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Date de naissance 24/12/1922
Date de décès 23/01/2019
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FREE RADICALS (Free radicals : a history of experimental film) (2011)
AS I WAS MOVING AHEAD OCCASIONALLY I SAW BRIEF GLIMPSES OF BEAUTY (As I was moving ahead occasionally I saw brief glimpses of beauty) (2000)
FRAGMENT D'UNE BIOGRAPHIE INACHEVEE (This side of paradise) (1999)
NICO ICON (Nico icon) (1995)
STEP ACROSS THE BORDER (Step across the border) (1988)
SCENES FROM THE LIFE OF ANDY WARHOL (Scenes from the life of andy warhol) (1982)
STRONG MEDICINE (Strong medicine) (1981)
REMINISCENCES D'UN VOYAGE EN LITUANIE (Reminiscences of a journey in Lithuania) (1972)
THE ITALIAN NOTEBOOK (The italian notebook) (1967)
REPORT FROM MILLBROOK (Report from millbrook) (1966)
CASSIS (Cassis) (1966)
LA TAULE (The brig) (1965)
AWARD PRESENTATION TO ANDY WARHOL (Award presentation to andy warhol) (1964)
EMPIRE (Empire) (1964)
ARBRE, MON ENNEMI (Guns of the trees) (1961)
SILENT JOURNEY (Silent journey) (1953)