Problèmes de société
Drogue -consommation- (Cinéma américain)
Liste des films
MIDSOMMAR Midsommar-2019
THE BEACH HOUSE The beach house-2019
HEREDITE Hereditary-2018
LUCKY Lucky-2017
C'EST LA VIE C'est la vie-2016
LE TECKEL Wiener-dog-2015
LES CHANSONS QUE MES FRERES M'ONT APPRISES Songs my brothers taught me-2015
DIRTY PAPY Dirty grandpa-2015
BIRDMAN : OU (LA SURPRENANTE VERTU DE L'IGNORANCE) Birdman : or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)-2014
MAD LOVE IN NEW YORK Heaven knows what-2014
THE GUEST The guest-2014
A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT A girl walks home alone at night-2014
CHEAP THRILLS Cheap thrills-2013
PALO ALTO Palo Alto-2013
SEX TAPE Sex tape-2013
MY TWO DADDIES Any day now-2012
DARK SKIES Dark skies-2012
SAVAGES Savages-2012
TED Ted-2012
LOOPER Looper-2012
TERRI Terri-2011
SPARKLE Sparkle-2011
ON THE ICE On the ice-2011
VERY BAD TRIP 2 The hangover, Part II-2011
4H44 DERNIER JOUR SUR TERRE 4:44 last day on earth-2011
SUPER 8 Super 8-2011
LA CABANE DANS LES BOIS The cabin in the woods-2011
SUPER Super-2010
I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE I spit on your grave-2010
WINTER'S BONE Winter's bone-2010
DANS LA BRUME ELECTRIQUE In the electric mist-2009
BAD LIEUTENANT : ESCALE A LA NOUVELLE-ORLEANS The bad lieutenant: port of call - New Orleans-2009
LES CHEVRES DU PENTAGONE The men who stare at goats-2009
THE MOTHER Baby blues-2008
RACHEL SE MARIE Rachel getting married-2008
TWO LOVERS Two lovers-2008
7H58 CE SAMEDI-LA Before the devil knows you're dead-2007
BOULEVARD DE LA MORT : UN FILM GRINDHOUSE Grindhouse : death proof-2007
NOS SOUVENIRS BRULES Things we lost in the fire-2007
LA NUIT NOUS APPARTIENT We own the night-2007
TEETH Teeth-2007
SURVEILLANCE Surveillance-2007
AFTERSCHOOL Afterschool-2007
GONE BABY GONE Gone baby gone-2007
BUG Bug-2006
LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE Little Miss Sunshine-2006
BAD TIMES Harsh times-2005
BATMAN BEGINS Batman begins-2005
LORD OF WAR Lord of war-2005
LA VIE AQUATIQUE The life aquatic with Steve Zissou-2004
KEANE Keane-2004
GIRLS IN AMERICA On the outs-2004
21 GRAMMES 21 grams-2003
THE BROWN BUNNY The brown bunny-2003
EQUILIBRIUM Equilibrium-2002
NARC Narc-2002
SALTON SEA The Salton Sea-2002
BULLY Bully-2001
TRAFFIC Traffic-2000
CLASSE X Rated X-2000
HAPPY ACCIDENTS Happy accidents-2000
SHADOW HOURS Shadow hours-2000
TIME CODE Timecode-2000
28 JOURS EN SURSIS 28 days-2000
REQUIEM FOR A DREAM Requiem for a dream-2000
BRUISER Bruiser-2000
EYES WIDE SHUT Eyes wide shut-1999
A TOMBEAU OUVERT Bringing out the dead-1999
JESUS' SON Jesus' son-1999
DERAPAGES Broken vessels-1998
ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE Another day in paradise-1998
SLAM Slam-1998
LAS VEGAS PARANO Fear and loathing in Las Vegas-1998
THE BIG LEBOWSKI The big Lebowski-1998
GENERATION BRULEE Falling sky-1998
LES DERNIERS JOURS DE FRANKIE The last days of Frankie the fly-1997
JACKIE BROWN Jackie Brown-1997
BOOGIE NIGHTS Boogie nights-1997
ALL OVER ME All over me-1997
A BROTHER'S KISS A brother's kiss-1997
L'OR DE LA VIE Ulee's gold-1997
GRIDLOCK'D Gridlock'd-1997
THE BLACKOUT The blackout-1997
NOWHERE Nowhere-1996
KIDS IN THE HALL Kids in the hall : brain candy-1996
FLIRTER AVEC LES EMBROUILLES Flirting with disaster-1996
DERNIERE DANSE Last dance-1996
LARRY FLYNT The people vs. Larry Flynt-1996
BASQUIAT Basquiat-1996
FREEWAY Freeway-1996
TIMOTHY LEARY'S DEAD Timothy leary's dead-1996
NORMAL LIFE Normal life-1996
PICTURES OF BABY JANE DOE Pictures of baby jane doe-1996
DRUNKS Drunks-1995
SWEET NOTHING Sweet nothing-1995
HARLEM DIARY : NINE VOICES OF RESILIENCE Harlem diary : nine voices of resilience-1995
WITHOUT AIR Without air-1995
SEX DRUGS AND DEMOCRACY Sex drugs and democracy-1994
LOCK-UP : THE PRISONERS OF RIKERS ISLAND Lock-up : the prisoners of Rikers Island-1994
BASKETBALL DIARIES The basketball diaries-1994
ED WOOD Ed Wood-1994
L'AMOUR ET UN 45 Love & a .45-1994
KIDS Kids-1994
GEORGIA Georgia-1994
PULP FICTION Pulp fiction-1993
SNAKE EYES Snake eyes-1993
KILLING ZOE Killing zoe-1993
MARQUIS DE SADE Tobe Hooper's night terrors-1993
JUMPIN AT THE BONEYARD Jumpin at the boneyard-1992
CROSSING THE BRIDGE Crossing the bridge-1992
TERMINAL BLISS Terminal bliss-1992
BAD LIEUTENANT Bad lieutenant-1992
LIGHT SLEEPER Light sleeper-1992
UN FILS EN DANGER Fathers and sons-1992
THE FIVE HEARTBEATS The five heartbeats-1991
TWIN PEAKS Twin peaks-1991
NORTH OF VORTEX North of vortex-1991
JUNGLE FEVER Jungle fever-1991
LES DOORS The doors-1990
DRUGSTORE COWBOY Drugstore cowboy-1989
CHACUN SA CHANCE Everybody wins-1989
CRACK HOUSE Crack house-1989
RED SURF Red surf-1989
ACCRO Wired-1989
NICKY ET GINO Dominick and Eugene-1988
PANICS Bad dreams-1988
INCIDENTS DE PARCOURS Monkey shines-1988
LET'S GET LOST -CHET BAKER- Chet Baker let's get lost-1988
BIRD Bird-1988
RETOUR A LA VIE Clean and sober-1988
NEIGE SUR BEVERLY HILLS Less than zero-1987
LES FEUX DE LA NUIT Bright lights big city-1987
AUTOUR DE MINUIT Round midnight-1986
SHANGHAI SURPRISE Shanghai surprise-1986
HUIT MILLIONS DE FACON DE MOURIR Eight million ways to die-1986
AMERICAN NIGHTMARES American nightmares-1984
COCAINE Mixed blood-1984
GRINGO Gringo-1984
STILL SMOKIN' Still smokin'-1983
SCARFACE Scarface-1983
LES ANGES DU MAL Chained heat-1983
LES COPAINS D'ABORD The big chill-1983
LA BOUM EN FOLIE Beach girls-1982
LIQUID SKY Liquid sky-1982
FRANCES Frances-1982
QUARTIER DE FEMMES The concrete jungle-1982
POLYESTER Polyester-1981
CHOICES Choices-1981
NEW YORK 42IEME RUE Forty deuce-1981
AU-DELA DU REEL Altered states-1980
HAIR Hair-1979
COCAINE COWBOYS Cocaine cowboys-1979
MIDNIGHT EXPRESS Midnight express-1978
FAUT TROUVER LE JOINT Up in smoke-1978
A HERO AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT A SANDWICH A hero ain't nothin' but a sandwich-1977
LE RAYON BLEU Blue sunshine-1976
LENNY Lenny-1974
THE EDUCATION OF SONNY CARSON The education of sonny carson-1974
LES NEUF VIES DE FRITZ LE CHAT The nine lives of Fritz the cat-1974
THE RINGER The ringer-1973
CIAO MANHATTAN Ciao Manhattan-1973
HIT ! Hit !-1973
LADY SINGS THE BLUES Lady sings the blues-1972
NE POUR VAINCRE Born to win-1971
PANIQUE A NEEDLE PARK The panic in Needle Park-1971
THE 300 YEAR WEEKEND The 300 year weekend-1971
FENDER L'INDIEN Injun fender-1971
JENNIFER ON MY MIND Jennifer on my mind-1971
BELIEVE IN ME Believe in me-1971
FRITZ LE CHAT Fritz the cat-1971
BLOODY MAMA Bloody Mama-1970
THE MAGIC GARDEN OF STANLEY SWEETHEART The magic garden of Stanley Sweetheart-1970
LA SAUTERELLE The grasshopper-1970
MULTIPLE MANIACS Multiple maniacs-1970
THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR The people next door-1970
CAPTAIN MILKSHAKE Captain milkshake-1970
SKEZAG Skezag-1970
BLACK ANGELS Black angels-1970
TRASH Trash-1970
THE NAKED ZOO The naked zoo-1970
ALICE'S RESTAURANT Alice's restaurant-1969
EASY RIDER Easy rider-1969
A BOY... A GIRL A boy... a girl-1969
THREE Three-1969
ANGELS FROM HELL Angels from hell-1968
THE ANGRY BREED The angry breed-1968
BLUE MOVIE Blue movie-1968
THE ACID EATERS The acid eaters-1968
PSYCH-OUT Psych-out-1968
SKIDOO Skidoo-1968
AMBLIN' Amblin-1968
LE VOYAGE The trip-1967
PORTRAIT OF JASON Portrait of Jason-1967
REPORT FROM MILLBROOK Report from millbrook-1966
CHAPPAQUA Chappaqua-1966
SYNANON Synanon-1965
LE LONG VOYAGE DANS LA NUIT Long day's journey into night-1962
CONFESSIONS D'UN MANGEUR D'OPIUM Confessions of an opium eater-1962
THE CONNECTION Connection-1962
THE COOL WORLD The cool world-1962
DOUX OISEAU DE JEUNESSE Sweet bird of youth-1962
VOYOUS EN HERBE This rebel breed-1960
THE PUSHER The pusher-1960
LA RUE AUX STUPEFIANTS Stakeout on dope street-1958
UN SEUL AMOUR Jeanne Eagels-1957
UNE POIGNEE DE NEIGE A hatful of rain-1957
QUAND LA BETE HURLE Monkey on my back-1957
L'HOMME AU BRAS D'OR The man with the golden arm-1955
LE CHATEAU DU DRAGON Dragonwyck-1946
REEFER MADNESS Reefer madness-1936
L'HONORABLE MONSIEUR WONG The hatchet man-1932
KONGO Kongo-1932
DOCTEUR JEKYLL ET MISTER HYDE Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-1920
CHARLOT POLICEMAN Easy street-1917
LE MARCHAND DE POISON Big Jim Garrity-1916
LE MYSTERE DU POISSON VOLANT Mystery of the leaping fish-1916