KOLB Clarence
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Date de naissance 31/07/1874
Date de décès 25/11/1964
Vrai nom /
Agence ou contact
L'HOMME AUX MILLE VISAGES (Man of a thousand faces) (1957)
MADAME PORTE LA CULOTTE (Adam's rib) (1949)
IMPACT (Impact) (1949)
LE LAITIER DE BROOKLYN (The kid from Brooklyn) (1946)
L'AMOUR CHERCHE UN TOIT (Standing room only) (1944)
POUR LES BEAUX YEUX DE MA MIE (Irish eyes are smiling) (1944)
POUR NOS GARS EN UNIFORME (Something for the boys) (1944)
THREE IS A FAMILY (Three is a family) (1944)
L'AVENTURE INOUBLIABLE (The sky's the limit) (1943)
LE FAUCON EN PERIL (The Falcon in danger) (1943)
TRUE TO THE ARMY (True to the army) (1942)
HELLZAPOPPIN (Hellzapoppin) (1941)
J'EPOUSE MA FEMME (Bedtime story) (1941)
ENGAGE INVOLONTAIRE (Caught in the draft) (1941)
YOU'RE IN THE ARMY NOW (You're in the army now) (1941)
FINIE LA COMEDIE (No time for comedy) (1940)
TUGBOAT ANNIE SAILS AGAIN (Tugboat Annie sails again) (1940)
LA DAME DU VENDREDI (His girl friday) (1939)
L'ETONNANT M. WILLIAMS (The amazing Mr. Williams) (1939)
AMANDA (Carefree) (1938)
MADAME ET SON CLOCHARD (Merrily we live) (1938)
L'OR ET LA CHAIR (The toast of New York) (1937)
UNE NATION EN MARCHE (Wells fargo) (1937)
NICK GENTLEMAN DETECTIVE (After the thin man) (1936)