Cinémas nationaux
Cinéma australien (ORIGINE)
Liste des films
I AM MOTHER I am mother-2018
LOVE HUNTERS Hounds of love-2016
THE ROVER The rover-2014
PREDESTINATION Predestination-2014
20 000 JOURS SUR TERRE 20,000 days on earth-2014
LE PAYS DE CHARLIE Charlie's country-2013
TRACKS Tracks-2013
LES VOIES DU DESTIN The railway man-2013
MISTER BABADOOK The Babadook-2013
MYSTERY ROAD Mystery road-2013
GATSBY LE MAGNIFIQUE The great Gatsby-2013
LES SAPHIRS The sapphires-2012
L'OEIL DU CYCLONE The eye of the storm-2011
MY BEST MEN My best men-2011
ANIMAL KINGDOM Animal kingdom-2009
I LOVE SARAH JANE I love Sarah Jane-2008
MARY ET MAX Mary and Max-2008
NETHERLAND DWARF Netherland dwarf-2008
THE SQUARE The square-2008
SOLO Solo-2008
CROSSBOW Crossbow-2007
DANCING QUEENS Razzle dazzle : a journey into dance-2007
LE FEU SOUS LA PEAU Suburban Mayhem-2006
10 CANOËS, 150 LANCES ET 3 EPOUSES Ten canoes-2006
2H37 Two thirty seven-2006
LE JOURNAL DE L'EAU The water diary-2006
JEWBOY Jewboy-2005
A LA DERIVE Stranded-2005
WOLF CREEK Wolf Creek-2005
MONSTRE Monster-2005
LE SAUT PERILLEUX Somersault-2004
VISITORS Visitors-2003
ALEXANDRA'S PROJECT Alexandra's project-2003
JAPANESE STORY Japanese story-2003
LE CHEMIN DE LA LIBERTE Rabbit-proof fence-2002
LANTANA Lantana-2001
SOUS LES NUAGES Beneath clouds-2001
THE GODDESS OF 1967 The goddess of 1967-2000
CHOPPER Chopper-2000
THE BIG HOUSE The big house-2000
CAUCHEMAR VIRTUEL Virtual nightmare-2000
CUT Cut-2000
THE DISH The dish-2000
HOLY SMOKE Holy smoke-1999
CHERE CLAUDIA Dear Claudia-1999
LE VIEUX QUI LISAIT DES ROMANS D'AMOUR The old man who read love stories-1999
SIAM SUNSET Siam sunset-1999
BOOTMEN Bootmen-1999
POWDER BURN Powder burn-1999
REDBALL Redball-1999
VENT Wind-1999
FLOWER GIRL Flowergirl-1999
ME MYSELF I Me myself I-1999
VOYEUR Eye of the beholder-1999
DANCE ME TO MY SONG Dance me to my song-1998
HEAD ON Head on-1998
BATTERED Battered-1998
THE SOUND OF ONE HAND CLAPPING The sound of one hand clapping-1998
DEAD LETTER OFFICE Dead letter office-1998
AMY Amy-1998
ROAD TO NHILL Road to nhill-1997
DECHIRURE Tears-1997
PERIPLE Journey-1997
DOUX INCONNUS Warm strangers-1997
KISS OR KILL Kiss or kill-1997
PARADISE ROAD Paradise road-1997
LE PUITS The well-1997
ZONE 39 Zone 39-1997
HEAVEN Heaven-1997
BEST FRIENDS Love and other catastrophes-1996
LES ENFANTS DE LA REVOLUTION Children of the revolution-1996
LOVE SERENADE Love serenade-1996
LUST AND REVENGE Lust and revenge-1996
WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN What I have written-1995
EVERYNIGHT EVERYNIGHT Everynight everynight-1995
GIRL Girl-1995
HOTEL SORRENTO Hotel Sorrento-1995
THE LIFE OF HARRY DARE The life of Harry Dare-1995
LILIAN'S STORY Lilian's story-1995
MUSHROOMS Mushrooms-1995
POINT OF NO RETURN Point of no return-1995
SHINE Shine-1995
TURNING APRIL Turning april-1995
UNDER THE GUN Under the gun-1995
BILLY'S HOLIDAY Billy's holiday-1995
BLACKWATER TRAIL Blackwater trail-1995
COSI Cosi-1995
CRIME TIME Crime time-1995
DALLAS DOLL Dallas doll-1995
DAWN OF THE DMFS Dawn of the dmfs-1995
ANGEL BABY Angel baby-1995
BABE Babe-1995
BODY TRASH Body melt-1994
COUNTRY LIFE Country life-1994
SPIDER AND ROSE Spider and Rose-1994
MURIEL Muriel's wedding-1994
ONLY THE BRAVE Only the brave-1994
SWORD OF HONOR Sword of honor-1994
DAD AND DAVE ON OUR SELECTION Dad and dave on our selection-1994
BACK OF BEYOND Back of beyond-1994
LUCKY BREAK Lucky break-1994
MARY Mary-1994
THE SUM OF US The sum of us-1994
LADYKILLER Ladykiller-1994
ALL MEN ARE LIARS All men are liars-1994
TERRAIN Terrain-1994
SEX IS A FOUR LETTER WORD Sex is a four letter word-1994
DOT IN SPACE Dot in space-1994
EPSILON Epsilon-1994
TUNNEL VISION Tunnel vision-1994
ENCOUNTERS Encounters-1993
EBBTIDE Ebbtide-1993
JUSTIFIED ACTION Justified action-1993
GINO Gino-1993
METAL SKIN Metal skin-1993
OFFSPRING Offspring-1993
SEEING RED Seeing red-1993
THE SEVENTH FLOOR The seventh floor-1993
ROUGH DIAMONDS Rough diamonds-1993
THAT EYE THE SKY That eye the sky-1993
TO THE POINT OF DEATH To the point of death-1993
POSSESSION VACANTE Vacant possession-1993
SIGNAL ONE Signal one-1993
TALK Talk-1993
TEMPTING A MARRIED MAN Tempting a married man-1993
OPEN CITY Open city-1993
POLICE RESCUE Police rescue-1993
THE ROLY POLY MAN The roly poly man-1993
THE CUSTODIAN The custodian-1993
LEX AND RORY Lex and rory-1993
FINAL EXPERIMENT Official denial-1993
WIDE SARGASSO SEA Wide sargasso sea-1993
RECKLESS KELLY Reckless Kelly-1993
TRAPS Traps-1993
BAD BOY BUBBY Bad Boy Bubby-1993
TOUCHE-MOI Touch me-1993
SIRENES Sirens-1993
EXILE Exile-1993
PRISCILLA, FOLLE DU DESERT The adventures of Priscilla queen of the desert-1993
BROKEN HIGHWAY Broken highway-1992
LES AVENTURES DE ZAK ET CRYSTA DANS LA FORET Ferngully : the last rain forest-1992
SPOTSWOOD Spotswood-1992
FORTRESS Fortress-1992
LA LECON DE PIANO The piano-1992
BEDEVIL Bedevil-1992
EXCURSION TO THE BRIDGE OF FRIENDSHIP Excursion to the bridge of friendship-1992
OVER THE HILL Over the hill-1992
GROSS MISCONDUCT Gross misconduct-1992
ROMPER STOMPER Romper stomper-1992
FRAUDS Frauds-1992
MY FORGOTTEN MAN My forgotten man-1992
AUSTRALIAN NINJA Australian ninja-1992
BEYOND THE RIM Beyond the rim-1992
BLACK NEON Black neon-1992
CRIME BROKER Crime broker-1992
COPS AND ROBBERS Cops and robbers-1992
ALEX Alex-1992
THE CULT OF DEATH The cult of death-1992
DELIVER US FROM EVIL Deliver us from evil-1992
DE VIL'S TAS MANIA De vil's tas mania-1992
BREATHING UNDER WATER Breathing under water-1992
COME BY CHANCE Come by chance-1992
SECRETS Secrets-1992
EXCHANGE LIFEGUARDS Exchange lifeguards-1992
THE HEARTBREAK KID The heartbreak kid-1992
HERCULES RETURNS Hercules returns-1992
NO WORRIES No worries-1992
THE REFRACTING GLASSES The refracting glasses-1992
THE SILVER BRUMBY The silver brumby-1992
THIS WON'T HURT A BIT ! This won't hurt a bit !-1992
SLOW NIGHT AT THE KUWAITI CAFE Slow night at the kuwaiti cafe-1992
SAY A LITTLE PRAYER Say a little prayer-1992
THE PRESENCE The presence-1992
THE NUN AND THE BANDIT The nun and the bandit-1992
LIVING COLOR Living color-1992
THE LONG LINE The long line-1992
FATAL PAST Fatal past-1992
GET AWAY GET AWAY Get away get away-1992
YOU CAN'T PUSH THE RIVER You can't push the river-1992
PROOF Proof-1991
EIGHT BALL Eight ball-1991
RESISTANCE Resistance-1991
LOVE IN LIMBO Love in limbo-1991
THE NOSTRADAMUS KID The nostradamus kid-1991
GREENKEEPING Greenkeeping-1991
DAYDREAM BELIEVER Daydream believer-1991
FATAL BOND Fatal bond-1991
GARBO Garbo-1991
THE GOOD WOMAN OF BANGKOK The good woman of bangkok-1991
LA LEGENDE DE CINDY The magic riddle-1991
A WOMAN'S TALE A woman's tale-1991
BLOODLUST Bloodlust-1991
MAD BOMBER IN LOVE Mad bomber in love-1991
BLACKFELLAS Blackfellas-1991
SHOTGUN WEDDING Shotgun wedding-1991
HAMMERS OVER THE ANVIL Hammers over the anvil-1991
THE LAST DAYS OF CHEZ NOUS The last days of chez nous-1991
BLACK ROBE Black robe-1991
TURTLE BEACH Turtle beach-1991
LE BEAU PARLEUR Sweet talker-1991
COEUR DE METISSE Map of the human heart-1991
GOLDEN BRAID Golden braid-1991
BACKSLIDING Backsliding-1991
DEADLY Deadly-1991
BALLROOM DANCING Strictly ballroom-1991
RECOLTE SANGLANTE Black harvest-1991
HUNTING Hunting-1990
LE SANG DES HEROS The salute of the jugger-1990
ISABELLE EBERHARDT Isabelle Eberhardt-1990
DINGO Dingo-1990
FLIRTING Flirting-1990
DEATH IN BRUNSWICK Death in brunswick-1990
PLANTATIONS MEURTRIERES Till there was you-1990
ARIGATO BABY Arigato baby-1990
HOLIDAYS ON THE RIVER YARRA Holidays on the river Yarra-1990
HURRICANE SMITH Hurricane Smith-1990
NIRVANA STREET MURDER Nirvana street murder-1990
WAITING Waiting-1990
WEEKEND WITH KATE Weekend with kate-1990
THE BIG STEAL The big steal-1990
SHER MOUNTAIN KILLINGS MYSTERY Sher mountain killings mystery-1990
STRUCK BY LIGHTNING Struck by lightning-1990
WENDY CRACKED A WALNUT Wendy cracked a walnut-1990
WHAT THE MOON SAW What the moon saw-1990
AYA Aya-1990
STAN AND GEORGE'S NEW LIFE Stan and George's new life-1990
HANG UP Hang up-1990
DES CRIS. LA NUIT. UNE TRAGEDIE RURALE Night cries: a rural tragedie-1990
FRERES DE SANG Blood oath-1990
HIGHLANDER : LE RETOUR Highlander 2 : the quickening-1990
GREEN CARD Green card-1990
STRANGERS Strangers-1990
BEYOND MY REACH Beyond my reach-1990
MR. QUIGLEY L'AUSTRALIEN Quigley down under-1989
SWEETIE Sweetie-1989
PUNISHER The punisher-1989
BLOODMOON Bloodmoon-1989
FATHER Father-1989
HEAVEN TONIGHT Heaven tonight-1989
PHOBIA Phobia-1989
RETURN HOME Return home-1989
EMERALD CITY Emerald city-1989
AGAINST THE INNOCENT Against the innocent-1989
BLOWING HOT AND COLD Blowing hot and cold-1989
CANDY REGENTAG Candy regentag-1989
CAPPUCCINO Cappuccino-1989
CELIA Celia-1989
DAISY AND SIMON Daisy and simon-1989
LES DELINQUANTS The delinquents-1989
DEVIL IN THE FLESH Devil in the flesh-1989
ISLAND Island-1989
LUIGIS LADIES Luigis ladies-1989
SEBASTIAN AND THE SPARROW Sebastian and the sparrow-1989
A STING IN THE TALE A sting in the tale-1989
NUITS CHAUDES DANS UN TRAIN ROULANT LENTEMENT Warm nights on a slow moving train-1989
THE CROSSING The crossing-1989
L'EVIER Kitchen sink-1989
ECHOES OF PARADISE Echoes of paradise-1988
TENDER HOOKS Tender hooks-1988
SONS OF STEEL Sons of steel-1988
SPIRITS OF THE AIR, GREMLINS OF THE CLOUDS Spirits of the air gremlins of the clouds-1988
MINNAMURA Minnamura-1988
MULL Mull-1988
GEORGIA Georgia-1988
INCIDENT AT RAVEN'S GATE Incident at raven's gate-1988
AS TIME GOES BY As time goes by-1988
BACKSTAGE Backstage-1988
BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS Boulevard of broken dreams-1988
BREAKING LOOSE Breaking loose-1988
EMMA'S WAR Emma's war-1988
HAYDN KEENAN'S PANDEMONIUM Haydn Kennan's pandemonium-1988
THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS The pursuit of happiness-1988
CHERITH Cherith-1988
L'INDOMPTABLE The man from snowy river II-1988
RIKKY AND PETE Rikky and pete-1988
GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM Grievous bodily harm-1988
THE SIEGE OF FIREBASE GLORIA The siege of firebase gloria-1988
AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 WAYS Around the world in 80 ways-1988
VICIOUS Vicious-1988
THE PRISONER OF ST PETERSBURG The prisoner of St Petersburg-1988
RAW NERVE Raw nerve-1988
DANGEROUS GAME Dangerous game-1988
CALME BLANC Dead calm-1988
UN CRI DANS LA NUIT A cry in the dark-1988
GHOSTS OF THE CIVIL DEAD Ghosts of the civil dead-1988
EINSTEIN JUNIOR Young Einstein-1988
CROCODILE DUNDEE 2 Crocodile dundee II-1988
LE 13E ETAGE The 13th floor-1988
HURLEMENTS 3 Howling III-1987
CONFINE Shut-in-1987
FEVER Fever-1987
TERRE INTERDITE Ground zero-1987
LA CHEVAUCHEE DE FEU The lighthorsemen-1987
VINCENT : LA VIE ET LA MORT DE VINCENT VAN GOGH Vincent : the life and death of Vincent Van Gogh-1987
THE EVERLASTING SECRET FAMILY The everlasting secret family-1987
THE TALE OF RUBY ROSE The tale of ruby rose-1987
THE YEAR MY VOICE BROKE The year my voice broke-1987
TRAVELLING NORTH Travelling north-1987
LE ROUTIER Roadside cafe-1987
HIGHTIDE Hightide-1987
BUSHFIRE MOON Bushfire moon-1987
LES PATTERSON SAVES THE WORLD Les Patterson saves the world-1987
HORS D'HALEINE The surfer-1987
BULLSEYE Bullseye-1987
THE PLACE AT THE COAST The place at the coast-1987
RUNNING FROM THE GUNS Running from the guns-1987
SLATE WYN & ME Slate wyn & me-1987
THE TIME GUARDIAN The time guardian-1987
TO MARKET TO MARKET To market to market-1987
TWELFTH NIGHT Twelfth night-1987
WITH LOVE TO THE PERSON NEXT TO ME With love to the person next to me-1987
WITH TIME TO KILL With time to kill-1987
UN LAPIN SUR LA LUNE Rabbit on the moon-1987
DE GENTILLES FILLES DE COULEUR Nice coloured girls-1987
PLUMES Feathers-1987
AUSTRALIAN DREAM Australian dream-1987
DOT AND THE SMUGGLERS Dot and the smugglers-1987
DOT GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Dot goes to hollywood-1987
FRENCHMAN'S FARM Frenchman's farm-1987
TUDAWALI Tudawali-1987
CES CHERS DISPARUS Those dear departed-1987
OUT OF THE BODY Out of the body-1987
SHAME Shame-1986
CACTUS Cactus-1986
MALCOLM Malcolm-1986
JEUX DANGEREUX The umbrella woman-1986
GOING SANE Going sane-1986
DOGS IN SPACE Dogs in space-1986
DOT AND THE WHALE Dot and the whale-1986
FAIR GAME Fair game-1986
FORTRESS Fortress-1986
LE SECRET DU LAC Frog dreaming-1986
JENNY KISSED ME Jenny kissed me-1986
THE MORE THINGS CHANGE The more things change-1986
SHORT CHANGED Short changed-1986
TRAPS Traps-1986
UNFINISHED BUSINESS Unfinished business-1986
SPEED GRAPHIC Speed graphic-1986
THE BIG HURT The big hurt-1986
LE DRIVE-IN DE L'ENFER Dead-end drive-in-1986
BELINDA Belinda-1986
COOL CHANGE Cool change-1986
CROCODILE DUNDEE Crocodile Dundee-1986
THE FRINGE DWELLERS The fringe dwellers-1986
LE PERCEPTEUR The rentman-1986
THE BIT PART The bit part-1986
WINDRIDER Windrider-1986
THE RIGHT HAND MAN The right hand man-1986
CASSANDRA Cassandra-1986
DAKOTA HARRIS Sky pirates-1986
DEUX AMIES 2 friends-1986
MAD MAX 3 Mad Max beyond the thunderdome-1985
LE JEU DE BEATIE BOW Playing Beatie Bow-1985
MORT D'UN SOLDAT Death of a soldier-1985
FOR LOVE ALONE For love alone-1985
WILLS AND BURKE Wills and burke-1985
LE VIOLONCELLISTE The cellist-1985
DOT AND KEETO Dot and keeto-1985
COCA-COLA KID The coca-cola kid-1985
REBEL Rebel-1985
BACKLASH Backlash-1985
BLISS Bliss-1985
BURKE AND WILLS Burke and wills-1985
EMOH RUO Emoh ruo-1985
THE EMPTY BEACH The empty beach-1985
EPIC Epic-1985
FRAN Fran-1985
AN INDECENT OBSESSION An indecent obsession-1985
ROBBERY UNDER ARMS Robbery under arms-1985
THE STILL POINT The still point-1985
A STREET TO DIE A street to die-1985
SUR LA QUEUE DU TIGRE Tail of a tiger-1984
WARMING UP Warming up-1984
UNDERCOVER Undercover-1984
ANNIE'S COMING OUT Annie's coming out-1984
THE CAMEL BOY The camel boy-1984
FUTURE SCHLOCK Future schlock-1984
MY FIRST WIFE My first wife-1984
MELVIN : SON OF ALVIN Melvin : son of alvin-1984
THE COOLANGATTA GOLD The coolangatta gold-1984
SILVER CITY Silver city-1984
DOT AND THE BUNNY Dot and the bunny-1984
FAST TALKING Fast talking-1984
THE SLIM DUSTY MOVIE The slim dusty movie-1984
RENCONTRE D'UNE NUIT One night stand-1984
DOT AND THE KOALA Dot and the koala-1984
TRIPE Tripe-1984
WRONG WORLD Wrong world-1984
STANLEY : EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE ONE Stanley : every home shold have one-1984
STREET HERO Street hero-1984
STRIKEBOUND Strikebound-1984
HISTOIRE DE JEUNE FILLE A girl's own story-1984
RAZORBACK Razorback-1984
MISHAPS OF SEDUCTION AND CONQUEST Mishaps of seduction and conquest-1984
PASSIONLESS MOMENTS Passionless moments-1983
PHAR LAP Phar lap-1983
L'HOMME AUX FLEURS Man of flowers-1983
THE WINDS OF JARRAH The winds of jarrah-1983
GARES Stations-1983
LE GANG DES BMX Bmx bandits-1983
LE PAYS OU REVENT LES FOURMIS VERTES Wo die grünen Ameisen träumen-1983
DUSTY Dusty-1983
KITTY AND THE BAGMAN Kitty and the bagman-1983
MOVING OUT Moving out-1983
GOING DOWN Going down-1983
CAREFUL HE MIGHT HEAR YOU Careful he might hear you-1983
THE WILD DUCK The wild duck-1983
BUSH CHRISTMAS Bush Christmas-1983
BUDDIES Buddies-1983
MIDNITE SPARES Midnite spares-1983
MOLLY Molly-1983
LE RETOUR DU CAPITAINE INVINCIBLE The return of Captain Invincible-1983
SARAH Sarah-1983
HOSTAGE : THE CHRISTINE MARESCH STORY Hostage : the christine maresch story-1983
NOW AND FOREVER Now and forever-1983
THE CLINIC The clinic-1983
FIGHTING BACK Fighting back-1983
GOODBYE PARADISE Goodbye paradise-1983
CROSSTALK Crosstalk-1982
FREEDOM Freedom-1982
GINGER MEGGS Ginger Meggs-1982
SNOW : THE MOVIE Snow : the movie-1982
SWEET DREAMERS Sweet dreamers-1982
FAR EAST Far east-1982
AROUND THE WORLD WITH DOT Around the world with Dot-1982
CORPSE Corpse-1982
NORMAN LOVES ROSE Norman loves rose-1982
BREAKFAST IN PARIS Breakfast in paris-1982
THE PLAINS OF HEAVEN The plains of heaven-1982
STAR STRUCK Starstruck-1982
WITH PREJUDICE With prejudice-1982
RUNNING ON EMPTY Running on empty-1982
THE BEST OF FRIENDS The best of friends-1982
DUET FOR FOUR Duet for four-1982
LONELY HEARTS Lonely hearts-1982
SQUIZZY TAYLOR Squizzy taylor-1982
WE OF THE NEVER NEVER We of the never never-1982
L'ANNEE DE TOUS LES DANGERS The year of living dangerously-1982
NEXT OF KIN Next of kin-1982
ENTREPRISES SERIEUSES Serious undertakings-1982
L'HOMME DE LA RIVIERE D'ARGENT The man from snowy river-1982
PIRATE MOVIE The pirate movie-1982
LES TRAQUES DE L'AN 2000 Turkey shoot-1982
THE SETTLEMENT The settlement-1982
PEEL Peel-1982
THE HIGHEST HONOUR The highest honour-1982
WINTER OF OUR DREAMS Winter of our dreams-1981
MAD MAX 2 Mad Max II-1981
GALLIPOLI Gallipoli-1981
DOUBLE DEAL Double deal-1981
AGAINST THE GRAIN : MORE MEAT THAN WHEAT Against the grain : more meat than wheat-1981
CENTRESPREAD Centrespread-1981
DOCTORS & NURSES : A STORY OF HOPES Doctors & nurses : a story of hopes-1981
GRENDEL GRENDEL GRENDEL Grendel grendel grendel-1981
PACIFIC BANANA Pacific banana-1981
FORCE DE FRAPPE Attack force Z-1981
SAVE THE LADY Save the lady-1981
WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD Wrong side of the road-1981
MONKEY GRIP Monkey grip-1981
THE KILLING OF ANGEL STREET The killing of angel street-1981
ROADGAMES Roadgames-1981
PUBERTY BLUES Puberty blues-1981
A DANGEROUS SUMMER A dangerous summer-1981
HOODWINK Hoodwink-1981
HEATWAVE Heatwave-1981
LES BOURLINGUEURS Race to the yankee zephyr-1981
ALISON'S BIRTHDAY Alison's birthday-1981
BLOOD MONEY Blood money-1980
THE CLUB The club-1980
L'AMOUR AU BOUT DU MONDE The earthling-1980
FATTY FINN Fatty Finn-1980
FINAL CUT Final cut-1980
HARD KNOCKS Hard knocks-1980
... MAYBE THIS TIME ... maybe this time-1980
NIGHTMARES Nightmares-1980
PALM BEACH Palm beach-1980
TOUCH AND GO Touch and go-1980
MANGANINNIE Manganinnie-1980
STIR Stir-1980
HARLEQUIN Harlequin-1980
TIM Tim-1979
FELICITY Felicity-1979
HEROS OU SALOPARDS Breaker Morant-1979
MAD MAX Mad Max-1979
REACTION EN CHAINE Chain reaction-1979
APOSTASY Apostasy-1979
CATHY'S CHILD Cathy's child-1979
DAWN ! Dawn !-1979
DIMBOOLA Dimboola-1979
IN SEARCH OF ANNA In search of Anna-1979
THE JOURNALIST The journalist-1979
JUST OUT OF REACH Just out of reach-1979
THE KING OF THE TWO DAY WONDER The king of the two day wonder-1979
KOSTAS Kostas-1979
THE LAST OF THE KNUCKLEMEN The last of the Knucklemen-1979
THE ODD ANGRY SHOT The odd angry shot-1979
SNAPSHOT Snapshot-1979
SOIF DE SANG Thirst-1979
LE PLOMBIER The plumber-1979
THE ABC OF LOVE AND SEX AUSTRALIAN STYLE The abc of love and sex australian style-1978
REBELLE ADOLESCENCE Mouth to mouth-1978
LITTLE BOY LOST Little boy lost-1978
THE IRISHMAN The irishman-1978
SOLO Solo-1978
THIRD PERSON PLURAL Third person plural-1978
WEEKEND OF SHADOWS Weekend of shadows-1978
PATRICK Patrick-1978
LONG WEEK-END The long weekend-1978
MA BRILLANTE CARRIERE My brilliant career-1978
LA NUIT UN RODEUR The night the prowler-1978
NEWSFRONT Newsfront-1978
LA COMPLAINTE DE JIMMY BLACKSMITH The chant of Jimmie Blacksmith-1978
LA DERNIERE VAGUE The last wave-1977
VIVA ABBA Abba : the movie-1977
UN COUP POUR RIEN Raw deal-1977
THE MANGO TREE The mango tree-1977
FANTASM COMES AGAIN Fantasm comes again-1977
DOT AND THE KANGAROO Dot and the kangaroo-1977
BLUE FIRE LADY Blue fire lady-1977
INSIDE LOOKING OUT Inside looking out-1977
SUMMERFIELD Summerfield-1977
LISTEN TO THE LION Listen to the lion-1977
JOURNEY AMONG WOMEN Journey among women-1977
HIGH ROLLING High rolling-1977
THE LOVE-LETTERS FROM TERALBA ROAD The love-letters from teralba road-1977
BACKROADS Backroads-1977
SUMMER CITY Summer city-1977
LE PRIX DE LA SAGESSE The getting of wisdom-1977
STORM BOY Storm boy-1976
DON'S PARTY Don's party-1976
MAD DOG MORGAN Mad dog Morgan-1976
THE PICTURE SHOW MAN The picture show man-1976
THE FJ HOLDEN The fj holden-1976
THE TRESPASSERS The trespassers-1976
OZ Oz-1976
BREAK OF DAY Break of day-1976
UN ETE MYSTERIEUX Summer of secrets-1976
LET THE BALLOON GO Let the balloon go-1976
ELIZA FRASER Eliza Fraser-1976
DEATHCHEATERS Deathcheaters-1976
BARNEY Barney-1976
THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND The devil's playground-1976
CADDIE Caddie-1976
L'AUBERGE AUX DAMNES Inn of the damned-1975
PICNIC A HANGING ROCK Picnic at Hanging Rock-1975
SURRENDER IN PARADISE Surrender in paradise-1975
THE SINGER AND THE DANCER The singer and the dancer-1975
OUT OF IT Out of it-1975
BARRY MAC KENZIE HOLDS HIS OWN Barry mac kenzie holds his own-1974
LIBIDO (4) Libido-1973
LIBIDO (1) Libido-1973
LIBIDO (2) Libido-1973
LIBIDO (3) Libido-1973
STONE Stone-1973
LES VOITURES QUI ONT MANGE PARIS The cars that ate Paris-1973
NIGHT OF FEAR Night of fear-1973
A CITY'S CHILD A city's child-1972
THE OFFICE PICNIC The office picnic-1972
FLASHPOINT Flashpoint-1972
PRIVATE COLLECTION Private collection-1972
SUNSTRUCK Sunstruck-1972
GENTLE STRANGERS Gentle strangers-1972
MARCO POLO JUNIOR VERSUS THE RED DRAGON Marco Polo junior versus the Red Dragon-1972
SHIRLEY THOMPSON VERSUS THE ALIENS Shirley Thompson versus the aliens-1972
AVENGERS OF THE REEF Avengers of the reef-1972
THE ADVENTURES OF BARRY MAC KENZIE The adventures of barry mac kenzie-1972
NICKEL QUEEN Nickel queen-1971
LA RANDONNEE Walkabout-1971
THREE TO GO Three to go-1971
HOMESDALE Homesdale-1971
DEMONSTRATOR Demonstrator-1971
AND THE WORD WAS MADE FLESH And the word was made flesh-1971
STORK Stork-1971
MICHAEL Michael-1971
SYMPATHY IN SUMMER Sympathy in summer-1971
BONJOUR BALWYN Bonjour Balwyn-1971
COUNTRY TOWN Country town-1971
STOCKADE Stockade-1971
STRANGE HOLIDAY Strange holiday-1970
LITTLE JUNGLE BOY Little jungle boy-1970
THAT LADY FROM PEKING That lady from peking-1970
THE NAKED BUNYIP The naked bunyip-1970
AGE OF CONSENT Age of consent-1969
THEY'RE A WEIRD MOB They're a weird mob-1966
LE PIRATE DES MERS DU SUD Long John Silver-1954
THE KANGAROO KID The kangaroo kid-1950
L'INDONESIE APPELLE Indonesia calling-1946
40 000 CAVALIERS Forty thousand horsemen-1940
SEVEN LITTLE AUSTRALIANS Seven little australians-1939
SHOW BUSINESS Show business-1938
THE SILENCE OF DEAN MAITLAND The silence of Dean Maitland-1934
HARMONY ROW Harmony row-1933
DANS LE SILLAGE DU BOUNTY In the wake of the Bounty-1933
THE KINGDOM OF TWILIGHT The kingdom of twilight-1929
THE SENTIMENTAL BLOKE The sentimental bloke-1919
GET-RICH-QUICK WALLINGFORD Get-rich-quick Wallingford-1916
OFFICER 666 Officer 666-1916
THE FATAL WEDDING The fatal wedding-1911