CAMP Colleen
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Date de naissance 07/06/1953
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Actrice américaine...
AMERICAN BLUFF (American bluff) (2013)
PALO ALTO (Palo Alto) (2013)
DANS LA TETE DE CHARLES SWANN III (A glimpse inside the mind of Charles Swan III) (2012)
TOUT SAUF EN FAMILLE (Four Christmases) (2008)
MAUVAIS PIEGE (Trapped) (2002)
COMPLICITE FATALE (Second to die) (2002)
AMERICAN RHAPSODY (An american rhapsody) (2001)
L'ARRIVISTE (Election) (1999)
SPEED 2 : CAP SUR LE DANGER (Speed 2 : cruise control) (1997)
ICE STORM (The ice storm) (1997)
L'ASSOCIE (The associate) (1997)
TROIS VOEUX (Three wishes) (1996)
KID... NAPPING (House arrest) (1996)
UNE JOURNEE EN ENFER (Die hard III) (1995)
LE CLUB DES BABY-SITTERS (The baby-sitters club) (1995)
LAST ACTION HERO (Last action hero) (1993)
SLIVER (Sliver) (1993)
NAKED IN NEW YORK (Naked in New York) (1993)
UNBECOMING AGE (Unbecoming age) (1993)
WAYNE'S WORLD (Wayne's world) (1992)
PSYCHOSE MEURTRIERE (The vagrant) (1991)
UN POURRI AU PARADIS (My blue heaven) (1990)
ILLEGALEMENT VOTRE (Illegally yours) (1988)
MA BELLE-MERE EST UNE SORCIERE (Wicked stepmother) (1988)
POLICE ACADEMY 4 (Police academy IV) (1987)
TRACK 29 (Track 29) (1987)
L'HERITIER A QUATRE PATTES (Walk like a man) (1986)
D.A.R.Y.L. (D.a.r.y.l.) (1985)
POLICE ACADEMY 2 : AU BOULOT (Police academy II : their first assignment) (1985)
CLUEDO (Clue) (1985)
JOY OF SEX (Joy of sex) (1984)
VALLEY GIRL (Valley girl) (1983)
CITY GIRL (City girl) (1982)
ET TOUT LE MONDE RIAIT (They all laughed) (1981)
TELE TERROR (The seduction) (1981)
APOCALYPSE NOW (Apocalypse now) (1979)
CLOUD DANCER (Cloud dancer) (1978)
LE JEU DE LA MORT (Si-wang youju) (1977)
DEATH GAME (Death game) (1977)
CHEWING GUM RALLYE (The gumball rally) (1976)
SMILE (Smile) (1975)
FUNNY LADY (Funny Lady) (1974)
LA BATAILLE DE LA PLANETE DES SINGES (Battle for the planet of the apes) (1973)