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Date de naissance 21/07/1901
Date de décès 21/01/1981
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Décédé le 21.01.1981 d'un arrêt cardiaque .....
TENDRE GARCE (Nightmare in the sun) (1964)
LA PREMIERE BALLE TUE (The fastest gun alive) (1956)
L'EXTRAVAGANTE HERITIERE (You can't run away from it) (1956)
TITANIC (Titanic) (1953)
CUPIDON PHOTOGRAPHE (I love Melvin) (1953)
AVENTURE DANS LE GRAND NORD (Island in the sky) (1953)
RENDEZ-MOI MA FEMME (As young as you feel) (1951)
LA PERFIDE (Harriet Craig) (1950)
THE LADY TAKES A SAILOR (The lady takes a sailor) (1949)
LE FILS DU PENDU (Moonrise) (1948)
RIO RYTHME D'AMOUR (The thrill of Brazil) (1946)
THE HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT (The horn blows at midnight) (1945)
LE CIEL PEUT ATTENDRE (Heaven can wait) (1943)
YOUNG IDEAS (Young ideas) (1943)
L'IMPOSTEUR (The impostor) (1943)
THE AFFAIRS OF MARTHA (The affairs of Martha) (1942)
MA SOEUR EST CAPRICIEUSE (My sister Eileen) (1942)
AVENTURE EN LIBYE (Immortal sergeant) (1942)
J'EPOUSE MA FEMME (Bedtime story) (1941)
QUI A TUE VICKY LYNN ? (I wake up screaming) (1941)
PETITE ET CHARMANTE (If I had my way) (1940)
LA MARIEE CELIBATAIRE (This thing called love) (1940)
GOUVERNEUR MALGRE LUI (The great Mac Ginty) (1940)
CHANSON D'AVRIL (Spring parade) (1940)
FINIE LA COMEDIE (No time for comedy) (1940)
SEULS LES ANGES ONT DES AILES (Only angels have wings) (1939)
MON MARI COURT ENCORE (Fast and furious) (1939)
AMANTS (Sweethearts) (1938)
L'ENSORCELEUSE (The shining hour) (1938)
LA VILLE GRONDE (They won't forget) (1937)