TOONES Fred Snowflake
© Texte : Ciné
Date de naissance 05/01/1906
Date de décès 13/02/1962
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Agence ou contact
A VOS ORDRES MA GENERALE (Where there's life) (1947)
TWO SMART PEOPLE (Two smart people) (1946)
QUADRILLE D'AMOUR (Centennial summer) (1946)
LE POISON (The lost weekend) (1945)
MADAME ET SES FLIRTS (The Palm Beach story) (1942)
L'INSPIRATRICE (The great man's lady) (1942)
LA CHANSON DU PASSE (Penny serenade) (1941)
TU SERAS MON MARI (Sun valley serenade) (1941)
LE GROS LOT (Christmas in july) (1940)
L'AVENTURE D'UNE NUIT (Remember the night) (1940)
LES TROIS DIABLES ROUGES (Daredevils of the red circle) (1939)
LAUREL ET HARDY AU FAR WEST (Way out West) (1937)
UNE ETOILE EST NEE (A star is born) (1937)
LE VANDALE (Come and get it) (1936)
LE RAYON INVISIBLE (The invisible ray) (1936)
LES VERTS PATURAGES (The green pastures) (1936)
PALM SPRINGS (Palm springs) (1936)
EMPREINTES DIGITALES (Big brown eyes) (1936)
EN PARADE (Gold diggers of 1937) (1936)
JEUX DE MAINS (Hands across the table) (1935)
LA JOYEUSE FIANCEE (The gay bride) (1934)
TRAIN DE LUXE (Twentieth century) (1934)
LA DANSEUSE A L'EVENTAIL (Lady by choice) (1934)
HERE COMES THE NAVY (Here comes the Navy) (1934)
IMAGES DE LA VIE (Imitation of life) (1934)
QUAND UNE FEMME AIME (Riptide) (1934)
CHERCHEUSES D'OR (Gold diggers of 1933) (1933)
SATURDAY'S MILLIONS (Saturday's millions) (1933)
GABRIEL AU-DESSUS DE LA MAISON BLANCHE (Gabriel over the White House) (1933)
THE MAYOR OF HELL (The mayor of hell) (1933)
THE MIND READER (The mind reader) (1933)
FAST WORKERS (Fast workers) (1933)
OMBRES VERS LE SUD (Cabin in the cotton) (1932)
LA RUEE (American madness) (1932)
HURRICANE EXPRESS (The hurricane express) (1932)