BALL Vincent
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Date de naissance 04/12/1923
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9 ACROSS (9 across) (1999)
PARADISE ROAD (Paradise road) (1997)
SIRENES (Sirens) (1993)
FRAUDS (Frauds) (1992)
LOVE IN LIMBO (Love in limbo) (1991)
THE YEAR MY VOICE BROKE (The year my voice broke) (1987)
PHAR LAP (Phar lap) (1983)
THE HIGHEST HONOUR (The highest honour) (1982)
ALISON'S BIRTHDAY (Alison's birthday) (1981)
HEROS OU SALOPARDS (Breaker Morant) (1979)
THE IRISHMAN (The irishman) (1978)
DEATHCHEATERS (Deathcheaters) (1976)
AH DIEU QUE LA GUERRE EST JOLIE (Oh what a lovely war) (1969)
QUAND LES AIGLES ATTAQUENT (Where eagles dare) (1968)
LA SOURIS SUR LA LUNE (Mouse on the moon) (1963)
LE PRISONNIER RECALCITRANT (Very important person) (1961)
LE MOUCHARD (Danger within) (1958)
A MAIN ARMEE (Robbery under arms) (1957)
S.O.S. SCOTLAND YARD (The long arm) (1956)
MA VIE COMMENCE EN MALAISIE (A town like Alice) (1956)
LE BEBE ET LE CUIRASSE (The baby and the battleship) (1956)