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Date de naissance 10/03/1898
Date de décès 22/07/1953
Vrai nom /
Agence ou contact
VOYAGE A RIO (Nancy goes to Rio) (1950)
APPELEZ NORD 777 (Call northside 777) (1948)
LA DAME DU LAC (Lady in the lake) (1947)
MA FEMME EST UN GRAND HOMME (The farmer's daughter) (1947)
SINBAD LE MARIN (Sinbad the sailor) (1947)
DESPERATE (Desperate) (1947)
NEW YORK - LOS ANGELES (Without reservations) (1946)
LA RUE ROUGE (Scarlet street) (1945)
ALADIN ET LA LAMPE MERVEILLEUSE (A thousand and one nights) (1945)
PRIS AU PIEGE (Cornered) (1945)
KISMET (Kismet) (1944)
LAURA (Laura) (1944)
L'AMAZONE AUX YEUX VERTS (Tall in the saddle) (1944)
ROGER TOUHY GANGSTER (Roger Touhy gangster) (1944)
VACANCES DE NOEL (Christmas holiday) (1944)
LE CHAT CHINOIS (The chinese cat) (1944)
CRIME BY NIGHT () (1944)
A WAVE, A WAC AND A MARINE (A Wave, a WAC and a Marine) (1944)
LA FILLE ET SON COW-BOY (A lady takes a chance) (1943)
THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME (The chance of a lifetime) (1943)
TARZAN A NEW YORK (Tarzan's New York adventure) (1942)
EN ROUTE POUR LE MAROC (Road to Morocco) (1942)
UNE NUIT INOUBLIABLE (A night to remember) (1942)
LA REINE DE L'ARGENT (Silver queen) (1942)
BORN TO SING (Born to sing) (1942)
LE REFRACTAIRE (Billy the Kid) (1941)
FRANC-JEU (Honky Tonk) (1941)
JOHNNY ROI DES GANGSTERS (Johnny Eager) (1941)
LE MEURTRIER S'EST ECHAPPE (Fly-by-night) (1941)
MON EPOUSE FAVORITE (My favorite wife) (1940)
ANDRE HARDY VA DANS LE MONDE (Andy Hardy meets debutante) (1940)
DESTINS DANS LA NUIT (The house across the bay) (1940)
THE SAINT TAKES OVER (The saint takes over) (1940)
LE FRELON VERT (The green hornet) (1939)
TRAFIC D'HOMMES (Stand up and fight) (1938)
THE INVISIBLE MENACE (The invisible menace) (1938)
L'ECOLE DU CRIME (Crime school) (1938)
LA VILLE GRONDE (They won't forget) (1937)
LE DERNIER GANGSTER (The last gangster) (1937)
PUBLIC WEDDING (Public wedding) (1937)
SAN FRANCISCO (San Francisco) (1936)
LE DANSEUR PIRATE (Dancing pirate) (1936)
SWORN ENEMY (Sworn enemy) (1936)