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LUCKY (Lucky) (2017)
MY MOVIE PROJECT (Movie 43) (2013)
SEX TAPE (Sex tape) (2013)
LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE (Little Miss Sunshine) (2006)
HOT SUMMER (Summer catch) (2001)
FANTASIA 2000 (Fantasia 2000) (1999)
DANGEREUSE SEDUCTION (Whatever it takes) (1999)
THE WEDDING SINGER (The wedding singer) (1997)
PAR AMOUR POUR GILLIAN (To gillian for her 37th birthday) (1996)
RENDS LA MONNAIE PAPA (Getting even with dad) (1994)
TRACES DE SANG (Traces of red) (1992)
BRUITS DE COULISSES (Noises off) (1992)
FAVOR (The favor) (1991)
MEN AT WORK (Men at work) (1990)
BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (Bill and ted's excellent adventure) (1989)
MYSTIC PIZZA (Mystic pizza) (1988)
DOIN' TIME ON PLANET EARTH (Doin' time on planet earth) (1988)
DEUX FILLES AU FBI (Feds) (1988)
SPLIT DECISIONS (Split decisions) (1988)
MANNEQUIN (Mannequin) (1987)
MEURTRES EN VHS (Remote control) (1987)
CRITTERS (Critters) (1985)
TEEN WOLF (Teen wolf) (1985)
ORSON WELLES' MAGIC SHOW (Orson Welles' magic show) (1985)
CITY LIMITS (City limits) (1984)
ANDROIDE (Android) (1983)
SUBURBIA (Suburbia) (1983)
THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW (The house on sorority row) (1983)
MUTANT (Mutant) (1982)