MAC KAY George
© Texte : Ciné
Date de naissance 15/04/1884
Date de décès 03/12/1945
Vrai nom REUBEN George
Agence ou contact
EN ROUTE VERS L'ALASKA (Road to utopia) (1945)
SA DERNIERE COURSE (Salty O'Rourke) (1945)
LE RETOUR DU VAMPIRE (Return of the vampire) (1944)
LES SABOTEURS (Secret command) (1944)
QUATRE FLIRTS ET UN COEUR (And the angels sing) (1944)
ONE MYSTERIOUS NIGHT (One mysterious night) (1944)
LA ROUTE SEMEE D'ETOILES (Going my way) (1943)
EMBRASSONS LA MARIEE (They all kissed the bride) (1942)
LE CHATEAU DES LOUFOQUES (The Boogie Man will get You) (1942)
UNE FEMME DE TROP (Our wife) (1941)
ENGAGE INVOLONTAIRE (Caught in the draft) (1941)
LE VISAGE DERRIERE LE MASQUE (The face behind the mask) (1941)
LA PETITE NELLY KELLY (Little Nelly Kelly) (1940)
LE GANT D'OR (Golden gloves) (1940)
L'ILE DES DAMNES (Island of doomed man) (1940)
PLACE AU RYTHME (Babes in arms) (1939)
SPECIAL INSPECTOR (Special inspector) (1938)
CONVICTED (Convicted) (1938)
MISS CATASTROPHE (There's always a woman) (1938)
GIRLS CAN PLAY (Girls can play) (1937)