Chan (Charlie)
Liste des films
CHARLIE CHAN ET LA MALEDICTION DE LA REINE DRAGON Charlie Chan and the curse of the dragon queen-1980
UN CADAVRE AU DESSERT Murder by death-1976
CHARLIE CHAN A MEXICO The feathered serpent-1948
THE GOLDEN EYE The golden eye-1948
THE SHANGHAI CHEST The Shanghaï chest-1948
DOCKS OF NEW ORLEANS Docks of New Orleans-1948
THE CHINESE RING The chinese ring-1947
THE TRAP The trap-1947
DANGEROUS MONEY Dangerous money-1946
SHADOWS OVER CHINATOWN Shadows over Chinatown-1946
DARK ALIBI Dark alibi-1946
LE MASQUE ETRANGE The jade mask-1945
LE DRAGON ROUGE Red dragon-1945
SUR LA PISTE SANGLANTE The scarlet clue-1945
LE COBRA DE SHANGHAI The shanghai cobra-1945
LE CHAT CHINOIS The chinese cat-1944
CHARLIE CHAN IN THE SECRET SERVICE Charlie chan in the secret service-1944
CHARLIE CHAN IN BLACK MAGIC Charlie Chan in black magic-1944
CASTLE IN THE DESERT Castle in the desert-1942
CHARLIE CHAN IN RIO Charlie Chan in Rio-1941
DEAD MEN TELL Dead men tell-1941
CHARLIE CHAN'S MURDER CRUISE Charlie Chan's murder cruise-1940
CHARLIE CHAN AT THE WAX MUSEUM Charlie Chan at the wax museum-1940
CHARLIE CHAN A PANAMA Charlie Chan in Panama-1940
MEURTRE A NEW YORK Murder over New York-1940
CHARLIE CHAN A RENO Charlie Chan in Reno-1939
CHARLIE CHAN A HONOLULU Charlie Chan in Honolulu-1939
CHARLIE CHAN AT TREASURE ISLAND Charlie Chan at treasure island-1939
CHARLIE CHAN IN CITY IN DARKNESS Charlie Chan in city of darkness-1939
CHARLIE CHAN AUX JEUX OLYMPIQUES Charlie Chan at the Olympics-1937
CHARLIE CHAN A BROADWAY Charlie Chan on Broadway-1937
CHARLIE CHAN A MONTE-CARLO Charlie Chan at Monte-Carlo-1937
CHARLIE CHAN A L'OPERA Charlie Chan at the opera-1936
CHARLIE CHAN AUX COURSES Charlie Chan at the race track-1936
CHARLIE CHAN AU CIRQUE Charlie Chan at the circus-1936
CHARLIE CHAN A PARIS Charlie Chan in Paris-1935
CHARLIE CHAN EN EGYPTE Charlie Chan in Egypt-1935
CHARLIE CHAN A SHANGHAI Charlie Chan in Shanghai-1935
LE SECRET DE CHARLIE CHAN Charlie Chan's secret-1935
CHARLIE CHAN A LONDRES Charlie Chan in London-1934
LE PERROQUET CHINOIS Charlie Chan's courage-1934
CHARLIE CHAN'S GREATEST CASE Charlie chan's greatest case-1933
CHARLIE CHAN'S CHANCE Charlie Chan's chance-1932
CHARLIE CHAN CARRIES ON Charlie Chan carries on-1931
THE BLACK CAMEL The black camel-1931
BEHIND THAT CURTAIN Behind that curtain-1929
LE PERROQUET CHINOIS The chinese parrot-1927
THE HOUSE WITHOUT A KEY House without a key-1925