ROSE David
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Date de naissance 15/06/1910
Date de décès 23/08/1990
Vrai nom /
Agence ou contact
SAM'S SON (Sam's son) (1984)
HOMBRE (Hombre) (1967)
LES CLAIRONS DU PONY EXPRESS (Ride the wind) (1967)
NEVER TOO LATE (Never too late) (1965)
VOYOUS EN HERBE (This rebel breed) (1960)
OPERATION JUPONS (Operation petticoat) (1959)
LE CLOWN (The clown) (1953)
CONFIDENTIALLY CONNIE (Confidentially Connie) (1953)
UN GARCON ENTREPRENANT (Young man with ideas) (1952)
CARNAVAL AU TEXAS (Texas carnival) (1951)
UNE FOIS N'ENGAGE A RIEN (Just this once) (1951)
LE JOUR BENI (It's a big country) (1951)
RICHE JEUNE ET JOLIE (Rich young and pretty) (1951)
THE UNDERWORLD STORY (The underworld story) (1950)
LA DANSE INACHEVEE (The unfinished dance) (1947)
WINGED VICTORY (Winged victory) (1944)
LA PRINCESSE ET LE PIRATE (The princess and the pirate) (1944)