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Date de naissance 09/05/1883
Date de décès 16/06/1944
Vrai nom /
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SACRAMENTO (In old California) (1942)
LA TOMBE DE LA MOMIE (Mummy's tomb) (1942)
LA CHAUVE-SOURIS DU DIABLE (The devil bat) (1941)
PACIFIC EXPRESS (Union Pacific) (1939)
LE ROI DE CHINATOWN (King of Chinatown) (1939)
LE FRELON VERT (The green hornet) (1939)
SECRET SERVICE OF THE AIR (Secret service of the air) (1939)
LE COW-BOY CHANTANT (Under western stars) (1938)
LES GARS DU LARGE (Spawn of the north) (1938)
POLICE MONTEE (The renegade ranger) (1938)
FEMMES MARQUEES (Marked woman) (1937)
NICK GENTLEMAN DETECTIVE (After the thin man) (1936)
SUR PAROLE (Parole !) (1936)
CHARLIE CHAN A L'OPERA (Charlie Chan at the opera) (1936)
POSTAL INSPECTOR (Postal inspector) (1936)
EMPREINTES DIGITALES (Big brown eyes) (1936)
COURRIER DE CHINE (China clipper) (1936)
SPENDTHRIFT (Spendthrift) (1936)
NANCY STEELE A DISPARU (Nancy Steele is missing) (1936)
SIXIEME EDITION (Front page woman) (1935)
LES CROISADES (The crusades) (1935)
LE RAYON DIABOLIQUE (Air hawks) (1935)
CHARLIE CHAN A SHANGHAI (Charlie Chan in Shanghai) (1935)
ALL OF ME (All of me) (1934)
GOOD DAME (Good Dame) (1934)
UNE RICHE AFFAIRE (It's a gift) (1934)
LE CABOCHARD (The St. Louis kid) (1934)
BORN TO BE BAD (Born to be bad) (1934)
FRANC-JEU (Gambling lady) (1934)
MASQUES DE CIRE (The mystery of the wax museum) (1933)
HEROS A VENDRE (Heroes for sale) (1933)
TRIOMPHE DE LA JEUNESSE (This day and age) (1933)
EPOUSER UNE MILLIONNAIRE (Face in the sky) (1933)
LILLY TURNER (Lilly Turner) (1933)
L'AMOUR GUIDE (The way to love) (1933)
FAST WORKERS (Fast workers) (1933)
PAYMENT DEFERRED (Payment deferred) (1932)