Diverses communautés
Armée (Cinéma britannique)
Liste des films
'71 '71-2014
QUEEN AND COUNTRY Queen and Country-2014
SALVAGE Salvage-2009
DOG SOLDIERS Dog soldiers-2002
BOY SOLDIER Boy soldier-1986
THE PLAGUE DOGS The plague dogs-1982
REGARDS ET SOURIRES Looks and smiles-1981
MON RETOUR My way home-1978
LE VEINARD That lucky touch-1975
AH DIEU QUE LA GUERRE EST JOLIE Oh what a lovely war-1969
UN TRIO D'ESCROCS Only when I larf-1968
THE BOFORS GUN The bofors gun-1968
IF... If ...-1968
INVASION Invasion-1966
POUR L'EXEMPLE King and country-1964
PRIVATE POTTER Private Potter-1963
THE QUEEN'S GUARDS The queen's guards-1963
FEMMES EN ARMES Operation bullshine-1963
DOCTEUR FOLAMOUR Doctor Strangelove or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb-1963
L'AFFAIRE WINSTONE The man in the middle-1963
LA BELLE DES ILES Tiara Tahiti-1962
THE AMOROUS PRAWN The amorous prawn-1962
LES FANFARES DE LA GLOIRE Tunes of glory-1960
LE TIRE-AU-FLANC DU REGIMENT Idol on parade-1959
ORDRE DE TUER Orders to kill-1958
L'AFFAIRE DREYFUS I accuse !-1958
COUR MARTIALE Carrington V.C.-1954
WHO GOES THERE ? Who goes there ?-1952
GREAT DAY Great day-1945
ENGLISH WITHOUT TEARS English without tears-1944
L'HEROIQUE PARADE The way ahead-1944
COLONEL BLIMP The life and death of colonel Blimp-1943
THE HIGH COMMAND The high command-1937