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Date de naissance 29/04/1940
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GATSBY LE MAGNIFIQUE (The great Gatsby) (2013)
AUSTRALIA (Australia) (2008)
JINDABYNE. AUSTRALIE (Jindabyne) (2006)
KISS OR KILL (Kiss or kill) (1997)
BILLY'S HOLIDAY (Billy's holiday) (1995)
SPIDER AND ROSE (Spider and Rose) (1994)
JACK L'ECLAIR (Lightning Jack) (1993)
ROUGH DIAMONDS (Rough diamonds) (1993)
GARBO (Garbo) (1991)
GREENKEEPING (Greenkeeping) (1991)
SHOTGUN WEDDING (Shotgun wedding) (1991)
MAD BOMBER IN LOVE (Mad bomber in love) (1991)
THE RETURNING (The returning) (1990)
LUIGIS LADIES (Luigis ladies) (1989)
INCIDENT AT RAVEN'S GATE (Incident at raven's gate) (1988)
STANLEY : EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE ONE (Stanley : every home shold have one) (1984)
MIDNITE SPARES (Midnite spares) (1983)
LE RETOUR DU CAPITAINE INVINCIBLE (The return of Captain Invincible) (1983)
RUNNING ON EMPTY (Running on empty) (1982)
STAR STRUCK (Starstruck) (1982)
WITH PREJUDICE (With prejudice) (1982)
FREEDOM (Freedom) (1982)
HOODWINK (Hoodwink) (1981)
HARD KNOCKS (Hard knocks) (1980)
DIMBOOLA (Dimboola) (1979)
THE ODD ANGRY SHOT (The odd angry shot) (1979)
SNOOK ET LE CYCLONE (Blue fin) (1978)
MA BRILLANTE CARRIERE (My brilliant career) (1978)
SUMMERFIELD (Summerfield) (1977)
SUNDAY TOO FAR AWAY (Sunday too far away) (1974)
THE OFFICE PICNIC (The office picnic) (1972)
STOCKADE (Stockade) (1971)