Hôtels (Cinéma américain)
Liste des films
LES FRERES SISTERS The Sisters brothers-2018
A BEAUTIFUL DAY You were never really here-2017
K-SHOP K-Shop-2016
A DECENT WOMAN Los decentes-2016
NOCTURNAL ANIMALS Nocturnal animals-2015
007 SPECTRE Spectre-2015
CAROL Carol-2015
ONLY GOD FORGIVES Only God forgives-2013
FIFI HURLE DE JOIE Fifi az khoshhali zooze mikeshad-2013
COMPUTER CHESS Computer chess-2013
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL The Grand Budapest Hotel-2013
THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY The two faces of January-2013
SOUS SURVEILLANCE The company you keep-2012
PAPERBOY The paperboy-2012
SHERLOCK HOLMES : JEU D'OMBRES Sherlock Holmes : A game of shadows-2011
TWIXT Twixt-2011
INDIAN PALACE The best exotic Mangold Hotel-2011
VERY BAD TRIP 2 The hangover, Part II-2011
SOMEWHERE Somewhere-2010
TRUST Trust-2010
MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN The midnight meat train-2008
QUANTUM OF SOLACE Quantum of solace-2008
APPALOOSA Appaloosa-2008
VICKY, CRISTINA, BARCELONA Vicky Cristina Barcelona-2008
CHAMBRE 1408 1408-2007
A BORD DU DARJEELING LIMITED The Darjeeling Limited-2007
MISE A PRIX Smokin' aces-2006
KEANE Keane-2004
INSIDE JOB Fear X-2003
THE BROWN BUNNY The brown bunny-2003
COUP DE FOUDRE A MANHATTAN Maid in Manhattan-2002
SUNSHINE STATE Sunshine state-2002
WEAPON OF CHOICE Weapon of choice-2001
CHELSEA WALLS Chelsea walls-2001
NEW ROSE HOTEL New Rose Hotel-1998
HIT ME Hit me-1996
FARGO Fargo-1996
VISITING DESIRE Visiting desire-1996
GROOM SERVICE (3) Four rooms-1995
GROOM SERVICE (4) Four rooms-1995
GROOM SERVICE (1) Foor rooms-1995
GROOM SERVICE (2) Four rooms-1995
SLEEPSTALKER Sleepstalker-1995
HOTEL PARADISE Hotel paradise-1995
DUNSTON - PANIQUE AU PALACE Dunston checks in-1995
MRS PARKER ET LE CERCLE VICIEUX Mrs Parker and the vicious circle-1993
KING OF THE HILL King of the hill-1993
SMOKE Smoke-1992
HEXED Hexed-1992
BARTON FINK Barton Fink-1991
BREAKFAST IN BED Breakfast in bed-1990
PUPPET MASTER Puppet master-1989
MYSTERY TRAIN Mystery train-1989
SKI PATROL Ski patrol-1989
LE SECRET DE CLARA Clara's heart-1988
FRANTIC Frantic-1987
SWEET LORRAINE Sweet Lorraine-1987
SCREWBALL HOTEL Screwball hotel-1987
SUMMER JOB Summer job-1987
PRISE Forever Lulu-1986
PRIVATE RESORT Private resort-1985
HOT RESORT Hot resort-1985
HOT CHILI Hot chili-1985
L'HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE Hotel New Hampshire-1984
PSYCHOSE 2 Psycho II-1983
FRERE DE SANG The basket case-1982
VICTOR LA GAFFE Buddy Buddy-1981
UNDER THE RAINBOW Under the rainbow-1981
UNDERGROUND ACES Underground aces-1981
SHINING The shining-1980
HEALTH HealtH-1979
CALIFORNIA HOTEL California suite-1978
FEDORA Fedora-1978
LE CROCODILE DE LA MORT Eaten alive-1976
NINA A matter of time-1976
LES TROIS JOURS DU CONDOR Three days of the condor-1975
LE PALACE DE L'HORREUR Wicked wicked-1973
LA DERNIERE CORVEE The last detail-1973
LA BARBE A PAPA Paper moon-1973
PRIVATE PARTS Private parts-1972
LE FANTOME DE BARBE-NOIRE Blackbeard's ghost-1968
MILLIE Thoroughly modern Millie-1966
DEUX TETES FOLLES Paris when it sizzles-1964
POUSSE-TOI CHERIE Move over darling-1963
LE DINGUE DU PALACE The bellboy-1960
L'ILE DES SANS-SOUCIS Wake me when it's over-1960
UN TROU DANS LA TETE A hole in the head-1959
LA MORT AUX TROUSSES North by northwest-1959
FLAMENCO A spanish affair-1958
UN ROI A NEW YORK A king in New York-1957
ARIANE Love in the afternoon-1957
L'OR ET L'AMOUR Great day in the morning-1956
DIX MILLE CHAMBRES A COUCHER Ten thousand bedrooms-1956
NEW YORK CONFIDENTIEL New York confidential-1955
DEMENTIA Dementia-1955
TROUBLEZ-MOI CE SOIR Don't bother to knock-1952
CHERIE, JE ME SENS RAJEUNIR Monkey business-1952
THE WOMAN ON PIER 13 The woman on pier 13-1949
LE PASSE SE VENGE The crooked way-1949
LES DESEMPARES The reckless moment-1949
THE INSIDE STORY The inside story-1948
LA COMTESSE DE MONTE-CRISTO The countess of Monte-Cristo-1948
HOMICIDE FOR THREE Homicide for three-1948
SINGAPOUR Singapore-1947
LE CHARLATAN Nightmare alley-1947
LES ANNEAUX D'OR Golden earrings-1947
RIO, RYTHME D'AMOUR The thrill of Brazil-1946
SHOCK Shock-1946
UNE NUIT A CASABLANCA A night in Casablanca-1946
WEEK-END AU WALDORF Week-end at the Waldorf-1945
LA PRINCESSE ET LE GROOM Her highness and the bellboy-1945
HOTEL BERLIN Hôtel Berlin-1945
CASANOVA LE PETIT Casanova Brown-1944
THE DOUGHGIRLS The doughgirls-1944
MADAME PARKINGTON Mrs. Parkington-1944
MY SON, THE HERO My son the hero-1943
ET LA VIE RECOMMENCE Forever and a day-1943
FLEUR D'HIVER Wintertime-1943
PRISONNIERS DU PASSE Random harvest-1942
THE SAINT IN PALM SPRINGS The Saint in Palm Springs-1941
RIO RITA Rio Rita-1941
TOUT SE PASSE LA NUIT Everything happens at night-1939
L'AUTRE In name only-1939
LA VIE EN ROSE Just around the corner-1938
PANIQUE A L'HOTEL Room service-1938
UNE CERTAINE FEMME That certain woman-1937
CHARLIE CHAN A MONTE-CARLO Charlie Chan at Monte-Carlo-1937
BEDSIDE The bedside-1934
BLONDIE JOHNSON Blondie Johnson-1933
CARIOCA Flying down to Rio-1933
FOLIES INTERNATIONALES International house-1933
GRAND HOTEL Grand hotel-1932
PRENEZ GARDE AU LION ! The chimp-1932
HAUTE PEGRE Trouble in paradise-1932
THE HALF NAKED TRUTH The half naked truth-1932
STAN BOXEUR Any old port-1932
LE BEAU JOUEUR Smart money-1931
VIES PRIVEES Private lives-1931
LA FILLE DE L'ENFER Safe in hell-1931
LAUGH AND GET RICH Laugh and get rich-1931
UNE TRAGEDIE AMERICAINE An american tragedy-1931
DANGEROUS PARADISE Dangerous paradise-1930
SON ALTESSE ROYALE Double whoopee-1929
NOIX DE COCO Cocoanuts-1929
THE LOCKED DOOR The locked door-1929
THAT CERTAIN THING That certain thing-1928
UN JOUR DE CONGE The beach club-1928
HIS UNLUCKY NIGHT His unlucky night-1928
MON COEUR AVAIT RAISON Orchids and ermine-1927
HOTEL IMPERIAL Hotel imperial-1927
LES CHAGRINS DE SATAN The sorrows of Satan-1926
A QUARANTE-CINQ MINUTES D'HOLLYWOOD Forty-five minutes from Hollywood-1926
HARDY GROOM Hop to it !-1925
LE CHAMPION DE L'AFFICHE Publicity pays-1924
L'ECHANGE Why change your wife ?-1920
MODERN PALACE The city slicker-1918
THE WHITE RAVEN The white raven-1917
A L'ASSAUT DU BOULEVARD Bucking Broadway-1917
PILLARS OF SOCIETY Pillars of society-1916
CHARLOT FAIT LA NOCE A night out-1915
CHARLOT A L'HOTEL Mabel's strange predicament-1914
SAVED FROM HIMSELF Saved from himself-1911