Genres cinématographiques
Documentaires (Cinéma britannique)
Liste des films
AMY Amy-2015
THE LOOK OF SILENCE The look of silence-2014
NATURE (3D) Enchanted Kingdom 3D-2014
L'ESPRIT DE 45 The spirit of'45-2013
UNE EQUIPE DE REVE Next goal wins-2013
SWANDOWN Swan down-2012
A WORLD NOT OURS A world not ours-2012
GRIZZLY Bears-2012
TWO YEARS AT THE SEA Two years at the sea-2011
LOUYRE, NOTRE VIE TRANQUILLE Louyre : this our still life-2011
LE PROJET NIM Project Nim-2011
GUILTY PLEASURES Guilty pleasures-2010
THE MINERS' HYMNS The miners' hymns-2010
L'OCEAN EN VOIE D'EPUISEMENT The end of the line-2009
LA FAMILLE SURICATE The meerkats-2008
JOE STRUMMER : THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN Joe Strummer : the future is unwritten-2007
JOY DIVISION Joy division-2007
I FEEL GOOD ! Young at heart-2007
IN THE WAKE OF DEADAD In the wake of deadad-2006
A VERY BRITISH GANGSTER A very british gangster-2006
REHEARSALS Rehearsals-2005
LA PLANETE BLEUE Deep blue-2003
MAPPING PERCEPTION Mapping perception-2002
TWOCKERS Twockers-1998
THE SCORE The score-1998
KURT AND COURTNEY Kurt & Courtney-1998
DONALD CAMMELL THE ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE Donald Cammell the ultimate performance-1997
LA LECON DE TANGO Tango lesson-1997
ROBINSON DANS L'ESPACE Robinson in space-1997
LES DOCKERS DE LIVERPOOL The flickering flame-1996
GLASTONBURY THE MOVIE Glastonbury the movie-1995
TRIPPING WITH ZHIRINOVSY Tripping with Zhirinovsky-1995
LONDON London-1994
LUCKY MAN Lucky man-1994
SILENT TWIN - WITHOUT MY SHADOW Silent twin - without my shadow-1994
AILEEN WUORNOS : THE SELLING OF A SERIAL KILLER Aileen Wuornos : the selling of a serial killer-1992
FACE OF OUR FEAR Face of our fear-1992
SERBIAN EPICS Serbian epics-1992
DOSTOEVSKY'S TRAVELS Dostoevsky's travels-1992
MY CRASY LIFE My crasy life-1991
AMERICAN FRIENDS American friends-1991
UNE BREVE HISTOIRE DU TEMPS A brief history of time-1991
GET BACK Get back-1991
FROM MOSCOW TO PIETUSHKI From Moscow to Pietushki-1990
ROUTE ONE / USA Route One / USA-1989
VIEW FROM THE WOODPILE View from the woodpile-1989
BRAND NEW DAY Brand new day-1987
KEEPING LOVE ALIVE Keeping love alive-1987
THE QUEEN IS DEAD The queen is dead-1986
BRITISH CINEMA : PERSONAL VIEW FREE CINEMA British cinema : personal view free cinema-1986
WISH YOU WERE THERE Wish you were there-1985
MS RHYMNEY VALLEY Ms rhymney valley-1985
26 SALLES DE BAIN Inside rooms : 26 bathrooms, London & Oxfordhire, 1985-1985
IMAGES A VENDRE Image for sale-1984
MAKING A SPLASH Making a splash-1984
AUDITIONS Auditions-1983
PIRATE TAPE (W.S. BURROUGHS) Pirate tape (W.S. Burroughs)-1982
T.G. : PSYCHIC RALLY IN HEAVEN T.G. : psychic rally in heaven-1981
RUDE BOY Rude boy-1980
BLUE SUEDE SHOES Blue suede shoes-1980
WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON ? Which side are you on ?-1980
BROKEN ENGLISH Broken English-1979
RENCONTRES I look like this-1979
THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT The kids are all right-1979
JAMES DEAN STORY The first american teenager-1977
AUM SHIVA Aum shiva-1976
MILITIA BATTLEFIELD Militia battlefield-1976
SLOANE SQUARE A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN Sloane square a room of one's own-1975
SEBASTIANE WRAP Sebastiane wrap-1975
T'AS PAS CENT BALLES ? Brother can you spare a dime ?-1974
A BIGGER SPLASH A bigger splash-1974
A LIFE APART - ANXIETIES IN A TRAWLING COMMUNITY A Life Apart — Anxieties in a trawling community-1973
I AM A DANCER I am a dancer-1973
L'AIGLE AVAIT DEUX TETES Double-headed eagle-1973
INTERVALLES Intervals-1973
STUDIO BANKSIDE Studio bankside-1970
THE BODY The body-1970
QUAND J'ETAIS SOLDAT I was a soldier-1970
DITES-MOI N'IMPORTE QUOI Tell me lies-1968
TONITE LET'S ALL MAKE LOVE IN LONDON Tonite let's all make love in London-1967
THE LONDON NOBODY KNOWS The London nobody knows-1967
LA BOMBE The war game-1966
GALA DAY Gala day-1963
TERMINUS Terminus-1961
FIRST ON THE ROAD First on the road-1960
SEAWARDS THE GREAT SHIPS Seawards the great ships-1960
MARCH TO ALDERMASTON March to Aldermaston-1958
C'EST NOUS LES GARS DE LAMBETH We are the Lambeth boys-1958
NICE TIME Nice time-1957
TOUS LES JOURS SAUF NOEL Every day except Christmas-1957
LES CHEMINOTS Enginemen-1957
9 DALMUIR WEST Nine dalmuir west-1956
TOMORROW SATURDAY Tomorrow saturday-1956
ONE POTATO TWO POTATO One potato two potato-1956
THE VANISHING STREET The vanishing street-1955
MAMAN VEUT PAS Momma don't allow-1955
DON GIOVANNI Don Giovanni-1955
UN ENDROIT DE REVE O dreamland-1953
THURSDAY'S CHILDREN Thursday's children-1953
UNE REINE EST COURONNEE A queen is crowned-1953
WAKEFIELD EXPRESS Wakefield express-1952
BRIEF CITY Brief city-1952
SOMEWHERE TO LIVE Somewhere to live-1950
LES JEUX OLYMPIQUES 1948 Fourteenth Olympiad : the glory of sport-1948
VICTOIRE DE BIRMANIE Burma victory-1944
MISSIONS SECRETES Western approaches-1944
LA GLOIRE EST A EUX Theirs is the glory-1944
THE VOLUNTEER The volunteer-1944
VICTOIRE DU DESERT Desert victory-1943
VICTOIRE DE TUNISIE Tunisian victory-1943
LISTEN TO BRITAIN Listen to Britain-1942
WORDS FOR BATTLE Words for battle-1941
LONDON CAN TAKE IT ! London can take it !-1940
WELFARE OF THE WORKERS Welfare of the workers-1940
YELLOW CAESAR Yellow Caesar-1940
SPARE TIME Spare time-1939
LE LION A DES AILES The lion has wings-1939
THE FIRST DAYS The first days-1939
FAREWELL TOPSAILS Farewell topsails-1937
COAL FACE Coal face-1936
NIGHT MAIL Night mail-1936
THE STORY OF THE WHEEL The story of the wheel-1935
ERISKAY : A POEM OF REMOTE LIVES Eriskay : a poem of remote lives-1935
POST HASTE Post haste-1934
L'HOMME D'ARAN Man of Aran-1934
INDUSTRIAL BRITAIN Industrial Britain-1933
THE RUGGED ISLAND The rugged island : a shetland lyric-1933
DRIFTERS Drifters-1929
ST KILDA : BRITAIN'S LONELIEST ISLE St Kilda: Britain's loneliest isle-1928
L'EPOPEE DE L'EVEREST The Epic of Everest-1924
SOUTH South-1919