MOORE Charles R.
© Texte : Ciné
Date de naissance 23/04/1893
Date de décès 20/07/1947
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OH ! QUEL MERCREDI ! (Mad wednesday) (1947)
NEW YORK - LOS ANGELES (Without reservations) (1946)
DESIR DE FEMME (Guest wife) (1945)
PIN-UP GIRL (Pin-up girl) (1944)
HEROS D'OCCASION (Hail the conquering hero) (1944)
LE FILS DE DRACULA (Son of Dracula) (1943)
TUEUR A GAGES (This gun for hire) (1942)
LA BLONDE DE MES REVES (My favorite blonde) (1942)
MADAME ET SES FLIRTS (The Palm Beach story) (1942)
SYNCOPATION (Syncopation) (1942)
QUI PERD GAGNE (Rings on her finger) (1942)
MA FEMME EST UNE SORCIERE (I married a witch) (1942)
LES VOYAGES DE SULLIVAN (Sullivan's travels) (1941)
PETTICOAT POLITICS (Petticoat politics) (1941)
SWING ROMANCE (Second chorus) (1941)
LE GROS LOT (Christmas in july) (1940)
QUEEN OF THE MOB (Queen of the mob) (1940)
SEULS LES ANGES ONT DES AILES (Only angels have wings) (1939)
LE PROFESSEUR SCHNOCK (Professor beware) (1938)
SARATOGA (Saratoga) (1937)
LA LOI DU MILIEU (Internes can't take money) (1937)
SIXIEME EDITION (Front page woman) (1935)
IT'S A SMALL WORLD (It's a small world) (1935)
UN DRAME A MANHATTAN (Manhattan melodrama) (1934)
LES NUITS DE NEW YORK (Now i'll tell) (1934)
FAST WORKERS (Fast workers) (1933)
FOLIES OLYMPIQUES (Million dollar legs) (1932)
LE PROCES DE MARY DUGAN (The trial of Mary Dugan) (1929)