STANG Arnold
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Date de naissance 28/09/1918
Date de décès 20/12/2009
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Acteur américain .....
DENIS LA MALICE (Dennis the menace) (1993)
GHOST DAD (Ghost dad) (1990)
ANNE ET ANDY (Raggedy ann and andy) (1977)
MARCO POLO JUNIOR VERSUS THE RED DRAGON (Marco Polo junior versus the Red Dragon) (1972)
HELLO DOWN THERE (Hello down there) (1969)
SKIDOO (Skidoo) (1968)
UN MONDE FOU, FOU, FOU, FOU (It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world) (1963)
LES AMOURS ENCHANTEES (The wonderful world of the brothers Grimm) (1962)
L'HOMME AU BRAS D'OR (The man with the golden arm) (1955)
SO THIS IS NEW YORK (So this is New York) (1948)
THEY GOT ME COVERED (They got me covered) (1943)
SEPT JOURS DE PERM (Seven days' leave) (1942)