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Date de naissance 25/03/1892
Date de décès 18/05/1967
Vrai nom /
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COLORADO SALOON (The road to Denver) (1955)
LES VERTES ANNEES (The green years) (1946)
ROUGHLY SPEAKING (Roughly speaking) (1945)
TERREUR DANS LA VALLEE (The leather burners) (1943)
AMES REBELLES (This above all) (1942)
PIRATES A CHEVAL (Pirates on a horseback) (1941)
L'AVENTURE EN ELDORADO (Doomed caravan) (1941)
ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Abe Lincoln in Illinois) (1940)
TROIS HOMMES DU TEXAS (Three men from texas) (1940)
LE MONDE EST MERVEILLEUX (It's a wonderful world) (1939)
THE BARRIER (The barrier) (1937)
LA GLOIRE DU CIRQUE (Annie Oakley) (1935)
THE LITTLE MINISTER (The little minister) (1934)
FOLIES OLYMPIQUES (Million dollar legs) (1932)
MATCHMAKING MAMAS (Matchmaking mamas) (1929)
COURS, MA FILLE (Run, girl, run) (1928)
THE GIRL FROM NOWHERE (The girl from nowhere) (1928)
A L'EAU PRINCESSE (The swim princess) (1928)
THE BICYCLE FLIRT (The bicycle flirt) (1928)
UN JOUR DE CONGE (The beach club) (1928)
THE BEST MAN (The best man) (1928)
HIS UNLUCKY NIGHT (His unlucky night) (1928)
SMITH'S ARMY LIFE (Smith's army life) (1928)
THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE (The girl from everywhere) (1927)
VAGABONDAGE EN TOUS GENRES (Wandering willies) (1926)
TOREADOR PRENDS GARDE (Bull and sand) (1924)
UNE ARRIVEE TRIOMPHALE (Lizzies of the field) (1924)
EN BUTINANT LES FLEURS (Picking peaches) (1924)
SHANGHAIED LOVERS (Shanghaied lovers) (1924)
LE BUNGALOW GALOPANT (Galloping bungalows) (1923)