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Date de naissance 17/12/1945
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THE WATCHER (Driven) (2000)
MISS DETECTIVE (Miss congeniality) (2000)
EN LETTRES DE SANG (Red letters) (2000)
MERCENAIRES (Stealth fighter) (1999)
EXPRESS POUR L'ENFER (Hijack) (1999)
INTERCEPTOR FORCE (Interceptors) (1999)
BEST OF THE BEST IV : WITHOUT WARNING (Best of the best IV : without warning) (1998)
MR. MAGOO (Mr. magoo) (1997)
OPERATION DELTA FORCE (Operation delta force) (1997)
THE SUBSTITUTE (The substitute) (1996)
CONGO (Congo) (1995)
DEUX COWBOYS A NEW YORK (The cowboy way) (1994)
ABSOLOM 2022 (No escape) (1994)
THE CROW (The crow) (1994)
RADIO REBELS (Airheads) (1994)
CHERIE VOTE POUR MOI (Speechless) (1994)
SUGAR HILL (Sugar hill) (1994)
IN THE ARMY NOW (In the army now) (1994)
BASKETBALL DIARIES (The basketball diaries) (1994)
LA MAIN SUR LE BERCEAU (The hand that rocks the cradle) (1992)
S.O.S. FANTOMES 2 (Ghostbusters II) (1989)
LEVIATHAN (Leviathan) (1989)
COLLISION COURSE (Collision course) (1989)
TRAPPER COUNTY WAR (Trapper county war) (1989)
BLAIREAU AND CO (The wrong guys) (1988)
WEEDS (Weeds) (1987)
S.O.S. FANTOMES (Ghostbusters) (1984)
JOY OF SEX (Joy of sex) (1984)
SECONDE CHANCE (Two of a kind) (1983)
GOING BERSERK (Going berserk) (1983)
LE GUERRIER DE L'ESPACE : AVENTURES EN ZONE INTERDITE (Spacehunter : adventures in a forbidden zone) (1982)
LE DEFI DU TIGRE (Penitentiary ii) (1982)
UNDERGROUND ACES (Underground aces) (1981)
LE CHANTEUR DE JAZZ (The jazz singer) (1980)
LA FUREUR DU JUSTE (The octagon) (1980)
JONI (Joni) (1980)
TENDRE COMBAT (The main event) (1979)
L'HOMME CORIACE (The human tornado) (1976)
LEADBELLY (Leadbelly) (1976)