© Texte : Ciné
Date de naissance 12/01/1910
Date de décès 24/09/1981
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HOLLYWOOD GRAFFITI (Hollywood out-takes and rare footage) (1983)
THE NORTH AVENUE IRREGULARS (The north avenue irregulars) (1979)
UN VENDREDI DINGUE, DINGUE, DINGUE... (Freaky friday) (1977)
LE BEBE DE ROSEMARY (Rosemary's baby) (1968)
POLICE SPECIALE (The naked kiss) (1964)
ALERTE EN PLEIN CIEL (The crowded sky) (1960)
NE MANGEZ PAS LES MARGUERITES (Please don't eat the daisies) (1960)
MY SON, THE HERO (My son the hero) (1943)
SACRAMENTO (In old California) (1942)
LE RETOUR DE TOPPER (Topper returns) (1941)
HISTOIRE DE FOUS (Road show) (1941)
LE RAPT DU RAPIDE 5 (Broadway limited) (1941)
HIT PARADE OF 1941 (Hit parade of 1941) (1940)
LE GORILLE (The gorilla) (1939)
MADAME ET SON CLOCHARD (Merrily we live) (1938)
LA PAUVRE MILLIONNAIRE (There goes my heart) (1938)
MADAME ET SON COW-BOY (The cowboy and the lady) (1938)
ON DEMANDE UNE ETOILE (Pick a star) (1937)
UNE CERTAINE JEUNE FILLE (Private number) (1936)
PARADE DU FOOTBALL (Pigskin parade) (1936)
THANKS A MILLION (Thanks a million) (1935)
LA BELLE DU MISSOURI (The girl from Missouri) (1934)