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Date de naissance 09/04/1909
Date de décès 27/09/2003
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LE MEDAILLON (The locket) (1947)
UNE FILLE PERDUE (That Brennan girl) (1946)
LA CHANSON DU SOUVENIR (A song to remember) (1945)
LE FILS DE LASSIE (Son of Lassie) (1945)
LE FAUCON A SAN FRANCISCO (The Falcon in San Francisco) (1945)
LES NUITS ENSORCELEES (Lady in the dark) (1944)
MADEMOISELLE FIFI (Mademoiselle fifi) (1944)
ONE BODY TOO MANY (One body too many) (1944)
LIENS ETERNELS (Hers to hold) (1943)
LES MAINS QUI TUENT (Phantom lady) (1943)
NIGHT MONSTER (Night monster) (1942)
LA VIE COMMENCE A 8 HEURES 30 (Life begins at 8:30) (1942)
LE LOUP-GAROU (The wolf man) (1941)
MAGIE MUSICALE (There's magic in music) (1941)
L'AMOUR ET LA BETE (The wagons roll at night) (1941)
ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Abe Lincoln in Illinois) (1940)
KITTY FOYLE (Kitty Foyle) (1940)
LA LUMIERE QUI S'ETEINT (The light that failed) (1940)
BLONDIE ON A BUDGET (Blondie on a budget) (1940)
VICTOIRE SUR LA NUIT (Dark victory) (1939)
AU SERVICE DE LA LOI (Sergeant Madden) (1939)
THEY ALL COME OUT (They all come out) (1939)
UN NIMBE DE GLOIRE (Strange glory) (1938)
MENACES SUR LA VILLE (Racket busters) (1938)