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Cinéma noir américain (Black exploitation) .....
Liste des films
DEAR WHITE PEOPLE Dear white people-2014
FRUITVALE STATION Fruitvale station-2013
GIMME THE LOOT Gimme the loot-2012
GIRLS IN AMERICA On the outs-2004
SHAFT Shaft-2000
HE GOT GAME He got game-1998
SACRIFIE Asunder-1998
THIRTEEN Thirteen-1997
BOOTY CALL Booty call-1997
LOVE JONES Love jones-1997
SPRUNG Sprung-1997
QUATRE PETITES FILLES 4 little girls-1997
SOUL FOOD Soul food-1997
LE SECRET DU BAYOU Eve's bayou-1997
B*A*P*S B*a*p*s-1997
GET ON THE BUS Get on the bus-1997
GRIDLOCK'D Gridlock'd-1997
LE PRIX A PAYER Set it off-1997
GIRL 6 Girl 6-1996
A L'EPREUVE DES BALLES Bulletproof-1996
A THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE A thin line between love and hate-1996
LA FEMME PASTEQUE The watermelon woman-1995
BROTHER MINISTER : THE ASSASSINATION OF MALCOLM X Brother minister : the assassination of Malcolm X-1995
FRIDAY Friday-1995
PANTHER Panther-1995
GENERATION SACRIFIEE Dead presidents-1995
CLOCKERS Clockers-1995
OU SONT LES HOMMES ? Waiting to exhale-1995
BLACK IS BLACK AIN'T Black is black ain't-1994
B.D. WOMEN B.d. women-1994
GREETINGS FROM AFRICA Greetings from Africa-1994
LA VIE ET L'OEUVRE D' AUDRE LORDE A litany for survival : the life and work of Audre Lorde-1994
CROOKLYN Crooklyn-1994
LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME Low down dirty shame-1994
LE DIABLE EN ROBE BLEUE Devil in a blue dress-1994
THE INKWELL The inkwell-1994
JASON'S LYRIC Jason's lyric-1994
I LIKE IT LIKE THAT I like it like that-1994
THE WALKING DEAD The walking dead-1994
SANKOFA Sankofa-1993
LILLIAN Lillian-1993
STRAPPED Strapped-1993
METEOR MAN The meteor man-1993
LOVE YOUR MAMA Love your mama-1993
POETIC JUSTICE Poetic justice-1993
FRESH Fresh-1993
L'INSIGNE DE LA HONTE The glass shield-1993
YOU SO CRAZY You so crazy-1993
VROOOM VROOM VROOOOM Vrooom vrooom vrooom-1993
MENACE II SOCIETY Menace II society-1992
WE THE RAGAMUFFIN We the ragamuffin-1992
BOOMERANG Boomerang-1992
MALCOLM X Malcolm X-1992
THE GIFTED The gifted-1992
SOUTH CENTRAL South central-1992
HOW U LIKE ME NOW ? How u like me now ?-1992
JUICE Juice-1992
DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST Daughters of the dust-1992
COLOR ADJUSTMENT Color adjustment-1992
BEBE'S KIDS Bebe's kids-1992
NEW JACK CITY New Jack City-1991
JUNGLE FEVER Jungle fever-1991
BOYZ'N THE HOOD Boyz'n the hood-1991
RAGE IN HARLEM A rage in Harlem-1991
WHO NEEDS A HEART Who needs a heart-1991
THE FIVE HEARTBEATS The five heartbeats-1991
STRAIGHT OUT OF BROOKLYN Straight out of Brooklyn-1991
TALKIN' DIRTY AFTER DARK Talkin' dirty after dark-1991
LIVIN' LARGE Livin' large-1991
STRICTLY BUSINESS Strictly business-1991
SUCCUBE Def by temptation-1990
THE RETURN OF SUPERFLY The return of superfly-1990
HOUSE PARTY House party-1990
LA RAGE AU COEUR To sleep with anger-1989
MO'BETTER BLUES Mo'better blues-1989
LES NUITS DE HARLEM Harlem nights-1989
SIDEWALK STORIES Sidewalk stories-1989
LANGUES DELIEES Tongues untied-1989
I'M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA I'm gonna git you sucka-1988
CLASSE TOUS RIRES School daze-1988
PENITENTIARY III Penitentiary III-1987
HOLLYWOOD SHUFFLE Hollywood shuffle-1987
NOLA DARLING N'EN FAIT QU'A SA TETE She's gotta have it-1986
BLUESY DREAM Bless their little hearts-1983
MY BROTHER'S WEDDING My brother's wedding-1983
JOE'S BED-STUY BARBERSHOP : WE CUT HEADS Joe's bed-stuy barbershop : we cut heads-1983
BILL COSBY... HIMSELF Bill cosby... himself-1983
LES QUATRE JUSTICIERS One down two to go-1982
PENITENTIARY Penitentiary-1979
LE COGNEUR DE HARLEM The hitter-1978
KILLER OF SHEEP Killer of sheep-1978
LE PASSAGE Passing through-1977
LES CHAINES Brothers-1977
BUSH MAMA Bush mama-1976
L'HOMME CORIACE The human tornado-1976
LEADBELLY Leadbelly-1976
LA PANTHERE EST DE RETOUR Friday foster-1976
FOXY BROWN Foxy Brown-1974
LES DEMOLISSEURS Three the hard way-1974
ABBY Abby-1974
WILLIE DYNAMITE Willie dynamite-1974
UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT Uptown saturday night-1974
THE EDUCATION OF SONNY CARSON The education of sonny carson-1974
LE PARRAIN NOIR DE HARLEM The black godfather-1974
NOTRE AGENT DE HARLEM The spook who sat by the door-1973
S.O.S. BLACK GUNS Detroit 9000-1973
MEURTRES DANS LA 110 EME RUE Across 100th street-1972
GUNN LA GACHETTE Black Gunn-1972
WATTSTAX Wattstax-1972
THE LEGEND OF NIGGER CHARLEY The legend of nigger Charley-1972
COME BACK CHARLESTON BLUE Come back charleston blue-1972
MELINDA Melinda-1972
SUPERFLY Super fly-1972
FUREUR NOIRE Trouble man-1972
TOUCHE PAS AUX DIAMS Cool breeze-1971
BUCK ET SON COMPLICE Buck and the preacher-1971
L'ORGANISATION The organization-1971
SWEET SWEETBACK'S BAADASSSSS SONG Sweet sweetback's baadasssss song-1971
PORGY AND BESS Porgy and Bess-1958
CARMEN JONES Carmen Jones-1954
LES VERTS PATURAGES The green pastures-1936
HALLELUJAH Halleluyah-1929
BODY AND SOUL Body and soul-1925
WITHIN OUR GATES Within our gates-1919