Genres cinématographiques
Documentaires (Cinéma américain)
Liste des films
WE BLEW IT We blew it-2017
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH VILMOS ZSIGMOND Close Encounters with Vilmos Zsigmond-2016
ALONG FOR THE RIDE Along for the ride-2016
TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL Tab hunter confidential-2015
NATIONAL GALLERY National gallery-2014
CITIZENFOUR Citizen four-2014
IL M'A APPELEE MALALA He named me Malala-2014
LES NOUVEAUX LOUPS DU WEB Terms and conditions may apply-2013
FIFI HURLE DE JOIE Fifi az khoshhali zooze mikeshad-2013
A LA RECHERCHE DE VIVIAN MEIER Finding Vivian Maier-2013
I AM DIVINE I am Divine-2013
AT BERKELEY At Berkeley-2013
ARCTIQUE To the Arctic-2012
TOMI UNGERER : L'ESPRIT FRAPPEUR Far out isn't far enough : the Tomi Ungerer story-2012
ROOM 237 Room 237-2012
MISSION TO LARS Mission to Lars-2012
THE GREAT FLOOD The great flood-2012
FREE ANGELA & ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS Free Angela and all political prisoners-2012
PTERODACTYLES Flying monsters-2011
INTO THE ABYSS Into the abyss-2011
WALK AWAY RENEE Walk away Renée-2011
SAMSARA Samsara-2011
SUGAR MAN Searching for Sugar Man-2011
LA SANTE DANS L'ASSIETTE Forks over knives-2011
FREE RADICALS Free radicals : a history of experimental film-2011
LE CONCOURS DE DANSE First position-2011
AI WEIWEI : NEVER SORRY Ai Weiwei : never sorry-2011
BLANK CITY Blank city-2010
UNDER THE SEA Under the sea 3D-2009
SOUTH ON THE BORDER South on the border-2009
LE JUIF QUI NEGOCIA AVEC LES NAZIS Killing Kasztner, the jew who dealt with nazis-2008
RELIGOLO Religulous-2008
LES AILES POURPRES : LE MYSTERE DES FLAMANTS The crimson wing : mystery of the flamingos-2008
SHINE A LIGHT Shine a light-2007
UNE VERITE QUI DERANGE An inconvenient truth-2006
STATE LEGISLATURE State legislature-2006
THE BEALES OF GREY GARDENS The Beales of Grey Gardens-2006
JESUS CAMP Jesus camp-2006
ABSOLUTE WILSON Absolute Wilson-2006
KURT COBAIN ABOUT A SON Kurt Cobain abour a son-2006
LES PROTOCOLES DE LA RUMEUR Protocols of Zion-2005
ESQUISSES DE FRANK GEHRY Sketches of Frank Gehry-2005
GRIZZLY MAN Grizzly man-2005
MAGNIFICENT DESOLATION : WALKING ON THE MOON 3D Magnificent desolation: walking on the moon 3D-2005
MIDNIGHT MOVIES : FROM THE MARGIN TO THE MAINSTREAM Midnight movies : from the margin to the mainstream-2005
SUPER SIZE ME Super size me-2004
MONDOVINO Mondovino-2004
CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS Capturing the Friedmans-2003
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 2 Domestic violence 2-2003
COMANDANTE Comandante-2003
DARKNESS AT HIGH NOON : THE CARL FOREMAN DOCUMENTS Darkness at high noon : the Carl Foreman Documents-2002
BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE Bowling for Columbine-2002
JACKASS : THE MOVIE Jackass : the movie-2002
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Domestic violence-2001
AS I WAS MOVING AHEAD OCCASIONALLY I SAW BRIEF GLIMPSES OF BEAUTY As I was moving ahead occasionally I saw brief glimpses of beauty-2000
CONVERSATION AVEC GREGORY PECK A conversation with Gregory Peck-1999
BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB Buena vista social club-1999
SEX : THE ANNABEL CHONG STORY Sex : the Annabel Chong story-1999
BELFAST MAINE Belfast Maine-1999
OUT OF THE PAST Out of the past-1998
20 DATES 20 dates-1998
LES DERNIERS JOURS The last days-1998
LOUISE BROOKS : LOOKING FOR LULU Louise Brooks : Looking for Lulu-1998
DUTCH HARBOR : LA OU LA MER VIENT S'ETEINDRE Dutch Harbor : Where the sea breaks its back-1998
PUBLIC HOUSING Public housing-1997
FULL TILT BOOGIE Full tilt boogie-1997
THE BIG ONE The big one-1997
RHYME AND REASON Rhyme and reason-1997
LICENSED TO KILL Licensed to kill-1997
FRANK CAPRA'S AMERICAN DREAM Frank Capra's american dream-1997
WACO : THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Waco : the rules of engagement-1997
A LIFE APART : HASIDISM IN AMERICA A life apart : hasidism in america-1997
SHOOTING PORN Shooting porn-1997
ANTHEM Anthem-1997
THIRTEEN Thirteen-1997
TOBACCO BLUES Tobacco blues-1997
CLASSIFIED X Classified X-1997
WILD MAN BLUES Wild man blues-1997
YEAR OF THE HORSE Year of the horse-1997
QUATRE PETITES FILLES 4 little girls-1997
THE LONG WAY HOME The long way home-1997
FAST CHEAP & OUT OF CONTROL Fast cheap & out of control-1997
SCREWED Screwed-1996
JAZZ'34, REMEMBRANCES OF KANSAS CITY SWING Jazz'34, remembrances of Kansas City Swing-1996
SOUL IN THE HOLE Soul in the hole-1996
SICK Sick-1996
A TICKLE IN THE HEART A tickle in the heart-1996
WHEN WE WERE KINGS When we were kings-1996
CRIMINALS Criminals-1996
ALLEN GINSBERG'S BALLAD OF THE SKELETONS Allen Ginsberg's ballad of the Skeletons-1996
SUMMER CANNIBALS Summer cannibals-1996
TIMOTHY LEARY'S DEAD Timothy leary's dead-1996
FETISHES Fetishes-1996
SUZANNE FARRELL : ELUSIVE MUSE Suzanne farrell : elusive muse-1996
UNFORGOTTEN : TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AFTER WILLOWBROOK Unforgotten : twenty-five years after Willowbrook-1996
THE LINE KING : THE AL HIRSCHFELD STORY The line king : the al Hirschfeld story-1996
THE LIVING SEA The living sea-1995
BROTHER MINISTER : THE ASSASSINATION OF MALCOLM X Brother minister : the assassination of Malcolm X-1995
BOARDING ZONE Boarding zone-1995
WIZ Wiz-1995
THE CELLULOID CLOSET The celluloid closet-1995
TRUE BELIEVERS : THE MUSICAL FAMILY OF ROUNDER RECORDS True believers : the musical family of Rounder Records-1995
ANNE FRANK REMEMBERED Anne Frank remembered-1995
ANYTHING FOR JOHN Anything for John-1995
THE SHOW The show-1995
TIE-DIED : ROCK'N ROLL'S MOST DEDICATED FANS Tie-died : rock'n roll's most dedicated fans-1995
DEAR BABE Dear babe-1995
FRANK AND OLLIE Frank and ollie-1995
HARLEM DIARY : NINE VOICES OF RESILIENCE Harlem diary : nine voices of resilience-1995
WHEN BILLY BROKE HIS HEAD ... AND OTHER TALES OF WONDER When Billy broke his head ... ... and other tales of wonder-1995
BRIAN WILSON : I JUST WASN'T MADE FOR THESE TIMES Brian Wilson : i just wasn't made for these times-1995
SPREAD THE WORD : THE PERSUASIONS SING ACAPELLA Spread the word : the persuasions sing acapella-1994
MOVING THE MOUNTAIN Moving the mountain-1994
SHE LIVES TO RIDE She lives to ride-1994
JUPITER'S WIFE Jupiter's wife-1994
A GREAT DAY IN HARLEM A great day in harlem-1994
SEX DRUGS AND DEMOCRACY Sex drugs and democracy-1994
MARTHA AND ETHEL Martha & ethel-1994
BALLET Ballet-1994
MAYA LIN : A STRONG CLEAR VISION Maya lin : a strong clear vision-1994
CRUMB Crumb-1994
THE POLITICS OF CANCER The politics of cancer-1994
BALLOT MEASURE 9 Ballot measure 9-1994
BLACK IS BLACK AIN'T Black is black ain't-1994
LOCK-UP : THE PRISONERS OF RIKERS ISLAND Lock-up : the prisoners of Rikers Island-1994
LIBERATION Liberation-1994
WIGSTOCK : THE MOVIE Wigstock : the movie-1994
BEAT DOWN : THE CASE OF RAYMOND ALVAREZ Beat down : the case of Raymond Alvarez-1994
GENTLE GIANTS Gentle giants-1994
HOOP DREAMS Hoop dreams-1994
A CENTURY OF CINEMA The century of cinema-1994
EVERYBODY JUST STAY CALM Everybody just stay calm-1994
CHASSEURS DE VAGUES The endless summer 2-1994
DRIVE BY SHOOTING Drive by shooting-1994
LA VIE ET L'OEUVRE D' AUDRE LORDE A litany for survival : the life and work of Audre Lorde-1994
SEX IS ... Sex is ...-1993
ZOO Zoo-1993
VISIONS OF LIGHT Visions of light-1993
THE WAR ROOM The war room-1993
TIME INDEFINITE Time indefinite-1993
ROAD SCHOLAR Road scholar-1993
FROM HOLLYWOOD TO HANOI From hollywood to hanoi-1993
THE LAST PARTY The last party-1993
112TH & CENTRAL : THROUGH THE EYES OF THE CHILDREN 112th & central : through the eyes of the children-1993
SPACE IS THE PLACE Space is the place-1993
CACHAO... COMO SU RITMO NO HAY DOS Cachao... como su ritmo no hay dos-1993
SPLIT Split-1993
HALF JAPANESE Half japanese-1993
ON THE BRIDGE On the bridge-1993
THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ALLEN GINSBERG The life and times of Allen Ginsberg-1993
I AM A SEX ADDICT I am a sex addict-1993
POINT DE DEPART Starting place-1993
THE CURE SHOW The cure show-1993
LILLIAN Lillian-1993
HIGH SCHOOL II High school II-1993
LIVING PROOF : HIV AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS Living proof : HIV and the pursuit of happiness-1993
LES CLOCHES DES PROFONDEURS Bells from the deep-1993
THEREMIN : AN ELECTRONIC ODYSSEY Theremin : an electronic odyssey-1993
COUSIN BOBBY Cousin Bobby-1992
THE MAGICAL WORLD OF CHUCK JONES The magical world of Chuck Jones-1992
INCIDENT AT OGLALA Incident at Oglala-1992
GARDIEN DE MON FRERE Brother's keeper-1992
ROCK SOUP Rock soup-1992
COLOR ADJUSTMENT Color adjustment-1992
MONEY MAN Money man-1992
BARAKA Baraka-1992
SILVERLAKE LIFE : THE VIEW FROM HERE Silverlake life : the view from here-1992
LAST CALL AT MAUD'S Last call at Maud's-1992
ROCK HUDSON'S HOME MOVIES Rock hudson's home movies-1992
CHILDREN OF FATE Children of fate-1992
DEEP BLUES Deep blues-1991
THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT ! Thank you and goodnight !-1991
ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE Absolutely positive-1991
LA LEGENDE DE BOB MARLEY Bob marley time will tell-1991
PARIS IS BURNING Paris is burning-1991
THE BIG BANG The big bang-1990
AUX COEURS DES TENEBRES Hearts of darkness-1990
LISTEN UP : THE LIVES OF QUINCY JONES Listen up : the lives of Quincy Jones-1990
RESIDENT ALIEN Resident alien-1990
AMERICAN DREAM American dream-1990
SUPERSTAR Superstar-1990
IN BED WITH MADONNA In bed with Madonna-1990
ROGER ET MOI Roger and me-1989
COMMON THREADS : STORIES FROM THE QUILT Common threads : stories from the quilt-1989
AU BORD DE LA MORT Near death-1989
LANGUES DELIEES Tongues untied-1989
CHAMPIONS FOREVER Champions forever-1989
HEAVY PETTING Heavy petting-1989
J'AI ETE AU BAL I went to the dance-1989
FOR ALL MANKIND For all mankind-1989
MAKING "DO THE RIGHT THING" Making "do the right thing"-1989
DERNIERES LUEURS. HOMMAGE A ROBERT FROST The afterglow. A tribute to Robert Frost-1989
LET'S GET LOST -CHET BAKER- Chet Baker let's get lost-1988
VOICES FROM THE ATTIC Voices from the attic-1988
NOBODY LISTENED Nobody listened-1988
HOLLYWOOD MAVERICKS Hollywood mavericks-1988
THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION II : THE METAL YEARS The decline of western civilization II : the métal years-1988
IMAGINE : JOHN LENNON Imagine : John Lennon-1988
LE DOSSIER ADAMS The thin blue line-1988
THELONIOUS MONK Straight no chaser-1988
HOTEL TERMINUS The life and times of Klaus Barbie-1988
A NIGHT IN HAVANA Dizzy gillespie in cuba-1988
FRAMES FROM THE EDGE Frames from the edge-1988
HEAVEN Heaven-1987
LETTRES DU VIETNAM Dear america-1987
MERE TERESA Mother Teresa-1987
BEYROUTH : DERNIER FILM DE FAMILLE Beyrouth : the last home movie-1987
MARILYN MONROE : BEYOND THE LEGEND Marilyn Monroe: beyond the legend-1987
SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA Swimming to Cambodia-1987
CHUCK BERRY HAIL HAIL ROCK'N'ROLL Chuck Berry hail hail rock'n'roll-1987
GIRL TALK Girl talk-1987
DISTANT HARMONY : PAVAROTTI IN CHINA Distant harmony : pavarotti in china-1987
MISSILE Missile-1987
BLIND Blind-1986
POWAQQATSI Powaqqatsi-1986
DOWN AND OUT IN AMERICA Down and out in america-1986
THE INDOMITABLE TEDDY ROOSEVELT The indomitable teddy roosevelt-1986
DIRECTED BY WILLIAM WYLER Directed by William Wyler-1986
SIXTEEN DAYS OF GLORY Sixteen days of glory-1986
ROUTINE PLEASURES Routine pleasures-1986
GOD'S COUNTRY God's country-1985
HUEY LONG Huey long-1985
BROKEN RAINBOW Broken rainbow-1985
SANFORD MEISNER : THE THEATER'S BEST KEPT SECRET Sanford Meisner : the theater's best kept secret-1985
LIVING AT RISK Living at risk-1985
WITNESS TO WAR Witness to war-1985
KADDISH Kaddish-1985
STREETWISE Streetwise-1985
PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS Private conversations-1985
TH WORLD OF TOMORROW The world of tomorrow-1985
RACETRACK Racetrack-1985
IN OUR HANDS In our hands-1984
PUMPING IRON 2 Pumping iron II : the women-1984
IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE In the name of the people-1984
I'M ALMOST NOT CRAZY I'm almost not crazy-1984
THE PEOPLE VS. DAN WHITE The people vs. dan white-1984
DANCES SACRED AND PROFANE Dances sacred and profane-1984
GRINGO Gringo-1984
AMERICA AND LEWIS HINE America and lewis hine-1984
PAUL CADMUS - ENFANT TERRIBLE AT EIGHTY Paul Cadmus - enfant terrible at eighty-1984
KEROUAC Kerouac-1984
WILLIAM BURROUGHS William burroughs-1983
RICHARD PRYOR HERE AND NOW Richard Pryor here and now-1983
CHICKEN RANCH Chicken ranch-1983
BEFORE STONEWALL Before Stonewall-1983
EDDIE MURPHY - DELIRIOUS Eddie murphy - delirious-1983
RETURN ENGAGEMENT Return engagement-1983
SAY AMEN SOMEBODY Say amen somebody-1982
SCENES FROM THE LIFE OF ANDY WARHOL Scenes from the life of andy warhol-1982
KOYAANISQATSI Koyaanisqatsi-1982
ELIA KAZAN OUTSIDER Elia Kazan outsider-1982
ALL BY MYSELF All by myself-1982
ATOMIC CAFE Atomic cafe-1982
DE MAO A MOZART From mao to mozart-1981
THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION The decline of western civilization-1981
BURDEN OF DREAMS Burden of dreams-1981
D.O.A. D.O.A.-1981
THIS IS ELVIS This is elvis-1980
NOSTRADAMUS The man who saw tomorrow-1980
NICK'S MOVIE Lightning over water-1980
POTO AND CABENGO Poto and Cabengo-1980
REGGAE SUNSPLASH Reggae sunsplash-1979
KEN MURRAY SHOOTING STARS Ken Murray shooting stars-1979
BEST BOY Best boy-1979
LES IDOLES DU ROCK'N'ROLL Heroes of rock'n'roll-1979
FUREUR SAUVAGE Brutes and savages-1978
FILMING OTHELLO Filming Othello-1978
THE LAST CAMPAIGN The last campaign-1978
UNKNOWN POWERS Unknown powers-1978
AMERICAN BOY A profile of Steven Prince-1978
ALAMBRISTA ! Alambrista !-1978
LES LARMES TATOUEES Tattooed tears-1978
L'AMERIQUE INTERDITE This is America-1977
RUNNING FENCE Running fence-1977
CANAL ZONE Canal zone-1977
GIZMO Gizmo-1977
HARLAN COUNTY USA Harlan County USA-1977
IL ETAIT UNE FOIS L'AMERIQUE America at the movies-1976
CHARLOT LE GENTLEMAN VAGABOND The gentleman tramp-1976
ARNOLD LE MAGNIFIQUE Pumping iron-1976
GREY GARDENS Grey Gardens-1975
WELFARE Welfare-1975
JANIS JOPLIN Janis Joplin-1975
LES MERVEILLES DE LA NATURE The best of Walt Disney's true life adventures-1975
BUGS BUNNY SUPERSTAR Bugs Bunny superstar-1975
ALI THE MAN : ALI THE FIGHTER Ali the man : Ali the fighter-1975
BROKEN TREATY AT BATTLE MOUNTAIN Broken treaty at battle mountain-1975
PRIMATE Primate-1974
ANTONIA : A PORTRAIT OF THE WOMAN Antonia : a portrait of the woman-1974
INTRODUCTION TO THE ENEMY Introduction to the enemy-1974
THE REHEARSAL The rehearsal-1974
LE CHASSEUR D'OMBRES The shadow catcher : Edward S. Curtis and the north american Indian-1974
ITALIANAMERICAN Italianamerican-1974
JUVENILE COURT Juvenile court-1973
YEAR OF THE WOMAN Year of the woman-1973
CHRISTO'S VALLEY CURTAIN Christo's valley curtain-1973
THE OTHER HALF OF THE SKY : A CHINA MEMOIR The other half of the sky : a China mémoir-1973
THE VOICE OF LA RAZA The voice of la raza-1972
ELVIS ON TOUR Elvis on tour-1972
WATTSTAX Wattstax-1972
MALCOLM X Malcolm x-1972
FILLMORE Fillmore-1972
MARJOE Marjoe-1972
F.T.A. F. T. A.-1972
REMINISCENCES D'UN VOYAGE EN LITUANIE Reminiscences of a journey in Lithuania-1972
LE CHOC DU FUTUR Futur shock-1972
COCKSUCKER BLUES Cocksucker Blues-1972
CHALLENGE ONE On any sunday-1971
BASIC TRAINING Basic training-1971
DIRECTED BY JOHN FORD Directed by John Ford-1971
CELEBRATION AT BIG SUR Celebration at Big Sur-1971
UN MEMBRE DE LA FAMILLE Part of the family-1971
RICHARD MILLHOUSE NIXON Millhouse - White comedy-1971
DES INSECTES ET DES HOMMES The hellstrom chronicle-1971
BRAZIL : A REPORT ON TORTURE Brazil : a report on torture-1971
ARRUZA Arruza-1971
THE AMERICAN DREAMER The american dreamer-1971
GROUPIES Groupies-1970
KING : DE MONTGOMERY A MEMPHIS King : a filmed record Montgomery to Memphis-1970
STREET SCENES Street scenes-1970
GIMME SHELTER Gimme Shelter-1970
CARRY IT ON Carry it on-1970
RIGHT ON ! Right on !-1970
ANGELA DAVIS PORTRAIT D'UNE REVOLUTIONNAIRE Angela portrait of a revolutionnary-1970
SKEZAG Skezag-1970
SAY GOODBYE TO THE PRESIDENT Say goodbye to the president-1970
HENRI LANGLOIS Henri Langlois-1970
MOONWALK ONE Moonwalk one-1970
JENNY IS A GOOD THING Jenny is a good thing-1969
GET YER YA YA'S OUT Get yer ya ya's out-1969
WILD GEESE CALLING Wild geese calling-1969
LA GUERRE DU PEUPLE The people's war-1969
THIS IS MY ALASKA This is my Alaska-1969
FINALLY GOT THE NEWS Finally got the news-1969
LA REINE The queen-1968
MOI ET MON FRERE Me and my brother-1968
BORN TO BUCK Born to buck-1968
VIETNAM, ANNEE DU COCHON In the year of the pig-1968
ON LOCATION : WHERE EAGLES DARE On location : where eagles dare-1968
THE WILD, WILD WORLD OF JAYNE MANSFIELD The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield-1968
SPREE Spree-1967
MOISSONS Harvest-1967
L'AMERIQUE FAIT APPEL Rush to judgment-1967
SCORPIO RISING Scorpio rising-1967
COMME UN ECLAIR Survival-1967
DON'T LOOK BACK Don't look back-1967
PORTRAIT OF JASON Portrait of Jason-1967
TITICUT FOLIES The Titicut folies-1967
SWITZERLAND AND THE ALPS Switzerland and the alps-1967
THE BOB HOPE VIETNAM CHRISTMAS SHOW The Bob Hope Vietnam christmas show-1966
CASSIS Cassis-1966
1:42:08 : TO QUALIFY 1:42:08 : to qualify-1966
DALI'S FANTASTIC DREAM Dali's fantastic dream-1966
MEET MARLON BRANDO Meet Marlon Brando-1966
A VISIT WITH TRUMAN CAPOTE A visit with Truman Capote-1966
HANDLE WITH CARE Handle with care-1965
CUT PIECE Cut piece-1965
WILL ROGERS HOSPITAL TRAILER Will rogers hospital trailer-1965
THE BUS The bus-1965
A KING'S STORY A king's story-1965
THE INHERITANCE The inheritance-1964
THE DELHI WAY The Delhi way-1964
WHAT'S HAPPENING! THE BEATLES IN THE USA What's happening ! The Beatles in the U.S.A.-1964
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Happy mother's day-1963
ANASTASIA Anastasia-1962
THE CONNECTION Connection-1962
THE COOL WORLD The cool world-1962
RENARD NOIR The black fox-1962
PRIMARY Primary-1960
COME BACK AFRICA Come back Africa-1960
THE SWORD AND THE FLUTE The sword and the flute-1959
OPENING IN MOSCOW Opening in Moscow-1959
SKYSCRAPER Skyscraper-1958
A MOMENT IN LOVE A moment in love-1957
VENICE : THEME AND VARIATIONS Venice : theme and variations-1957
THE HEART OF SHOW BUSINESS The heart of show business-1957
ALBERT SCHWEITZER Albert Schweitzer-1957
SCREEN SNAPSHOTS : PLAYTIME IN HOLLYWOOD Screen snapshots : playtime in Hollywood-1956
L'HISTOIRE DE JAMES DEAN The James Dean story-1956
THE MAGIC BOND The magic bond-1956
PSYCHIATRY IN RUSSIA Psychiatry in Russia-1955
CHAMPAGNE SAFARI Champagne safari-1954
LES MARINS The seafarers-1953
EVERGLADES, MONDE MYSTERIEUX Prowlers of the Everglades-1953
CETTE MER QUI NOUS ENTOURE The sea around us-1953
LE DESERT VIVANT The living desert-1952
CRUISE OF THE ZACA Cruise of the Zaca-1952
DEEP SEA FISHING Deep sea fishing-1952
IN THE STREET In the street-1952
BENJY Benjy-1951
FLYING PADRE Flying padre-1951
DAY OF THE FIGHT Day of the fight-1951
AVEC CES MAINS-LA With these hands-1950
SUISSE -1950
THE TITAN : STORY OF MICHELANGELO The Titan: Story of Michelangelo-1950
GUERNICA Guernica-1949
CONGO SPLENDEUR SAUVAGE Savage splendor-1949
LUCKY STRIKE SALESMAN'S MOVIE 48-A Lucky strike salesman's movie 48-a-1948
10,000 KIDS AND A COP 10,000 kids and a cop-1948
DESIGN FOR DEATH Design for death-1948
THE PRIVATE LIFE OF A CAT The private life of a cat-1947
LE PRESIDENT Roosevelt story-1947
QUE LA LUMIERE SOIT Let there be light-1946
HITLER N'EST PAS MORT Hitler lives-1945
THE ALL-STAR BOND RALLY The all-star bond rally-1945
SPECIAL CHRISTMAS TRAILER Special christmas trailer-1945
V-E +1 V-E +1-1945
LA VRAIE GLOIRE The true glory-1945
LES MOULINS DE LA MORT Die Todesmühlen-1945
SALUT A LA FRANCE Salute to France-1944
THE ROAD TO VICTORY The road to victory-1944
LE COMBATTANT The fighting lady-1944
LA BATAILLE DE SAN PIETRO The battle of San Pietro-1944
THE TOWN The town-1943
LES ALEOUTIENNES Report from the Aleutians-1943
SUEDOIS EN AMERIQUE Swedes in America-1943
TREE IN A TEST TUBE Tree in a test tube-1943
LES NAZIS ATTAQUENT The nazis strike-1943
SHOW-BUSINESS AT WAR Show business at war-1943
THE LAND The land-1942
NOTRE FRONT RUSSE Our russian front-1942
LA BATAILLE DE MIDWAY The battle of Midway-1942
IT'S ALL TRUE It's all true-1942
A CHILD WENT FORTH A child went forth-1941
LES SECRETS DE WALT DISNEY The reluctant dragon-1941
L'ELECTRIFICATION DE LA TERRE Power and the land-1941
YOUTH GETS A BREAK Youth gets a break-1941
THE FORGOTTEN VILLAGE The forgotten village-1941
LIGHTS OUT IN EUROPE Lights out in Europe-1940
VALLEY TOWN Valley town-1940
LES 400 MILLIONS The four hundred million-1939
HOLLYWOOD HOBBIES Hollywood hobbies-1939
SCREEN SNAPSHOTS SERIES 18, NUMERO 10 Screen snapshots series 17, numéro 12-1939
LET MY PEOPLE LIVE Let my people live-1938
HOLLYWOOD GOES TO TOWN Hollywood goes to town-1938
TERRE D'ESPAGNE The spanish earth-1937
HARNESSED RHYTHM Harnessed rhythm-1936
LA FIESTA DE SANTA BARBARA La fiesta de Santa Barbara-1935
MAJOR BOWES'AMATEUR THEATRE OF THE AIR Major Bowes'amateur theatre of the air-1935
HOW I PLAY GOLF BY BOBBY JONES NO 11 : PRACTICE SHOTS' How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones No. 11: 'Practice Shots'-1931
BONJOUR NEW YORK ! Hello New York !-1928
TWENTY-FOUR-DOLLAR ISLAND Twenty-Four-Dollar Island-1927
CHANG Chang-1927
MOANA Moana-1926
L'EXODE Grass : a nation's battle for life-1925
THE POTTERYMAKER The potterymaker-1925
SCREENTESTS FOR MARGUERITE AND FAUST Screentests for Marguerite and Faust-1923
NANOUK Nanook of the north-1922