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Date de naissance 07/02/1894
Date de décès 01/10/1973
Vrai nom /
Agence ou contact
GOOD TIMES (Good times) (1967)
LA FEMME QUE J'AIMAIS (The gift of love) (1958)
LA CINQUIEME VICTIME (While the city sleeps) (1955)
LE MARIAGE EST POUR DEMAIN (Tennessee's partner) (1955)
DEUX NIGAUDS CHEZ LES FLICS (Abbott and Costello meet the Keystone Kops) (1955)
LA MAISON DANS L'OMBRE (On dangerous ground) (1951)
UNE VEINE DE... (Double dynamite) (1951)
L'EXTRAVAGANT MONSIEUR PHILLIPS (A kiss in the dark) (1949)
NIGHT UNTO NIGHT (Night unto night) (1949)
CIEL ROUGE (Blood on the moon) (1948)
SI BEMOL ET FA DIESE (A song is born) (1948)
BODYGUARD (Bodyguard) (1948)
ALWAYS TOGETHER (Always together) (1948)
ROSE D'IRLANDE (My wild irish rose) (1947)
SANG ET OR (Body and soul) (1947)
CRIMINAL COURT (Criminal court) (1946)
ABBOTT ET COSTELLO A HOLLYWOOD (Abbott and Costello in Hollywood) (1945)
SANS AMOUR (Without love) (1945)
LE COBRA DE SHANGHAI (The shanghai cobra) (1945)
LA RUE ROUGE (Scarlet street) (1945)
ROUGHLY SPEAKING (Roughly speaking) (1945)
LA FEMME AU PORTRAIT (The woman in the window) (1944)
MIRACLE AU VILLAGE (The miracle of Morgan's Creek) (1944)
SURPRISE-PARTIE (Johnny doesn't live here anymore) (1944)
SWING CIRCUS (Sensations of 1945) (1944)
L'ETRANGLEUR (Lady of burlesque) (1943)
THEY GOT ME COVERED (They got me covered) (1943)
LA CHARGE FANTASTIQUE (They died with their boots on) (1942)
L'AMOUR TRAVESTI (Slighty dangerous) (1942)
LARCENY INC. (Larceny Inc.) (1942)
SYNCOPATION (Syncopation) (1942)
FRANC-JEU (Honky Tonk) (1941)
MURDER IN THE BIG HOUSE (Murder in the big house) (1941)
THE GREAT MR. NOBODY (The great Mr. Nobody) (1941)
UNE FEMME DANGEREUSE (They drive by night) (1940)
LE GANT D'OR (Golden gloves) (1940)
LE CHATIMENT (You can't get away with murder) (1939)
HOMMES SANS LOI (King of the underworld) (1939)
EN SURVEILLANCE SPECIALE (Invisible stripes) (1939)
TERREUR A L'OUEST (The Oklahoma kid) (1939)
LES FANTASTIQUES ANNEES 20 (The roaring twenties) (1939)
HELL'S KITCHEN (Hell's kitchen) (1939)
NICK JOUE ET GAGNE (Another thin man) (1939)
LE MYSTERE DE MR WONG (The mystery of Mr. Wong) (1939)
YANKEE DOODLE GOES TO TOWN (Yankee doodle goes to town) (1939)
LES ANGES AUX FIGURES SALES (Angels with dirty faces) (1938)
AMANTS (Sweethearts) (1938)
MENACES SUR LA VILLE (Racket busters) (1938)