
L'ETOILE DES ETOILES (Down to earth) (1947)
ONCE UPON A TIME (Once upon a time) (1944)
LE CORPS CELESTE (The heavenly body) (1943)
MA SOEUR EST CAPRICIEUSE (My sister Eileen) (1942)
EMBRASSONS LA MARIEE (They all kissed the bride) (1942)
J'EPOUSE MA FEMME (Bedtime story) (1941)
LE DEFUNT RECALCITRANT (Here comes Mr. Jordan) (1941)
LA MARIEE CELIBATAIRE (This thing called love) (1940)
LE DOCTEUR SE MARIE (The doctor takes a wife) (1940)
L'ETONNANT M. WILLIAMS (The amazing Mr. Williams) (1939)
MISS CATASTROPHE (There's always a woman) (1938)
L'OR ET LA CHAIR (The toast of New York) (1937)
JE VEUX ETRE UNE LADY (Goin' to town) (1935)
SINNERS IN THE SUN (Sinners in the sun) (1932)