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Billy the Kid
Liste des films
REQUIEM POUR BILLY THE KID Requiem for Billy the Kid-2006
YOUNG GUNS 2 Young guns II-1990
BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE Bill and ted's excellent adventure-1989
YOUNG GUNS Young guns-1988
PAT GARRETT ET BILLY LE KID Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid-1973
BILLY LE CAVE Dirty little Billy-1972
JUGE ET HORS-LA-LOI The life and times of judge Roy Bean-1971
GAS-S-S-S OR IT MAY BE NECESSARY TO DESTROY THE WORLD IN ORDER TO SAVE IT ! Gas-s-s-s or it may be necessary to destroy the world in order to save it !-1970
UNE AVENTURE DE BILLY LE KID A girl is a gun-1970
CHISUM Chisum-1970
BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA Billy the Kid vs. Dracula-1966
BULLET FOR BILLY THE KID Bullet for billy the kid-1963
LE GAUCHER The left handed gun-1958
BILLY THE KID CONTRE LA LOI The law vs. Billy the Kid-1954
LE KID DU TEXAS The kid from Texas-1950
FAR WEST 89 Return of the bad men-1948
LE BANNI The outlaw-1943
PANIQUE AU FAR WEST Cattle stampede-1943
BILLY L'INTREPIDE Billy the kid wanted-1941
LE REFRACTAIRE Billy the Kid-1941
BILLY LE KID Billy the Kid-1930