Genres cinématographiques
Courts métrages (Cinéma britannique)
Liste des films
A RUNNING JUMP A running jump-2012
SWIMMER Swimmer-2012
WATCH THE STARS ! Watch the stars !-2008
MOOG Moog-2007
THE SICKIE The Sickie-2006
REHEARSALS Rehearsals-2005
LAWRENCE OF ARABIA CLOSE Lawrence of Arabia close-2004
UN HOMME DIFFERENT A changed man-2003
LE MUSEE FANTOME The phantom museum : random forays into the vaults of sir Henry Wellcome's médical collection-2003
[NEON] [Neon]-2002
MRS MEITLEMEIHR Mrs Meitlemeihr-2002
MAPPING PERCEPTION Mapping perception-2002
MONDO MULLOY Mondo Mulloy-2001
IN ABSENTIA In absentia-2000
ROYAUME PROTISTA Kingdom protista-2000
INVALIDES Invalids-2000
PIETA Piéta-2000
INTOLERANCE Intolerance-2000
ME Me-2000
THE PROMISE The promise-1999
CONCERT Concert-1999
THE FIANCEE The fiancee-1999
SAUT PERILLEUX Somersault-1999
AFFAME Hungry-1999
PERTE DE CONTACT Losing touch-1999
BILLY & ZORBA Billy & Zorba-1999
MARCIE'S DOWRY Marcie's dowry-1999
POACHED Poached-1999
WHAT DO BUSY PEOPLE DO ALL DAY ? What do busy people do all day ?-1999
DUET Duet : Variations for the convalescence of A-1999
DONKEYHEAD Donkeyhead-1998
GASMAN Gasman-1998
CHEZ EUX Home-1998
LA COMTESSE DE CASTIGLIONE La comtesse de Castiglione-1998
AFTER CELIA After celia-1998
DESSERTS Desserts-1998
THE SCORE The score-1998
ZERO EIGHT Zero eight-1997
LES DOCKERS DE LIVERPOOL The flickering flame-1996
KILL THE DAY Kill the day-1996
THE WASTE LAND The waste land-1996
SMALLTIME Smalltime-1996
WHERE IS THE MONEY RONNIE ? Where is the money ronnie ?-1995
FRIGO Fridge-1995
HOTEL PARADISE Hotel paradise-1995
JAUNT Jaunt-1995
SMALL GESTURES Small gestures-1994
LUCKY MAN Lucky man-1994
RANDOM ACCESS Random access-1994
ONE NIGHT STAND One night stand-1994
LA-BAS Down there-1994
LA VIE MERVEILLEUSE DE FRANZ KAFKA Franz kafka's it's a wonderful life-1993
L'INSATIABLE MRS. KIRSCH The insatiable mrs. kirsch-1993
SMART ALEK Smart Alek-1993
LE MAUVAIS PANTALON The wrong trousers-1993
LA CLAIRIERE The clearing-1993
STILLE NACHT IV Can't go wrong without you-1993
STILLE NACHT III Tales from Vienna woods-1992
LE SENS DE L'HISTOIRE A sense of history-1992
LOVES ME ... LOVES ME NOT Loves me ... loves me not-1992
WE THE RAGAMUFFIN We the ragamuffin-1992
LITTLE WOLF Little wolf-1992
MANOUCHES Diddyköy-1992
HB 1829 (SON MAUVAIS SANG) HB 1829 (His bad blood)-1991
FLAIR Acumen-1991
ANAMORPHOSIS Anamorphosis-1991
THE SANDMAN The sandman-1991
ADAM Adam-1991
AZAADI Azaadi-1991
REX THE RUNT : DREAMS Rex the runt : dreams-1991
REX THE RUNT : HOW DINOSAURS BECAME EXTINCT Rex the runt : how dinosaurs became extinct-1991
STILLE NACHT II Are we still married ?-1991
RELAX Relax-1991
LE PEIGNE The comb-1990
ALEX Alex-1990
POPULACE Hoi polloi-1990
TOHU-BOHU DANS LES BAOBABS Hub-bub in the baobabs-1989
TOM POUCE Tom thumb-1989
A GRAND DAY OUT A grand day out-1989
L'AVIS DES ANIMAUX Creature comforts-1989
FLAMES OF PASSION Flames of passion-1989
ELEPHANT Elephant-1989
CONVERSION INHABITUELLE AU REZ-DE-CHAUSSEE Unusual ground floor conversion-1988
STILLE NACHT I Dramolet-1988
L'UNIVERS DE DERMOT FINN The universe of Dermot Finn-1988
PALESA Palesa-1988
REPETITIONS POUR DES ANATOMIES DEFUNTES Rehearsals for extinct anatomies-1987
THE SHORT AND CURLIES The short and curlies-1987
BRITISH CINEMA : PERSONAL VIEW FREE CINEMA British cinema : personal view free cinema-1986
LA FILLE DE MOHAMMED Mohammed's daughter-1986
THE QUEEN IS DEAD The queen is dead-1986
THE LONDON STORY The London story-1986
TAGADA Klipperty Klöpp-1986
CET INNOMMABLE PETIT BALAI This unnameable little broom-1985
26 SALLES DE BAIN Inside rooms : 26 bathrooms, London & Oxfordhire, 1985-1985
WINGS OF DEATH Wings of death-1985
LA RUE DES CROCODILES Street of crocodiles-1985
IMAGINING OCTOBER Imagining october-1984
LE CABINET DE JAN SVANKMAJER The cabinet of Jan Svankmajer-1984
DEATH AND TRANSFIGURATION Death and transfiguration-1983
AUDITIONS Auditions-1983
PIRATE TAPE (W.S. BURROUGHS) Pirate tape (W.S. Burroughs)-1982
LE BONHOMME DE NEIGE The snowman-1982
A SHOCKING ACCIDENT A shocking accident-1982
THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER The rocking horse winner-1982
T.G. : PSYCHIC RALLY IN HEAVEN T.G. : psychic rally in heaven-1981
IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN In the shadow of the sun-1980
MADONNA AND CHILD Madonna and child-1980
BROKEN ENGLISH Broken English-1979
NOCTURNA ARTIFICIALA Nocturna artificiala-1979
VERTICAL FEATURES REMAKE Vertical features remake-1978
A WALK THROUGH H A walk through H-1978
WATER WRACKETS Water wrackets-1978
DEAR PHONE Dear phone-1976
CHILDREN Children-1976
LA FILLE AU CHEWING-GUM The girl chewing gum-1976
SEBASTIANE WRAP Sebastiane wrap-1975
GIRL Girl-1975
THE BIRTH OF THE 2001 F.A. CUP FINAL GOALIE The birth of the 2001 F.A. cup final goalie-1975
SLOANE SQUARE A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN Sloane square a room of one's own-1975
THE PERMISSIVE SOCIETY The permissive society-1975
WHAT CAN I DO WITH A MALE NUDE ? What can i do with a male nude ?-1975
WINDOWS Windows-1975
COLD NIGHT Cold night-1974
INTERVALLES Intervals-1973
H IS FOR HOUSE H is for house-1973
DIRTY Dirty-1971
ONE OF THE MISSING One of the missing-1971
GLOBE Globe-1970
COME DANCING Come dancing-1970
SIMON SIMON Simon simon-1970
QUAND J'ETAIS SOLDAT I was a soldier-1970
STUDIO BANKSIDE Studio bankside-1970
TRIXI Trixi-1969
STRIP-TEASE Strip tease-1969
LOVING MEMORY Loving memory-1969
STORYTIME Storytime-1968
THE WHITE BUS The white bus-1967
RED AND BLUE Red and blue-1967
THE BURNING The burning-1967
LA BOMBE The war game-1966
BOY AND BICYCLE Boy and bicycle-1965
NAISSANT Naissant-1964
GALA DAY Gala day-1963
LA BOMBE The war game-1962
TERMINUS Terminus-1961
INTRUSION Intrusion-1961
FIRST ON THE ROAD First on the road-1960
L'HOMME VOLANT The flying man-1960
LA POMME The apple-1960
JOURNAL D'UN SOLDAT INCONNU The diary of an unknown soldier-1959
THE RUNNING JUMPING AND STANDING STILL FILM The running jumping & standing still film-1959
MARCH TO ALDERMASTON March to Aldermaston-1958
C'EST NOUS LES GARS DE LAMBETH We are the Lambeth boys-1958
TOUS LES JOURS SAUF NOEL Every day except Christmas-1957
NICE TIME Nice time-1957
LES CHEMINOTS Enginemen-1957
AMELIA AND THE ANGEL Amelia and the angel-1957
9 DALMUIR WEST Nine dalmuir west-1956
TOMORROW SATURDAY Tomorrow saturday-1956
ONE POTATO TWO POTATO One potato two potato-1956
L'ANGLETERRE, CE REFUGE Refuge England-1956
UN HOMME SUR LA PLAGE A man on the beach-1956
KNIGHTS ON BIKES Knights on bikes-1956
LE DOUZIEME JOUR On the twelfth day-1955
JACK ET LE HARICOT MAGIQUE Jack and the beanstalk-1955
THE VANISHING STREET The vanishing street-1955
MAMAN VEUT PAS Momma don't allow-1955
THE CHILD The child-1954
HANSEL AND GRETEL Hansel and Gretel-1954
LA BELLE AU BOIS DORMANT The sleeping beauty-1954
THE MAGIC HORSE The magic horse-1953
DANS LE TABLEAU In the picture-1953
LE JARDIN DES PLAISIRS The pleasure garden-1953
THE BLAKES SLEPT HERE The blakes slept here-1953
UN ENDROIT DE REVE O dreamland-1953
THURSDAY'S CHILDREN Thursday's children-1953
WAKEFIELD EXPRESS Wakefield express-1952
BRIEF CITY Brief city-1952
L'INCONNU N'A PAS LAISSE SA CARTE The stranger left no card-1952
TO THE RESCUE To the rescue-1952
SOMEWHERE TO LIVE Somewhere to live-1950
SIMON Simon-1948
LE MIRACLE DU FEU Magic on a stick-1946
THE GREAT AMERICAN MUG The great american mug-1945
A DIARY FOR TIMOTHY A diary for Timothy-1945
AVENTURE MALGACHE Madagascar landing-1944
LISTEN TO BRITAIN Listen to Britain-1942
WORDS FOR BATTLE Words for battle-1941
LONDON CAN TAKE IT ! London can take it !-1940
WELFARE OF THE WORKERS Welfare of the workers-1940
YELLOW CAESAR Yellow Caesar-1940
AN AIRMAN'S LETTER TO HIS MOTHER An airman's letter to his mother-1939
SPARE TIME Spare time-1939
THE FIRST DAYS The first days-1939
FAREWELL TOPSAILS Farewell topsails-1937
COAL FACE Coal face-1936
NIGHT MAIL Night mail-1936
THE BIRTH OF THE ROBOT The birth of the robot-1936
THE STORY OF THE WHEEL The story of the wheel-1935
POST HASTE Post haste-1934
INDUSTRIAL BRITAIN Industrial Britain-1933
THE STAR REPORTER The star reporter-1932
MY FRIEND THE KING My friend the king-1932
THE RASP The rasp-1932
RYNOX Rynox-1932
TWO CROWDED HOURS Two crowded hours-1931
TOO MANY CROOKS Too many crooks-1930
ST KILDA : BRITAIN'S LONELIEST ISLE St Kilda: Britain's loneliest isle-1928
DAYDREAMS Daydreams-1928
BLUEBOTTLES Bluebottles-1928
PRELUDE Prelude-1927
THE JEST The jest-1921
THE BIG SWALLOW The big swallow-1901