Genres cinématographiques
Courts métrages (Cinéma américain)
Liste des films
STANLEY'S GIRLFRIEND Stanley's girlfriend-2066
THE FALL The fall-2019
NIMIC Nimic-2019
THE TURTLE'S HEAD The turtle's head-2014
BASICALLY Basically-2014
JONATHAN'S CHEST Jonathan's chest-2014
MUNCHAUSEN Munchausen-2013
THE BLACK BALLOON The black balloon-2012
DEUX INCONNUS The strange ones-2011
BEAU Beau-2011
THE STRANGE THING ABOUT THE JOHNSONS The strange thing about the Johnsons-2011
JOHN'S GONE John's gone-2010
STRANGER Stranger-2009
CIGARETTE CANDY Cigarette candy-2009
SIX AND A HALF Six and a half-2009
DANDELION FALL Dandelion fall-2007
THE BACK OF HER HEAD The back of her head-2007
LATCHKEY'S LAMENT Latchkey's lament-2007
WE'RE GOING TO THE ZOO We're going to the zoo-2006
MAGNIFICENT DESOLATION : WALKING ON THE MOON 3D Magnificent desolation: walking on the moon 3D-2005
BUY IT NOW Buy it now-2005
CONEY ISLAND CATCH Coney Island catch-2005
WALKIE TALKIE MAN Walkie talkie man-2004
LIGHT IS CALLING Light is calling-2004
GUARD DOG Guard dog-2004
THE ROUTE V50 The route V50-2004
THE UNDERDOGS The underdogs-2002
AMBUSH Ambush-2001
EAT Eat-2001
WEAPON OF CHOICE Weapon of choice-2001
MY WOMAN My woman-1999
ARRIVALS Arrivals-1999
A WHOLE NEW DAY A whole new day-1999
PETIT MAIS EN PLEINE CROISSANCE Five feet high and rising-1999
VENDREDI Friday-1999
NELLY'S BODEGA Nelly's bodega-1999
LE VIEIL HOMME ET LA MER The old man and the sea-1999
FRAGMENT D'UNE BIOGRAPHIE INACHEVEE This side of paradise (Fragments of an unfinished biography)-1999
INSTANT DREAD Instant dread-1998
ON EDGE On edge-1998
MUTINERIE Mutiny-1998
BREAKING DAWN Breaking dawn-1998
TURBULENT Turbulent-1998
MUST BE THE MUSIC Must be the music-1997
NUNZIO'S SECOND COUSIN Nunzio's second cousin-1997
CLOSE TO Close to-1997
THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER The rocking horse winner-1997
A GOOD SON A good son-1997
CLASSIFIED X Classified X-1997
AT THE HANDS OF ANOTHER At the hands of another-1997
WAITING FOR WOODY Waiting for woody-1997
SEX AND VIOLENCE Sex & violence-1997
GHOSTS Ghosts-1997
IMAGINE Imagine-1996
LA CLAQUE The slap-1996
BOTTES DE NUIT Boot camp-1996
LES FEMMES DE LA VALLEE Valley girls-1996
ALLEN GINSBERG'S BALLAD OF THE SKELETONS Allen Ginsberg's ballad of the Skeletons-1996
SUMMER CANNIBALS Summer cannibals-1996
ALKALI IOWA Alkali iowa-1995
MICKEY PERD LA TETE Runaway brain-1995
BLACK KITES Black kites-1995
THE KILLERS The killers-1995
STOLEN SHADOWS Stolen shadows-1995
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOHN Happy Birthday to John-1995
SMOKING Smoking-1994
POOL DAYS Pool days-1994
A FRIEND OF DOROTHY A friend of dorothy-1994
DRIVE BABY DRIVE Drive baby drive-1994
TEXAN Texan-1994
B.D. WOMEN B.d. women-1994
GREETINGS FROM AFRICA Greetings from Africa-1994
LITTLE WOMEN IN TRANSIT Little women in transit-1994
MEMENTO MORI Memento mori-1994
MIGUEL Miguel-1994
RAMBLES Rambles-1994
TREVOR Trevor-1994
BEAT DOWN : THE CASE OF RAYMOND ALVAREZ Beat down : the case of Raymond Alvarez-1994
GENTLE GIANTS Gentle giants-1994
A LITTLE ROUTINE A little routine-1994
L'AUTRE The significant other-1994
PARADIS SOURD Deaf heaven-1993
LE MAITRE FLAMAND The dutch master-1993
VROOOM VROOM VROOOOM Vrooom vrooom vrooom-1993
SOME FOLKS CALL IT A SLING BLADE Some folks call it a sling blade-1993
A EN COUPER LE SOUFFLE Take my breath away-1993
THE DISCO YEARS The disco years-1993
COFFEE AND CIGARETTES Coffee and cigarettes-1993
THE DEBT The debt-1993
THE LAST SUPPER The last supper-1993
WHAT HAPPENED TO PETE What happened to Pete-1992
A BLINK OF PARADISE A blink of paradise-1992
THE GUTTER SONG The gutter song-1992
THE DEAD BOY'S CLUB The dead boys' club-1992
CONTACT Contact-1992
DINNER WITH MALIBU Dinner with Malibu-1992
NORTH OF VORTEX North of vortex-1991
CAUGHT LOOKING Caught looking-1991
TRAITE DE LA REUSSITE Theory of achievement-1991
AMBITION Ambition-1991
DOOR TO DOOR Door to door-1991
LA PANNE The washing machine man-1991
SADAKO AND THE THOUSAND PAPER CRANES Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes-1991
UNE FENETRE GRANDE OUVERTE Through an open window-1991
L'ORCHESTRE The orchestra-1990
DANS LE CANIVEAU To the curb-1990
LAPIN LOOPING Roller coaster rabbit-1990
MADE IN MILAN Made in Milan-1990
COFFEE AND CIGARETTES Coffee and cigarettes-1989
FLORA Flora-1989
KNICK KNACK Knick knack-1989
DERNIERES LUEURS. HOMMAGE A ROBERT FROST The afterglow. A tribute to Robert Frost-1989
LA MAISON SUR LA COLLINE The hill farm-1989
25 TRUCS POUR ARRETER DE FUMER 25 ways to quit smoking-1989
CALL FROM SPACE Call from space-1989
LA QUATRIEME DIMENSION The fourth dimension-1988
SAPHIR Saphir-1988
TIN TOY Tin toy-1988
CAT STORY Cat story-1988
DAWN OF AN EVIL MILLENNIUM Dawn of an evil millennium-1988
UNTITTLED SCHOOL FILM Untittled school film-1987
THE CARTOGRAPHER'S GIRLFRIEND The cartographer's girlfriend-1987
THE PRICE OF LIFE The price of life-1987
CAFE ET CIGARETTES Coffee and cigarettes-1987
MARCHES Steps-1987
KEN DEATH SORT DE PRISON Ken Death gets out of jail-1987
TON VISAGE Your face-1987
WITNESS TO WAR Witness to war-1985
ORSON WELLES' MAGIC SHOW Orson Welles' magic show-1985
KID Kid-1984
FEELINGS Feelings-1984
QUEST Quest-1984
1984 Apple Mac : 1984-1984
LA COUPE DE CHEVEUX The haircut-1983
GEIZ Geiz-1982
TONGUES Tongues-1982
VINCENT Vincent-1982
SCENES FROM THE LIFE OF ANDY WARHOL Scenes from the life of Andy Warhol : Friendships and Intersections-1982
ELIA KAZAN OUTSIDER Elia Kazan outsider-1982
SPLIT CHERRY TREE Split cherry tree-1982
MAD MAN OF MARTINIQUE Mad man of Martinique-1979
ORSON WELLES' UNSUNG HEROES Orson Welles' unsung heroes-1979
AMERICAN BOY A profile of Steven Prince-1978
GRANDMOTHER The Grandmother-1976
BERNICE CHANGE DE COIFFURE Bernice bobs her hair-1976
LOVE IN THE HAMPTONS Love in the Hamptons-1976
SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY Sentimental journey-1976
INDEPENDANCE Independence-1975
WEDNESDAY Wednesday-1974
ITALIANAMERICAN Italianamerican-1974
PAYSAGE Landscape-1974
LA PETITE SIRENE The little mermaid-1974
CHILD OF RESISTANCE Child of resistance-1973
THE MOVIEMAKERS The moviemakers-1973
CHRISTO'S VALLEY CURTAIN Christo's valley curtain-1973
THE RINGER The ringer-1973
CHAMP D'HONNEUR A field of honor-1973
THE ARGUMENT The argument-1972
THE LIFT The lift-1972
OEDIPUS REX Oedipus Rex-1972
TARZANA Tarzana-1972
LE CHOC DU FUTUR Futur shock-1972
JESUS' BLOOD Jesus' blood-1972
ABOUT ME : A MUSICAL About me : a musical-1971
HELEN QUEEN OF THE NAUTCH GIRLS Helen queen of the nautch girls-1971
LAST YEAR IN VIETNAM Last year in Vietnam-1971
ORSON WELLES' LONDON Orson Welles' London-1971
ORSON WELLES' MOBY DICK Orson Welles' Moby Dick-1971
THE RESURRECTION OF BRONCHO BILLY The resurrection of Broncho Billy-1970
THE REASON WHY The reason why-1970
JENNY IS A GOOD THING Jenny is a good thing-1969
THE GREATEST MOTHER OF'EM ALL The greatest mother of them all-1969
CAPTAIN VOYEUR Captain voyeur-1969
GET YER YA YA'S OUT Get yer ya ya's out-1969
BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA Bambi meets Godzilla-1969
WILD GEESE CALLING Wild geese calling-1969
INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER Invocation of my demon brother-1969
LA GUERRE DU PEUPLE The people's war-1969
TAKE ME Take me-1968
ORSON WELLES' VIENNA Orson Welles' Vienna-1968
AMBLIN' Amblin-1968
POURQUOI L'HOMME CREE Why man creates-1968
THE ALPHABET The alphabet-1968
ON LOCATION : WHERE EAGLES DARE On location : where eagles dare-1968
MOMENT Moment-1968
ALL ABOUT PEOPLE All about people-1967
SOLILOQUY Soliloquy-1967
ME MYSELF AND I Me Myself and I-1967
THE CUT-UPS The cut-ups-1967
THE ITALIAN NOTEBOOK The italian notebook-1967
THE BIG SHAVE The big shave-1967
SCORPIO RISING Scorpio rising-1967
CASSIS Cassis-1966
REPORT FROM MILLBROOK Report from millbrook-1966
1:42:08 : TO QUALIFY 1:42:08 : to qualify-1966
FREIHEIT Freiheit-1966
HERBIE Herbie-1966
DALI'S FANTASTIC DREAM Dali's fantastic dream-1966
MEET MARLON BRANDO Meet Marlon Brando-1966
HARE KRISHNA Hare Krishna-1966
CUT PIECE Cut piece-1965
HANDLE WITH CARE Handle with care-1965
LOOK AT LIFE Look at life-1965
CHINESE CHECKERS Chinese checkers-1965
FILM Film-1965
WILL ROGERS HOSPITAL TRAILER Will rogers hospital trailer-1965
TIME PIECE Time piece-1965
AWARD PRESENTATION TO ANDY WARHOL Award presentation to Andy Warhol-1964
IT'S NOT JUST YOU MURRAY It's not just you Murray-1964
THE DELHI WAY The Delhi way-1964
THE HEISTERS The heisters-1964
TOWERS OPEN FIRE Towers open fire-1963
WHAT'S A NICE GIRL LIKE YOU DOING IN A PLACE LIKE THIS ? What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this ?-1963
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Happy mother's day-1963
O.K. END HERE O.K. end here-1963
THE CRITIC The critic-1963
ANASTASIA Anastasia-1962
ASLEEP Asleep-1961
THE INTERVIEW The interview-1960
THE VIOLINIST The violinist-1959
OPENING IN MOSCOW Opening in Moscow-1959
PULL MY DAISY Pull my Daisy-1959
BRIDGES-GO-ROUND Bridges-go-round-1958
SKYSCRAPER Skyscraper-1958
A MOMENT IN LOVE A moment in love-1957
VENICE : THEME AND VARIATIONS Venice : theme and variations-1957
THE HEART OF SHOW BUSINESS The heart of show business-1957
FLEBUS Flebus-1957
THE BLACK PANTHER The black panther-1957
SCREEN SNAPSHOTS : PLAYTIME IN HOLLYWOOD Screen snapshots : playtime in Hollywood-1956
THE MAGIC BOND The magic bond-1956
MA RENCONTRE AVEC CARUSO The day i met Caruso-1956
RECHERCHE POUR MEURTRE Number five checked out-1956
LA BELLE DE SUMATRA Affair in Sumatra-1955
CLAIRE Claire-1955
SA VIE M'APPARTIENT Cry justice-1955
TRAFIC A HONG KONG Hot cargo-1955
THE WONDER RING The wonder ring-1955
TOM ET JERRY Tom and jerry-1955
RENCONTREZ LE GOUVERNEUR Meet the governor-1955
THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE The sorcerer's apprentice-1955
LA REVELATION DE L'ANNEE Rookie of the year-1955
UN HOMME SUFFIT DANS UN MENAGE Apples on the lilac tree-1955
THE NAT KING COLE MUSICAL STORY The Nat 'King' Cole Musical Story-1955
PSYCHIATRY IN RUSSIA Psychiatry in Russia-1955
DESISTFILM Desistfilm-1954
EAUX D'ARTIFICE Eaux d'artifice-1953
SILENT JOURNEY Silent journey-1953
LES MARINS The seafarers-1953
EVERGLADES, MONDE MYSTERIEUX Prowlers of the Everglades-1953
DEEP SEA FISHING Deep sea fishing-1952
IN THE STREET In the street-1952
BENJY Benjy-1951
DAY OF THE FIGHT Day of the fight-1951
FLYING PADRE Flying padre-1951
LES DIX D'HOLLYWOOD The Hollywood ten-1950
RABBIT'S MOON Rabbit's moon-1950
SUISSE -1950
HOW TO SMUGGLE A HERNIA ACROSS THE BORDER How to smuggle a hernia across the border-1949
LUCKY STRIKE SALESMAN'S MOVIE 48-A Lucky strike salesman's movie 48-a-1948
THE FABULOUS FRAUD The fabulous fraud-1948
10,000 KIDS AND A COP 10,000 kids and a cop-1948
THE PRIVATE LIFE OF A CAT The private life of a cat-1947
LEBEN DES GALILEI Leben des Galilei-1947
QUE LA LUMIERE SOIT Let there be light-1946
FILM VODVIL : ART MOONEY AND ORCHESTRA Film Vodvil: Art Mooney and orchestra-1946
STUDIO VISIT Studio visit-1946
HOLLYWOOD VICTORY CARAVAN Hollywood victory caravan-1945
V-E +1 V-E +1-1945
THE ALL-STAR BOND RALLY The all-star bond rally-1945
SPECIAL CHRISTMAS TRAILER Special christmas trailer-1945
LA MAISON OU J'HABITE The house I live in-1945
UNE ETOILE DANS LA NUIT Star in the night-1945
HITLER N'EST PAS MORT Hitler lives-1945
A GUN IN HIS HAND A gun in his hand-1945
LES MOULINS DE LA MORT Die Todesmühlen-1945
ROARING GUNS Roaring guns-1944
THE ROAD TO VICTORY The road to victory-1944
LA BATAILLE DE SAN PIETRO The battle of San Pietro-1944
JAMMIN' THE BLUES Jammin' the blues-1944
THE SHINING FUTURE The shining future-1944
REWARD UNLIMITED Reward unlimited-1944
SALUT A LA FRANCE Salute to France-1944
MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON Meshes of the afternoon-1943
SUEDOIS EN AMERIQUE Swedes in America-1943
SHOW-BUSINESS AT WAR Show business at war-1943
YOU; JOHN JONES ! You, John Jones !-1943
SALUDOS AMIGOS Saludos amigos-1943
LES ALEOUTIENNES Report from the Aleutians-1943
THE TOWN The town-1943
TREE IN A TEST TUBE Tree in a test tube-1943
OKLAHOMA OUTLAWS Oklahoma outlaws-1943
WE MUST HAVE MUSIC We must have music-1942
WE DO IT BECAUSE We do it because-1942
INFLATION Inflation-1942
L'ETRANGER MYSTERIEUX The incredible stranger-1942
L'ALPHABET DE LA SANTE Magic alphabet-1942
LA BATAILLE DE MIDWAY The battle of Midway-1942
MIGHTY LAK A GOAT Mighty lak a goat-1942
NOTRE FRONT RUSSE Our russian front-1942
WINNING YOUR WINGS Winning your wings-1942
THE LAND The land-1942
L'ELECTRIFICATION DE LA TERRE Power and the land-1941
YOUTH GETS A BREAK Youth gets a break-1941
FANCY ANSWERS Fancy answers-1941
STRANGE TESTAMENT Strange testament-1941
A CHILD WENT FORTH A child went forth-1941
SAFEGUARDING MILITARY INFORMATION Safeguarding military information-1941
SUPERMAN Superman-1941
VALLEY TOWN Valley town-1940
CLOUD IN THE SKY Cloud in the sky-1940
GOODBYE MR. GERM Goodbye Mr Germ-1940
LE COEUR REVELATEUR The tell-tale heart-1940
LES FILS DE LA LIBERTE Sons of liberty-1939
YANKEE DOODLE GOES TO TOWN Yankee doodle goes to town-1939
HOLLYWOOD HOBBIES Hollywood hobbies-1939
PETE ROLEUM AND HIS COUSINS Pete Roleum and his cousins-1939
SCREEN SNAPSHOTS SERIES 18, NUMERO 10 Screen snapshots series 17, numéro 12-1939
THAT MOTHERS MIGHT LIVE That mothers might live-1938
THE STORY OF DOCTOR CARVER The story of doctor Carver-1938
HOLLYWOOD GOES TO TOWN Hollywood goes to town-1938
THE WRONG WAY OUT The wrong way out-1938
MORT D'UN BATEAU The ship that died-1938
THINK IT OVER Think it over-1938
WHAT DO YOU THINK ? (3) What do you think ? (3)-1938
WHAT DO YOU THINK (2) What do you think ? (2)-1938
UN NIMBE DE GLOIRE Strange glory-1938
LET MY PEOPLE LIVE Let my people live-1938
PEOPLE OF THE CUMBERLAND People of the Cumberland-1937
THE GRAND BOUNCE The grand bounce-1937
UN VISAGE DERRIERE UN MASQUE The face behind the mask-1937
WHAT DO YOU THINK ? (1) What do you think ? (2)-1937
LE PATRON N'A PAS DIT BONJOUR The boss didn't say good morning-1937
LE COL DE L'ARC-EN-CIEL The rainbow pass-1937
UN ROI SANS COURONNE The king without a crown-1937
L'HOMME DANS LA GRANGE The man in the barn-1937
FRIEND INDEED Friend indeed-1937
LEST WE FORGET Lest we forget-1937
L'EPOPEE DU RADIUM Romance of radium-1937
LE KIOSQUE A MUSIQUE Every sunday-1936
POPEYE CONTRE SINBAD Popeye the sailor meets Sindbad the sailor-1936
SONG OF THE BIRDS Song of the birds-1936
MILLE ET UNE FACETTES The jonker diamond-1936
HARNESSED RHYTHM Harnessed rhythm-1936
MAITRE WILL Master Will Shakespeare-1936
PING-PONG Table tennis-1936
LA FIESTA DE SANTA BARBARA La fiesta de Santa Barbara-1935
MAJOR BOWES'AMATEUR THEATRE OF THE AIR Major Bowes'amateur theatre of the air-1935
BURIED LOOT Buried loot-1935
CAB CALLOWAY'S JITTERBUG PARTY Cab Calloway's jitterbug party-1935
PIRATE PARTY ON CATALINA ISLE Pirate Party on Catalina Isle-1935
ART TROUBLE Art trouble-1934
STAR NIGHT AT THE COCOANUT GROVE Star night at the Cocoanut Grove-1934
THE SPECTACLE MAKER The spectacle maker-1934
LA CUCARACHA La cucaracha-1934
ORAMUNDE Oramunde-1933
HOLLYWOOD ON PARADE Hollywood on parade-1933
SINGAPORE SUE Singapore Sue-1932
HOW I PLAY GOLF BY BOBBY JONES NO 11 : PRACTICE SHOTS' How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones No. 11: 'Practice Shots'-1931
WINDY RILEY GOES HOLLYWOOD Windy Riley goes Hollywood-1931
LES BIJOUX VOLES The stolen jools-1931
THE HARD GUY The hard guy-1930
BROADWAY'S LIKE THAT Broadway's like that-1930
TAXI TALKS Taxi talks-1930
BLACK AND TAN Black and tan-1929
TWO AMERICANS Two Americans-1929
A NIGHT IN A DORMITORY A nignt in a dormitory-1929
OFFICE BLUES Office blues-1929
THE BRIDGE The bridge-1929
THE CAMPUS CARMEN The campus Carmen-1928
COURS, MA FILLE Run, girl, run-1928
SWORD POINTS Sword points-1928
SMITH'S ARMY LIFE Smith's army life-1928
THE GIRL FROM NOWHERE The girl from nowhere-1928
THE BEST MAN The best man-1928
HIS UNLUCKY NIGHT His unlucky night-1928
UN JOUR DE CONGE The beach club-1928
BONJOUR NEW YORK ! Hello New York !-1928
FEED 'EM AND WEEP Feed 'em and weep-1928
SMITH'S PONY Smith's pony-1927
THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE The girl from everywhere-1927
TWENTY-FOUR-DOLLAR ISLAND Twenty-Four-Dollar Island-1927
THE LOVE OF ZERO The love of Zero-1927
CAMILLE Camille-1926
LA ROUTE DE MANDALAY The road to Mandalay-1926
PUNCHINELLO Punchinello-1926
THE FLUTE OF KRISHNA The flute of Krishna-1926
COLLE-TOI LA Stick around-1925
THE POTTERYMAKER The potterymaker-1925
LES JOIES DU SPIRITISME Innocent husbands-1925
FIGHTING FLUID Fighting fluid-1925
PEG O' THE MOUNTED Peg o' the Mounted-1924
SCREENTESTS FOR MARGUERITE AND FAUST Screentests for Marguerite and Faust-1923
LA PISTE DU VENT DU NORD Trail of the north wind-1923
THE LIGHT OF FAITH The light of faith-1922
THE BOND The bond-1918
PRUNELLA Prunella-1918
DEUX RAYONS DE SOLEIL Twin kiddies-1917
LA NOCE A BOURSOUFLE A pullman bride-1917
LE CAUCHEMAR DE BEN The butcher's nightmare-1917
TEDDY AT THE THROTTLE Teddy at the throttle-1917
DANGERS OF A BRIDE Dangers of a bride-1917
THE SULTAN'S WIFE The sultan's wife-1917
HAYSTACKS AND STEEPLES Haystacks and steeples-1916
LOVE ON SKATES Love on skates-1916
THE NICK-OF-TIME BABY The nick-of-time baby-1916
A SOCIAL CLUB A social club-1916
LE BAL DES DOMESTIQUES The Waiters' Ball-1916
CHARLOT USURIER The pawn shop-1916
CHARLOT PATINE The rink-1916
HARDY PAPA One too many-1916
LIFE'S HARMONY Life's harmony-1916
LA SECRETAIRE PARTICULIERE The social secretary-1916
SHOES Shoes-1916
BAD BUCK OF SANTA YNEZ Bad Buck of Santa Ynez-1915
BILL JOINS THE W.W.W.'S Bill joins the W.W.W.'s-1914
THE MYSTERY OF THE HINDU IMAGE The mystery of the hindu image-1914
LE PUITS ET LE PENDULE The pit and the pendulum-1913
A HOUSE DIVIDED A house divided-1913
MATRIMONY'S SPEED LIMIT Matrimony's speed limit-1913
THE BATTLE AT ELDERBUSH GULCH The battle at Elderbush Gulch-1913
GRANDDAD Granddad-1913
L'HONNEUR DE LA GARNISON The drummer of the 8th-1913
THE SWITCH TOWER The switch tower-1913
SUSPENSE Suspense-1913
COEUR D'APACHE The musketeers of pig alley-1912
DOCTEUR JEKYLL ET MISTER HYDE Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-1912
LA RACCOMMODEUSE DE FILETS The mender of nets-1912
LA BELLE DAME The painted lady-1912
FALLING LEAVES Falling leaves-1912
THE DETECTIVE'S DOG The detective's dog-1912
THE ADVENTURES OF BILLY The adventures of Billy-1911
LE REVE The dream-1911
GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN Greater love hath no man-1911
LE COEUR DE L'AVARE The miser's heart-1911
THE REVENUE MAN AND THE GIRL The revenue man and the girl-1911
CUPID AND THE COMET Cupid and the comet-1911
LA MER CALME The unchanging sea-1910
L'USURIER The usurer-1910
FRANKENSTEIN Frankenstein-1910
A TRAP FOR SANTA CLAUS A trap for Santa Claus-1909
FOOLS OF FATE Fools of fate-1909
LE GRILLON DU FOYER The cricket on the hearth-1909
LA VILLA SOLITAIRE The lonely villa-1909
LA PIECE SCELLEE The sealed room-1909
LA GUERISON DE L'IVROGNE A drunkard's reformation-1909
LE ROMAN D'UNE JUIVE Romance of jewess-1908
BEN-HUR Ben-Hur-1907
LE VOL DU RAPIDE The great train robbery-1903
THE EXECUTION OF MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots-1895