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Date de naissance 03/09/1901
Date de décès 28/09/1973
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THE BISCUIT EATER (The biscuit eater) (1972)
ENTER LAUGHING (Enter laughing) (1967)
JERRY SOUFFRE-DOULEUR (The patsy) (1964)
SPIDER BABY (Spider baby or the maddest story ever told) (1964)
L'ATTAQUE DE LA RIVIERE ROUGE (The siege at Red River) (1953)
CHARLIE CHAN ET LE DRAGON VOLANT (The sky dragon) (1949)
CHARLIE CHAN A MEXICO (The feathered serpent) (1948)
THE GOLDEN EYE (The golden eye) (1948)
THE SHANGHAI CHEST (The Shanghaï chest) (1948)
DOCKS OF NEW ORLEANS (Docks of New Orleans) (1948)
THE TRAP (The trap) (1947)
THE CHINESE RING (The chinese ring) (1947)
SHADOWS OVER CHINATOWN (Shadows over Chinatown) (1946)
DARK ALIBI (Dark alibi) (1946)
LE COBRA DE SHANGHAI (The shanghai cobra) (1945)
SUR LA PISTE SANGLANTE (The scarlet clue) (1945)
LE MASQUE ETRANGE (The jade mask) (1945)
PIN-UP GIRL (Pin-up girl) (1944)
LE CHAT CHINOIS (The chinese cat) (1944)
CHARLIE CHAN IN THE SECRET SERVICE (Charlie chan in the secret service) (1944)
CHARLIE CHAN IN BLACK MAGIC (Charlie Chan in black magic) (1944)
DEUX NIGAUDS DANS LA NEIGE (Hit the ice) (1943)
SWING FEVER (Swing fever) (1943)
LES YEUX DANS LES TENEBRES (Eyes in the night) (1942)
L'AMOUR TRAVESTI (Slighty dangerous) (1942)
UN PETIT COIN AUX CIEUX (Cabin in the sky) (1942)
SWING AU COEUR (Footlight serenade) (1942)
MADAME ET SES FLIRTS (The Palm Beach story) (1942)
FANTOMES DECHAINES (A-haunting we will go) (1942)
EVE A COMMENCE (It started with Eve) (1941)
ELLERY QUEEN'S PENTHOUSE MYSTERY (Ellery queen's penthouse mystery) (1941)
UN HOMME A LA PAGE (Tell no tales) (1939)
LES VERTS PATURAGES (The green pastures) (1936)