Milieux socio-professionnels
Milieu pop / rock / rap / (Cinéma américain)
Liste des films
BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Bohemian rhapsody-2017
JANIS Janis: little girl blue-2015
ONE DIRECTION : THIS IS US This is us-2013
MISSION TO LARS Mission to Lars-2012
MARLEY Marley-2012
ELECTRICK CHILDREN Electrick children-2012
ROCK FOREVER Rock of ages-2011
FOR ELLEN For Ellen-2011
SUGAR MAN Searching for Sugar Man-2011
SYMPATHY FOR DELICIOUS Sympathy for delicious-2010
THE ROCKER The rocker-2008
SHINE A LIGHT Shine a light-2007
KURT COBAIN ABOUT A SON Kurt Cobain abour a son-2006
LAST DAYS Last days-2005
LAUREL CANYON Laurel Canyon-2002
8 MILE 8 mile-2002
PRESQUE CELEBRE Almost famous-2000
ENTROPY Entropy-1999
BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB Buena vista social club-1999
BLACK AND WHITE Black and white-1998
SUBURBIA Suburbia-1997
GLOIRE ET ROCK AND ROLL Telling lies in America-1997
YEAR OF THE HORSE Year of the horse-1997
THAT THING YOU DO That thing you do-1996
SUMMER CANNIBALS Summer cannibals-1996
EMPIRE RECORDS Empire records-1995
I SHOT ANDY WARHOL I shot Andy Warhol-1995
STRANGE DAYS Strange days-1995
TRUE BELIEVERS : THE MUSICAL FAMILY OF ROUNDER RECORDS True believers : the musical family of Rounder Records-1995
BRIAN WILSON : I JUST WASN'T MADE FOR THESE TIMES Brian Wilson : i just wasn't made for these times-1995
THE SHOW The show-1995
TIE-DIED : ROCK'N ROLL'S MOST DEDICATED FANS Tie-died : rock'n roll's most dedicated fans-1995
HAIL CAESAR Hail Caesar-1994
RHYTHM THIEF Rhythm thief-1994
HOUSE PARTY 3 House party III-1994
GENERATION 90 Reality bites-1994
I LIKE IT LIKE THAT I like it like that-1994
RADIO REBELS Airheads-1994
THE CURE SHOW The cure show-1993
TINA What's love got to do with it-1993
WAYNE'S WORLD 2 Wayne's world II-1993
CB4 Cb4-1993
HALF JAPANESE Half japanese-1993
FEAR OF A BLACK HAT Fear of a black hat-1993
ANGEL IV : UNDERCOVER Angel IV : undercover-1993
THE HOURS AND TIMES The hours and times-1992
ROCK-O-RICO Rock-a-doodle-1991
LA FIEVRE DU RYTHME Street dreams-1991
JOHNNY SUEDE Johnny Suede-1991
LES AVENTURES DE FORD FAIRLANE The adventures of Ford Fairlane-1990
IN BED WITH MADONNA In bed with Madonna-1990
GREAT BALLS OF FIRE Great balls of fire-1989
THE RUNNIN' KIND The runnin' kind-1989
SCENES FROM THE GOLDMINE Scenes from the goldmine-1988
SATISFACTION Satisfaction-1988
HEARTBREAK HOTEL Heartbreak hotel-1988
PLUCH MELODY Purple people eater-1988
LES AS DU CLIP Tapeheads-1988
THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION II : THE METAL YEARS The decline of western civilization II : the métal years-1988
CHUCK BERRY HAIL HAIL ROCK'N'ROLL Chuck Berry hail hail rock'n'roll-1987
BLACK ROSES Black roses-1987
BORDER RADIO Border radio-1987
HEARTS OF FIRE Hearts of fire-1987
LIGHT OF DAY Light of day-1987
HE'S MY GIRL He's my girl-1987
KNIGHTS OF THE CITY Knights of the city-1986
LA BAMBA La bamba-1986
JOEY Joey-1985
LOVELINES Lovelines-1984
TRAIN EXPRESS POUR L'ENFER Night train to terror-1984
STOP MAKING SENSE Stop making sense-1984
ROCK STAR Thunder alley-1984
ROCK ZOMBIES Hard rock zombies-1984
SPINAL TAP This is spinal tap-1984
HARD TO HOLD Hard to hold-1984
PRIS SUR LE VIF No small affair-1984
SCANDALOUS Scandalous-1984
EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS Eddie and the cruisers-1983
GET CRAZY Get crazy-1982
ALL BY MYSELF All by myself-1982
AMERICAN POP American pop-1981
THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION The decline of western civilization-1981
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE FABULOUS STAINS Ladies and gentlemen the fabulous ...-1981
ACCROCHE-TOI NASHVILLE ! The night the lights went out in Georgia-1981
ONE-TRICK PONY One-trick pony-1980
THE BLUES BROTHERS The blues brothers-1980
DEMON ROCK Terror on tour-1980
LE TEMPS DU ROCK'N ROLL The idolmaker-1980
NO NUKES No nukes-1980
DRILLER KILLER Driller killer-1979
THE ROSE The rose-1979
COCAINE COWBOYS Cocaine cowboys-1979
DIEU MERCI C'EST VENDREDI Thank god it's friday-1978
AMERICAN HOT WAX American hot wax-1978
SERGENT PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band-1978
AMERICAN BOY A profile of Steven Prince-1978
LE ROMAN D'ELVIS Elvis the movie-1978
THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY The Buddy Holly story-1978
RENALDO ET CLARA Renaldo and Clara-1977
LEADBELLY Leadbelly-1976
THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME The song remains the same-1976
THE SISTER-IN-LAW The sister-in-law-1974
LE FANTOME DU PARADIS Phantom of the paradise-1974
LA CARAVANE D'AMOUR Medicine ball caravan-1971
FENDER L'INDIEN Injun fender-1971
ORGISSIMO Beyond the valley of the dolls-1970
GROUPIES Groupies-1970
GIMME SHELTER Gimme Shelter-1970
CARRY IT ON Carry it on-1970
FILLES ET SHOW-BUSINESS The trouble with girls-1969
ALICE'S RESTAURANT Alice's restaurant-1969
GET YER YA YA'S OUT Get yer ya ya's out-1969
HELLO DOWN THERE Hello down there-1969
LE GOUROU The guru-1968
LES TROUPES DE LA COLERE Wild in the streets-1968
BLAST-OFF GIRLS Blast-off girls-1967
DON'T LOOK BACK Don't look back-1967
THAT TENNESSEE BEAT That Tennessee beat-1966
WHAT'S HAPPENING! THE BEATLES IN THE USA What's happening ! The Beatles in the U.S.A.-1964
BELLE SOMMERS Belle sommers-1962
GO, JOHNNY, GO ! Go Johnny go-1959
MR. ROCK AND ROLL Mr. rock and roll-1957
ROCK PRETTY BABY Rock pretty baby-1955