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Date de naissance 30/04/1940
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GO GO TALES (Go go tales) (2007)
ROCKY BALBOA (Rocky Balboa) (2006)
LAND OF PLENTY (TERRE D'ABONDANCE) (Land of plenty) (2003)
THE DAY THE PONIES COME BACK (The day the ponies come back) (2001)
MICKEY LES YEUX BLEUS (Mickey blue eyes) (1999)
TERRA BRUCIATA (Terra bruciata) (1999)
SHE'S SO LOVELY (She's so lovely) (1997)
GRAND NORD (Tashunga) (1995)
ROUGE SANG (Red blooded american girl II) (1995)
EXCESSIVE FORCE (Excessive force) (1993)
BERLIN 1939 (Berlino 39) (1993)
ALIBI PERFETTO (Alibi perfetto) (1992)
CATTIVE RAGAZZE (Cattive ragazze) (1992)
AMERICANO ROSSO (Americano rosso) (1991)
ROCKY 5 (Rocky V) (1990)
LE MARIAGE DE BETSY (Betsy's wedding) (1990)
ROAD ANGELS (Bright angel) (1990)
BACKSTREET DREAMS (Backstreet dreams) (1990)
DIVING IN (Diving in) (1990)
DERNIERE SORTIE POUR BROOKLYN (Letzte Ausfahrt Brooklyn) (1989)
BANDINI (Bandini) (1989)
BEVERLY HILLS BRATS (Beverly Hills brats) (1989)
LA VOIE DU SANG (Blood red) (1988)
A FOND LA FAC (Back to school) (1986)
ROCKY 4 (Rocky IV) (1985)
LE PAPE DE GREENWICH VILLAGE (The pope of Greenwich Village) (1984)
OVER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE (Over the Brooklyn bridge) (1984)
IL ETAIT UNE FOIS EN AMERIQUE (Once upon a time in America) (1983)
ROCKY 3 : L'OEIL DU TIGRE (Rocky III) (1982)
AMITYVILLE 2 - LE POSSEDE (Amityville II) (1982)
DEUX FILLES AU TAPIS (All the marbles) (1981)
FLAMBEURS (Lookin'to get out) (1980)
LA PLAGE SANGLANTE (Blood beach) (1980)
ROCKY 2 LA REVANCHE (Rocky II) (1979)
LE CONVOI (Convoy) (1978)
UNCLE JOE SHANNON (Uncle joe shannon) (1978)
BANDE DE FLICS (The choirboys) (1977)
L'ULTIMATUM DES TROIS MERCENAIRES (Twilight's last gleaming) (1977)
ROCKY (Rocky) (1976)
DEUX FARFELUS A NEW YORK (Harry and Walter go to New York) (1976)
TUEUR D'ELITE (The killer elite) (1975)
CHINATOWN (Chinatown) (1974)
LE FLAMBEUR (The gambler) (1974)
PERMISSION D'AIMER (Cinderella liberty) (1973)
MEURTRES DANS LA 110 EME RUE (Across 100th street) (1972)
NE POUR VAINCRE (Born to win) (1971)
THE GANG THAT COULDN'T SHOOT STRAIGHT (The gang that couldn't shoot straight) (1971)