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Date de naissance 14/07/1891
Date de décès 28/12/1969
Vrai nom WALE Henry
Agence ou contact
CITY UNDER THE SEA (The city under the sea) (1965)
LES DRAKKARS (The long ships) (1963)
LAWRENCE D'ARABIE (Lawrence of Arabia) (1962)
LES MAITRESSES DE DRACULA (Brides of Dracula) (1960)
FOXHOLE IN CAIRO (Foxhole in Cairo) (1960)
OSCAR WILDE (Oscar wilde) (1959)
LA PETITE HUTTE (The little hut) (1956)
LES CHEVALIERS DE LA TABLE RONDE (Knights of the round table) (1954)
LE BEAU BRUMMEL (Beau Brummel) (1954)
TROIS MEURTRES (Three cases of murder) (1954)
MARTIN LUTHER (Martin Luther) (1953)
LA ROSE NOIRE (The black rose) (1950)
THE MAN FROM YESTERDAY (The man from yesterday) (1949)
LA GRANDE REVOLTE (Bonnie prince Charlie) (1948)
LES AMOURS DE LORD BYRON (The bad lord Byron) (1948)
HOUSE OF DARKNESS (House of darkness) (1948)
JE SUIS UN FUGITIF (They made me a fugitive) (1947)
LA VENGEANCE DU DOCTEUR JOYCE (The upturned glass) (1947)
LA REVANCHE (The day will dawn) (1942)
LE CHAPELIER ET SON CHATEAU (Hatter's castle) (1941)
LES QUATRE PLUMES BLANCHES (The four feathers) (1939)
THE SAINT IN LONDON (The Saint in London) (1939)
LE MYSTERE DE LA SECTION 8 (Dark journey) (1937)
L'INVINCIBLE ARMADA (Fire over England) (1937)
LE RETOUR DU MOURON ROUGE (The return of the scarlet pimpernel) (1937)
DISHONOUR BRIGHT (Dishonour bright) (1936)
THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK (The man behind the mask) (1936)
L'HOMME QUI EN SAVAIT TROP (The man who knew too much) (1934)
LOVE LIFE AND LAUGHTER (Love life and laughter) (1934)
LE PAVILLON ROUGE (Red ensign) (1934)