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Date de naissance 16/03/1878
Date de décès 17/06/1936
Vrai nom /
Agence ou contact
LES POUPEES DU DIABLE (The devil doll) (1936)
COURRIER DE CHINE (China clipper) (1936)
LE MARQUIS DE SAINT-EVREMOND (A tale of two cities) (1935)
L'ENFER (Dante's inferno) (1935)
VIVA VILLA (Viva Villa) (1934)
LES HOMMES EN BLANC (Men in white) (1934)
JUDGE PRIEST (Judge Priest) (1934)
DANS TES BRAS (Hold your man) (1933)
QUARANTE DEUXIEME RUE (Forty second street) (1933)
L'OMBRE QUI TUE (The whispering shadow) (1933)
RALPH LE VENGEUR (The wolf dog) (1933)
L'ETRANGE INTERLUDE (Strange interlude) (1932)
OMBRES VERS LE SUD (Cabin in the cotton) (1932)
MON AMIE ET MOI (Me and my gal) (1932)
CHANDU LE MAGICIEN (Chandu the magician) (1932)
RIDE HIM, COWBOY (Ride him cowboy) (1932)
ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Abraham Lincoln) (1930)
L'INTRUSE (The trespasser) (1929)
LES AILES (Wings) (1927)
LONDRES APRES MINUIT (London after midnight) (1927)
IMPLACABLE DESTIN (Love me and the world is mine) (1927)
LA LETTRE ECARLATE (The scarlet letter) (1926)
LA ROUTE DE MANDALAY (The road to Mandalay) (1926)
LE LIT D'OR (The golden bed) (1925)
LA FILLE DE MEGOFOL (Kentucky pride) (1925)
DOLLAR DOWN (Dollar down) (1925)
QUAND ON A VINGT ANS (The plastic age) (1925)
ONE CLEAR CALL (One clear call) (1922)
PERILLEUSE MISSION (The false faces) (1919)
PILLARS OF SOCIETY (Pillars of society) (1916)
GHOSTS (Ghosts) (1915)
NAISSANCE D'UNE NATION (Birth of a nation) (1914)
LA CONSCIENCE VENGERESSE (The avenging conscience) (1914)
THE BATTLE AT ELDERBUSH GULCH (The battle at Elderbush Gulch) (1913)
THE SWITCH TOWER (The switch tower) (1913)
LA BELLE DAME (The painted lady) (1912)
FILLE D'EVE (Two daughters of Eve) (1912)
PEGGY L'INSOUMISE (Wilful Peggy) (1910)
L'USURIER (The usurer) (1910)
RAMONA (Ramona) (1910)
DERRIERE LES VOLETS CLOS (The house with closed shutters) (1910)
LA PIECE SCELLEE (The sealed room) (1909)
A TRAP FOR SANTA CLAUS (A trap for Santa Claus) (1909)
FOOLS OF FATE (Fools of fate) (1909)
LE SPECULATEUR EN GRAINS (A corner in wheat) (1909)