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Date de naissance 21/11/1934
Date de décès 14/01/2020
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THE GAME (The game) (1997)
LE JOURNAL (The paper) (1993)
THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO HARRY (Ewangelia wedlug Harry'ego) (1993)
CHUTE LIBRE (Falling down) (1992)
DICK TRACY (Dick Tracy) (1990)
YOUNG GUNS 2 (Young guns II) (1990)
MIDNIGHT RUN (Midnight run) (1988)
LES INCORRUPTIBLES (The untouchables) (1987)
MORT A L'ARRIVEE (D.O.A.) (1987)
FLIGHT OF THE SPRUCE GOOSE (Flight of the spruce goose) (1986)
LE PAPE DE GREENWICH VILLAGE (The pope of Greenwich Village) (1984)
ATTENTION DELIRES ! (The wild life) (1984)
LA NUIT DES JUGES (The star chamber) (1983)
SECONDE CHANCE (Two of a kind) (1983)
LA BALLADE DE GREGORIO CORTEZ (The ballad of Gregorio Cortez) (1982)
REDS (Reds) (1981)
MELVIN AND HOWARD (Melvin and Howard) (1980)
ON THE NICKEL (On the nickel) (1980)
THE FISH THAT SAVED PITTSBURGH (The fish that saved pittsburgh) (1979)
CAR WASH (Car wash) (1976)
LA LOI ET LA PAGAILLE (Law and disorder) (1974)
L'ARNAQUE (The sting) (1973)
LES COPAINS D'EDDIE COYLE (The friends of Eddie Coyle) (1973)
SERPICO (Serpico) (1973)
THE GANG THAT COULDN'T SHOOT STRAIGHT (The gang that couldn't shoot straight) (1971)