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Date de naissance 12/05/1867
Date de décès 30/01/1953
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LE SPECTRE DE FRANKENSTEIN (Ghost of Frankenstein) (1942)
LE FILS DE MONTE-CRISTO (The son of Monte-Cristo) (1940)
QUASIMODO (The hunchback of Notre-Dame) (1939)
LA TOUR DE LONDRES (Tower of London) (1939)
LES AVENTURES DE ROBIN DES BOIS (The adventures of Robin Hood) (1938)
LE ROI DES GUEUX (If I were king) (1938)
SERVICE DE LUXE (Service de luxe) (1938)
LE JOCKEY ROUGE (Thoroughbreds don't cry) (1937)
L'AVENTURE DE MINUIT (It's love I'm after) (1937)
LE PRINCE ET LE PAUVRE (The prince and the pauper) (1937)
L'OR ET LA CHAIR (The toast of New York) (1937)
LE PETIT LORD FAUNTLEROY (Little lord Fauntleroy) (1936)
MARY STUART (Mary of Scotland) (1936)
MAITRE WILL (Master Will Shakespeare) (1936)
SAGAMORE LE MOHICAN (The last of the Mohicans) (1936)
BONS POUR LE SERVICE (Bonnie Scotland) (1935)
LES REVOLTES DU BOUNTY (Mutiny on the Bounty) (1935)
CARDINAL RICHELIEU (Cardinal Richelieu) (1935)
LE CONQUERANT DES INDES (Clive of India) (1935)
CLEOPATRE (Cleopatra) (1934)
CARAVANE (Caravan) (1934)
BENVENUTO CELLINI (The affairs of Cellini) (1934)
LE COMTE DE MONTE-CRISTO (The count of Monte-Cristo) (1934)
L'HOMME QUI RECLAMAIT SA TETE (The man who reclaimed his head) (1934)
SERENADE A TROIS (Design for living) (1933)
CAVALCADE (Cavalcade) (1933)
MON GRAND (So big) (1932)
LE SIGNE DE LA CROIX (The sign of the cross) (1932)
FRANKENSTEIN (Frankenstein) (1931)
LA FILLE DE L'ENFER (Safe in hell) (1931)
AUBE (Daybreak) (1931)
MONTE-CARLO (Monte Carlo) (1930)
LE SPECTRE VERT (The unholy night) (1930)
LE CHANT DU BANDIT (The rogue song) (1930)
PARADE D'AMOUR (The love parade) (1929)
LE LIEUTENANT SANS-GENE (Devil-may-care) (1929)
ROSE MARIE (Rose-Marie) (1928)
COURS, MA FILLE (Run, girl, run) (1928)
BESSIE A BROADWAY (The matinee idol) (1928)
LE GOSSE DU CIRQUE (The circus kid) (1928)
LE PRINCE ETUDIANT (The student prince in old Heidelberg) (1927)
WINNERS OF THE WILDERNESS (Winners of the wilderness) (1927)
LE ROI DES ROIS (The king of kings) (1927)
BARDELYS LE MAGNIFIQUE (Bardelys the magnificent) (1926)
OLIVER TWIST (Oliver Twist) (1922)
KINDRED OF THE DUST (Kindred of the dust) (1922)