Cinémas nationaux
Films américains inédits en salles (en France)
Liste des films
BREATHE Concussion-2013
BLOOD CREEK Blood creek-2009
LOS ANGELES : ALERTE MAXIMUM Right at your door-2006
THE TOOLBOX MURDERS Toolbox murders-2004
OFF THE MAP Off the map-2003
JACKASS : THE MOVIE Jackass : the movie-2002
PIPE DREAM Pipe dream-2002
HOT SUMMER Summer catch-2001
ARMY GO HOME Army go home-2001
THE FLUFFER The fluffer-2001
BOYS KLUB Boys klub-2001
MEXICO CITY Mexico City-2000
PASSION DE RAND AYN Passion de Rand Ayn-1999
DRIVE ME CRAZY Drive me crazy-1999
MODERNE VAMPIRES Modern vampires-1999
THE HEIGHT OF THE SKY The height of the sky-1999
AFRAID OF EVERYTHING Afraid of everything-1999
CHILDREN OF THE CORN 666 Children of the corn 666-1999
TREASURE ISLAND Treasure island-1999
THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF MARCO POLO The Incredible Adventures of Marco Polo-1998
CURTAIN CALL Curtain call-1998
BEST OF THE BEST IV : WITHOUT WARNING Best of the best IV : without warning-1998
PINK PUMPKINS AT DAWN Pink pumpkins at dawn-1998
DRESDEN Dresden-1998
CURSE OF THE PUPPET MASTER Curse of the puppet master-1998
ERNEST IN THE ARMY Ernest in the army-1998
PLACEBO EFFECT Placebo effect-1998
THE PROPHECY II The prophecy II-1998
WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD Welcome to Hollywood-1998
WIND RIVER Wind river-1998
TOO TIRED TO DIE Too tired to die-1998
THE BOOK OF LIFE The book of life-1998
THE TREAT The treat-1998
POLISH WEDDING Polish wedding-1998
SNAKE SKIN JACKET Snake skin jacket-1997
PASSION IN THE DESERT Passion in the desert-1997
JULIAN PO Julian Po-1997
AMERICAN PERFECT American perfekt-1997
TOBACCO BLUES Tobacco blues-1997
DREAM WITH THE FISHES Dream with the fishes-1997
TRAVELLER Traveller-1997
A BROTHER'S KISS A brother's kiss-1997
SHILOH Shiloh-1997
VICIOUS CIRCLES Vicious circles-1997
PREFONTAINE Prefontaine-1997
MEET WALLY SPARKS Meet Wally Sparks-1997
LOVE JONES Love jones-1997
THE SIXTH MAN The sixth man-1997
GOING ALL THE WAY Going all the way-1997
THE LONG WAY HOME The long way home-1997
SOUL FOOD Soul food-1997
WASHINGTON SQUARE Washington square-1997
EYE OF GOD Eye of God-1997
CRITICAL CARE Critical care-1997
OTHER VOICES OTHER ROOMS Other voices other rooms-1997
RHYME AND REASON Rhyme and reason-1997
THE HOTEL MANOR INN The hotel manor inn-1997
CADILLAC RANCH Cadillac ranch-1997
LICENSED TO KILL Licensed to kill-1997
MAC HALE'S NAVY Mchale's navy-1997
KEYS TO TULSA Keys to Tulsa-1997
DEAD MEN CAN'T DANCE Dead men can't dance-1997
UNDERWORLD Underworld-1997
FALL Fall-1997
WACO : THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Waco : the rules of engagement-1997
A LIFE APART : HASIDISM IN AMERICA A life apart : hasidism in america-1997
SHOOTING PORN Shooting porn-1997
ANTHEM Anthem-1997
EXCEPTION TO THE RULE Exception to the rule-1997
ERNEST GOES TO AFRICA Ernest goes to africa-1997
LOVELIFE Lovelife-1997
KISS ME GUIDO Kiss me Guido-1997
SUBURBIA Suburbia-1997
CLOCKWATCHERS Clockwatchers-1997
JOYRIDE Joyride-1997
A TICKLE IN THE HEART A tickle in the heart-1996
BIG NIGHT Big night-1996
STAR TRUCKERS Star truckers-1996
ORIGINAL GANGSTAS Original gangstas-1996
BEAUTIFUL GIRLS Beautiful girls-1996
LE CERCLE DU SILENCE Bastard out of Carolina-1996
DOUBLE MISE Sydney-1996
CARNOSAUR 3 Carnosaur III : primal species-1996
THE POMPATUS OF LOVE The Pompatus of love-1996
BLOODSPORT 2 Bloodsport II-1996
BLOODFIST VIII : TRAINED TO KILL Bloodfist VIII : trained to kill-1996
OMEGA DOOM Omega doom-1996
PRECIOUS FIND Precious find-1996
WHERE TRUTH LIES Where truth lies-1996
THE SUBSTANCE OF FIRE The substance of fire-1996
NEVER EVER Never ever-1996
CANNES MAN Cannes man-1996
TIMOTHY LEARY'S DEAD Timothy leary's dead-1996
LATE BLOOMERS Late bloomers-1996
END OF SUMMER End of summer-1996
JOE & JOE Joe & joe-1996
MURDER AND MURDER Murder and murder-1996
RIPE Ripe-1996
FETISHES Fetishes-1996
THE BLOODY CHILD The bloody child-1996
CHILDHOOD'S END Childhood's end-1996
GRIND Grind-1996
SUZANNE FARRELL : ELUSIVE MUSE Suzanne farrell : elusive muse-1996
GRAY'S ANATOMY Gray's anatomy-1996
SUDDEN MANHATTAN Sudden Manhattan-1996
VISITING DESIRE Visiting desire-1996
FOLLOW ME HOME Follow me home-1996
FLIPPING Flipping-1996
RAISING HEROES Raising heroes-1996
UNFORGOTTEN : TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AFTER WILLOWBROOK Unforgotten : twenty-five years after Willowbrook-1996
GOOD LUCK Good luck-1996
SCREWED Screwed-1996
LADYKILLER Ladykiller-1996
WEDDING BELL BLUES Wedding bell blues-1996
LOSING CHASE Losing chase-1996
CITIZEN RUTH Citizen Ruth-1996
A FAMILY THING A family thing-1996
MOTHER Mother-1996
THINNER Thinner-1996
SUNSET PARK Sunset park-1996
A THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE A thin line between love and hate-1996
WAR AT HOME War at home-1996
ADRENALIN : FEAR THE RUSH Adrenalin : fear the rush-1996
ANIMAL INSTINCTS III : THE SEDUCTRESS Animal instincts III : the seductress-1996
APART FROM HUGH Apart from hugh-1996
BACKLASH : OBLIVION 2 Backlash : oblivion 2-1996
PLEINE LUNE Bad moon-1996
AMERICAN BUFFALO American buffalo-1996
AMERICAN STRAYS American strays-1996
MOTHER NIGHT Mother night-1996
WITHIN THE ROCK Within the rock-1996
PICTURES OF BABY JANE DOE Pictures of baby jane doe-1996
BIO-DOME Bio-dome-1996
OFFICE KILLER Office killer-1996
GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER Getting away with murder-1996
ALERTE ROUGE Condition red-1996
DANGEREUSE INTENTION Dangerous intentions-1995
PLAYBACK Playback-1995
POWDERBURN Powderburn-1995
THE IMMORTALS The immortals-1995
GRANNY Granny-1995
THE DARK DANCER The dark dancer-1995
PROJECT : METALBEAST Project : metalbeast-1995
CHAIN OF COMMAND Chain of command-1995
GLORY DAZE Glory daze-1995
ANGELA Angela-1995
BAJA Baja-1995
AMANDA AND THE ALIEN Amanda and the alien-1995
SQUEEZE Squeeze-1995
THE KEEPER The keeper-1995
ANYTHING FOR JOHN Anything for John-1995
IT'S MY PARTY It's my party-1995
FARMER & CHASE Farmer and chase-1995
THE NEXT STEP The next step-1995
THE LIVING SEA The living sea-1995
FIST OF THE NORTH STAR Fist of the north star-1995
THE WILD SIDE The wild side-1995
GIRL IN THE CADILLAC Girl in the cadillac-1995
INSOUPCONNABLE Above suspicion-1995
TRANCERS V : SUDDEN DETH Trancers V : sudden deth-1995
NEMESIS II : NEBULA Nemesis II : Nebula-1995
NEMESIS III : PREY HARDER Nemesis III : prey harder-1995
NEMESIS IV : DEATH ANGEL Nemesis iv : death angel-1995
SCANNER COP II : VOLKIN'S REVENGE Scanner cop II : Volkin's revenge-1995
PROJECT SHADOWCHASER III Project shadowchaser III-1995
CYBORG COP III Cyborg cop III-1995
BLOODFIST VII Bloodfist VII-1995
LA CREATURE DU DIABLE Serpent's lair-1995
EVEIL A LA VIE Wide awake-1995
CAGED HEAT 3000 Caged heat 3000-1995
INDECENT BEHAVIOR III Indecent behavior III-1995
CYBORG III : THE RECYCLER Cyborg III : the recycler-1995
SLAM DUNK ERNEST Slam dunk ernest-1995
WITCHCRAFT VII : JUDGEMENT HOUR Witchcraft VII : judgement hour-1995
LE CAVALIER DU DIABLE Tales from the crypt presents : Demon Knight-1995
BROTHER MINISTER : THE ASSASSINATION OF MALCOLM X Brother minister : the assassination of Malcolm X-1995
MIAMI RHAPSODY Miami rhapsody-1995
BILLY MADISON Billy Madison-1995
THE CURE The cure-1995
FRIDAY Friday-1995
NEW JERSEY DRIVE New Jersey drive-1995
MY FAMILY My family mi familia-1995
TALES FROM THE HOOD Tales from the hood-1995
THE PROPHECY The prophecy-1995
BYE BYE LOVE Bye bye love-1995
TOMMY BOY Tommy boy-1995
BULLETPROOF HEART Bulletproof heart-1995
TYSON Tyson-1995
TERESA'S TATTOO Teresa's tattoo-1995
THE TOILERS AND THE WAYFARERS The toilers and the wayfarers-1995
THE BIG GREEN The big green-1995
KICKING AND SCREAMING Kicking and screaming-1995
LAST SUMMER IN THE HAMPTONS Last summer in the Hamptons-1995
DRUNKS Drunks-1995
FRISK Frisk-1995
BRIAN WILSON : I JUST WASN'T MADE FOR THESE TIMES Brian Wilson : i just wasn't made for these times-1995
ARABIAN KNIGHT Arabian knight-1995
THE SHOW The show-1995
TIE-DIED : ROCK'N ROLL'S MOST DEDICATED FANS Tie-died : rock'n roll's most dedicated fans-1995
HACKERS Hackers-1995
THE REGGAE MOVIE The reggae movie-1995
THE BREAK The break-1995
A REASON TO BELIEVE A reason to believe-1995
HALLOWEEN 6 : LA MALEDICTION DE MICHAEL MYERS Halloween : the curse of Michael Myers-1995
LOTTO LAND Lotto land-1995
PHARAOH'S ARMY Pharaoh's army-1995
DEAR BABE Dear babe-1995
FRANK AND OLLIE Frank and ollie-1995
HARLEM DIARY : NINE VOICES OF RESILIENCE Harlem diary : nine voices of resilience-1995
ONE NIGHT STAND One night stand-1995
RECKLESS Reckless-1995
FOR BETTER OR WORSE For better or worse-1995
HOMAGE Homage-1995
WHEN BILLY BROKE HIS HEAD ... AND OTHER TALES OF WONDER When Billy broke his head ... ... and other tales of wonder-1995
UNDER THE HULA MOON Under the hula moon-1995
LIVE NUDE GIRLS Live nude girls-1995
TOM AND HUCK Tom and huck-1995
MAJOR PAYNE Major Payne-1995
BLESSING Blessing-1995
DESTINY TURNS ON THE RADIO Destiny turns on the radio-1995
TRUE BELIEVERS : THE MUSICAL FAMILY OF ROUNDER RECORDS True believers : the musical family of Rounder Records-1995
JURY DUTY Jury duty-1995
DIRTY MONEY Dirty money-1995
GORDY Gordy-1995
THE CRUDE OASIS The crude oasis-1995
ART FOR TEACHERS OF CHILDREN Art for teachers of children-1995
MRS. MUNCK Mrs. Munck-1995
DEAD FUNNY Dead funny-1994
WORLD AND TIME ENOUGH World and time enough-1994
JUPITER'S WIFE Jupiter's wife-1994
ROY COHN / JACK SMITH Roy Cohn / Jack Smith-1994
REFLECTIONS IN THE DARK Reflections in the dark-1994
AND THE EARTH DID NOT SWALLOW HIM And the earth did not swallow him-1994
MOVING THE MOUNTAIN Moving the mountain-1994
S.F.W. S.f.w.-1994
OBLIVION Oblivion-1994
THE JERKY BOYS The jerky boys-1994
A GREAT DAY IN HARLEM A great day in harlem-1994
SEX DRUGS AND DEMOCRACY Sex drugs and democracy-1994
MARTHA AND ETHEL Martha & ethel-1994
THE WALKING DEAD The walking dead-1994
BALLET Ballet-1994
NINA TAKES A LOVER Nina takes a lover-1994
RAVE REVIEW Rave review-1994
KILIAN'S CHRONICLE Kilian's chronicle-1994
MESSENGER Messenger-1994
DELTA OF VENUS Delta of venus-1994
POSTCARDS FROM AMERICA Postcards from america-1994
SHE LIVES TO RIDE She lives to ride-1994
CAROLINE AT MIDNIGHT Caroline at midnight-1994
MAYA LIN : A STRONG CLEAR VISION Maya lin : a strong clear vision-1994
THE LAST GOOD TIME The last good time-1994
COLDBLOODED Coldblooded-1994
THE MADDENING The maddening-1994
THE BEANS OF EGYPT MAINE The beans of egypt maine-1994
CABIN BOY Cabin boy-1994
THE INKWELL The inkwell-1994
SPANKING THE MONKEY Spanking the monkey-1994
WHAT HAPPENED WAS... What happened was...-1994
POOL DAYS Pool days-1994
A FRIEND OF DOROTHY A friend of dorothy-1994
JASON'S LYRIC Jason's lyric-1994
HOOP DREAMS Hoop dreams-1994
OLEANNA Oleanna-1994
SAFE PASSAGE Safe passage-1994
CAFE SOCIETY Cafe society-1994
AND GOD SPOKE And god spoke-1994
APEX Apex-1994
ARCADE Arcade-1994
KICKBOXER V The redemption : Kickboxer V-1994
THE WRONG WOMAN The wrong woman-1994
CAMP NOWHERE Camp nowhere-1994
SUGAR HILL Sugar hill-1994
BLANK CHECK Blank check-1994
BLANKMAN Blankman-1994
CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU ? Car 54 where are you ?-1994
ABOVE THE RIM Above the rim-1994
ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD Angels in the outfield-1994
8 SECONDS 8 seconds-1994
HOUSE PARTY 3 House party III-1994
IN THE ARMY NOW In the army now-1994
LASSIE Lassie-1994
LITTLE BIG LEAGUE Little big league-1994
LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME Low down dirty shame-1994
THE LIPSTICK CAMERA The lipstick camera-1994
PCU Pcu-1994
SKI SCHOOL 2 Ski school II-1994
SQUANTO : A WARRIOR'S TALE Squanto : a warrior's tale-1994
LOVE, CHEAT & STEAL Love, cheat and steal-1994
LOVE IS A GUN Love is a gun-1994
MY LIFE'S IN TURNAROUND My life's in turnaround-1994
LIE DOWN WITH DOGS Lie down with dogs-1994
TOO PURE Too pure-1994
FANCI'S PERSUASION Fanci's persuasion-1994
THE POLITICS OF CANCER The politics of cancer-1994
ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT Ill met by moonlight-1994
BAR GIRLS Bar girls-1994
RHYTHM THIEF Rhythm thief-1994
BALLOT MEASURE 9 Ballot measure 9-1994
BLACK IS BLACK AIN'T Black is black ain't-1994
LOCK-UP : THE PRISONERS OF RIKERS ISLAND Lock-up : the prisoners of Rikers Island-1994
WIGSTOCK : THE MOVIE Wigstock : the movie-1994
GREETINGS FROM AFRICA Greetings from Africa-1994
LITTLE WOMEN IN TRANSIT Little women in transit-1994
MEMENTO MORI Memento mori-1994
MIGUEL Miguel-1994
RAMBLES Rambles-1994
TREVOR Trevor-1994
BEAT DOWN : THE CASE OF RAYMOND ALVAREZ Beat down : the case of Raymond Alvarez-1994
GENTLE GIANTS Gentle giants-1994
ERNEST GOES TO SCHOOL Ernest goes to school-1994
LION STRIKE Lion strike-1994
LAST RESORT Last resort-1994
FLINCH Flinch-1994
DEMON KEEPER Demon keeper-1994
THE FORCE The force-1994
HAIL CAESAR Hail Caesar-1994
D'AMOUR ET D'OMBRES Of love and shadows-1994
MUNCHIE STRIKES BACK Munchie strikes back-1994
PROJECT SHADOWCHASER II Project shadowchaser II-1994
CLASS OF 1999 II : THE SUBSTITUTE Class of 1999 II : the substitute-1994
PUMPKINHEAD II : BLOOD WINGS Pumpkinhead II : blood wings-1994
DREAM A LITTLE DREAM II Dream a little dream II-1994
CYBORG COP Cyborg cop-1994
CYBORG COP II Cyborg cop II-1994
GHOULIES 4 Ghoulies IV-1994
SCANNER COP Scanner cop-1994
BLOODFIST VI : GROUND ZERO Bloodfist VI : ground zero-1994
TRANCERS IV : JACK OF SWORDS Trancers IV : Jack of swords-1994
KICKBOXER IV : THE AGGRESSOR Kickboxer IV : the aggressor-1994
PUPPET MASTER V : THE FINAL CHAPTER Puppet master v : the final chapter-1994
LES DEMONS DU MAÏS 3 Children of the corn III-1994
THE LAST WORD The last word-1994
BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT Blood of the innocent-1994
CRIME AND PUNISHMENT Crime and punishment-1994
INSIDE THE GOLDMINE Inside the goldmine-1994
CURSE OF THE STARVING CLASS Curse of the starving class-1994
SPREAD THE WORD : THE PERSUASIONS SING ACAPELLA Spread the word : the persuasions sing acapella-1994
THE LOW LIFE The low life-1994
PONTIAC MOON Pontiac moon-1994
A CENTURY OF CINEMA The century of cinema-1994
SOUS LE SIGNE DU TIGRE Blue tiger-1994
SENSATION Sensation-1994
FREEFALL Freefall-1994
SHATTERED IMAGE Shattered image-1994
EVERYBODY JUST STAY CALM Everybody just stay calm-1994
CRIMINAL Criminal-1994
DRIVE BY SHOOTING Drive by shooting-1994
PICTURE BRIDE Picture bride-1994
TOLLBOOTH Tollbooth-1994
BRAINSCAN Brainscan-1994
MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK My boyfriend's back-1993
DEADFALL Deadfall-1993
THE PICKLE The pickle-1993
A DANGEROUS WOMAN A dangerous woman-1993
ETHAN FROME Ethan frome-1993
MONEY FOR NOTHING Money for nothing-1993
EVERY BREATH Every breath-1993
MOTHER'S BOYS Mother's boys-1993
GOLDEN GATE Golden gate-1993
WHITE MAN'S BURDEN White man's burden-1993
HOUSEHOLD SAINTS Household saints-1993
AMOS AND ANDREW Amos and Andrew-1993
AN AMBUSH OF GHOSTS An ambush of ghosts-1993
SEX IS ... Sex is ...-1993
GRIEF Grief-1993
BOPHA Bopha-1993
RIVER OF GRASS River of grass-1993
GENERATION REBELLE Dazed and confused-1993
TWO SMALL BODIES Two small bodies-1993
SHIMMER Shimmer-1993
I AM A SEX ADDICT I am a sex addict-1993
A WALK WITH DEATH A walk with death-1993
SINS OF DESIRE Sins of desire-1993
MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS Midnight confessions-1993
LIVE BY THE FIST Live by the fist-1993
IMMORTAL COMBAT Immortal combat-1993
A WEEKEND WITH BARBARA AND INGRID A weekend with barbara and ingrid-1993
COVER STORY Cover story-1993
TO SLEEP WITH A VAMPIRE To sleep with a vampire-1993
FIREHAWK Firehawk-1993
SHADOW FORCE Shadow force-1993
BLOODSTONE : SUBSPECIES II Bloodstone : subspecies II-1993
KLEPTOMANIA Kleptomania-1993
DARK UNIVERSE Dark universe-1993
PUERTO RICAN MAMBO (NOT A MUSICAL) Puerto rican mambo (not a musical)-1993
THE HANGED MAN The hanged man-1993
QUEST OF THE DELTA KNIGHTS Quest of the delta knights-1993
ENDANGERED Endangered-1993
MARTIAL OUTLAW Martial outlaw-1993
THE NEIGHBOR The neighbor-1993
BOUNTY TRACKER Bounty tracker-1993
DISTANT COUSINS Distant cousins-1993
TEENAGE BONNIE AND KLEPTO CLYDE Teenage bonnie and klepto clyde-1993
A HOUSE IN THE HILLS A house in the hills-1993
THE OUTFIT The outfit-1993
BETRAYAL OF THE DOVE Betrayal of the dove-1993
SHOWDOWN Showdown-1993
CHAINED HEAT II Chained heat II-1993
ARCTIC BLUE Arctic blue-1993
BREAKING POINT Breaking point-1993
AMERICAN KICKBOXER II American kickboxer II-1993
BLOODFIST V : HUMAN TARGET Bloodfist v : human target-1993
AMERICAN SHAOLIN : KING OF THE KICKBOXERS II American Shaolin : king of the kickboxers II-1993
PRIVATE WARS Private wars-1993
PUPPET MASTER IV Puppet master IV-1993
TC 2000 Tc 2000-1993
NIGHT OF THE RUNNING MAN Night of the running man-1993
BITTER HARVEST Bitter harvest-1993
BRAIN SMASHER ... A LOVE STORY Brain smasher ... a love story-1993
EDDIE PRESLEY Eddie Presley-1993
MY FAMILY TREASURE My family treasure-1993
UNINVITED Uninvited-1993
ROSES MORTELLES Acting on impulse-1993
INDECENT BEHAVIOR Indecent behavior-1993
SKIN ART Skin art-1993
CLASS OF NUKE'EM HIGH III Class of nuke'em high III-1993
PRIVATE LESSONS II Private lessons II-1993
EIGHT HUNDRED LEAGUES DOWN THE AMAZON Eight hundred leagues down the Amazon-1993
THE KILLING JAR The killing jar-1993
IN A MOMENT OF PASSION In a moment of passion-1993
ANGEL EYES Angel eyes-1993
ACROSS THE MOON Across the moon-1993
ENQUETE A FLEUR DE PEAU Point of impact-1993
WOMAN OF DESIRE Woman of desire-1993
MIRROR IMAGES II Mirror images II-1993
THE KILLING BOX The killing box-1993
THE CRIMINAL MIND The criminal mind-1993
DISCRETION ASSURED Discretion assured-1993
AMORE ! Amore !-1993
CYBORG 2 : GLASS SHADOW Cyborg II : glass shadow-1993
ANGEL IV : UNDERCOVER Angel IV : undercover-1993
WITCHCRAFT V : DANCE WITH THE DEVIL Witchcraft v : dance with the devil-1993
THE DARK SIDE OF GENIUS The dark side of genius-1993
SCORNED Scorned-1993
YOU SO CRAZY You so crazy-1993
RED HOT Red hot-1993
THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ALLEN GINSBERG The life and times of Allen Ginsberg-1993
FEAR OF A BLACK HAT Fear of a black hat-1993
BETWEEN THE TEETH Between the teeth-1993
THE WAR ROOM The war room-1993
MY LIFE My life-1993
FIFTY/FIFTY Fifty/fifty-1993
LOVE YOUR MAMA Love your mama-1993
UNBECOMING AGE Unbecoming age-1993
ERNEST RIDES AGAIN Ernest rides again-1993
THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT II The philadelphia experiment II-1993
JOSH AND S.A.M. Josh and Sam-1993
SNAPDRAGON Snapdragon-1993
STRAPPED Strapped-1993
TWENTY BUCKS Twenty bucks-1993
A LIFE IN THE THEATER A life in the theater-1993
AMONGST FRIENDS Amongst friends-1993
CHAIN OF DESIRE Chain of desire-1993
ASPEN EXTREME Aspen extreme-1993
CB4 Cb4-1993
WATCH IT Watch it-1993
VISIONS OF LIGHT Visions of light-1993
WHO'S THE MAN ? Who's the man ?-1993
AMERICAN HEART American heart-1993
METEOR MAN The meteor man-1993
LA BALLADE DE LITTLE JO The ballad of Little Jo-1993
AIRBORNE Airborne-1993
TIME INDEFINITE Time indefinite-1993
ROAD SCHOLAR Road scholar-1993
FROM HOLLYWOOD TO HANOI From hollywood to hanoi-1993
CHEATIN' HEARTS Cheatin' hearts-1993
WISHMAN Wishman-1993
THE LAST PARTY The last party-1993
112TH & CENTRAL : THROUGH THE EYES OF THE CHILDREN 112th & central : through the eyes of the children-1993
SPACE IS THE PLACE Space is the place-1993
CACHAO... COMO SU RITMO NO HAY DOS Cachao... como su ritmo no hay dos-1993
ME AND VERONICA Me and Veronica-1993
SPLIT Split-1993
EYE OF THE STRANGER Eye of the stranger-1993
THE CURE SHOW The cure show-1993
HALF JAPANESE Half japanese-1993
ON THE BRIDGE On the bridge-1993
BOUND AND GAGGED : A LOVE STORY Bound & gagged : a love story-1993
NERVOUS TICKS Nervous ticks-1993
LIVING PROOF : HIV AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS Living proof : HIV and the pursuit of happiness-1993
WHERE THE RIVERS FLOW NORTH Where the rivers flow north-1993
AMERICAN CYBORG : STEEL WARRIOR American cyborg : steel warrior-1993
BAD GIRLS Bad girls-1993
THE DISCO YEARS The disco years-1993
ALIEN INTRUDER Alien intruder-1993
LES CLOCHES DES PROFONDEURS Bells from the deep-1993
COFFEE AND CIGARETTES Coffee and cigarettes-1993
THE NOVEMBER MEN The november men-1993
ADVENTURES OF EL FRENETICO AND GO GIRL Adventures of el frenetico and go girl-1993
THEREMIN : AN ELECTRONIC ODYSSEY Theremin : an electronic odyssey-1993
FUN Fun-1993
RIFT Rift-1993
ABRAXAS : GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE Abraxas : guardian of the universe-1993
ROOSTERS Roosters-1993
THREE NINJAS KNUCKLE UP Three ninjas knuckle up-1992
AT HOME WITH THE WEBBERS At home with the Webbers-1992
THE HARVEST The harvest-1992
THE BABY DOLL MURDERS The baby doll murders-1992
FROZEN ASSETS Frozen assets-1992
HOW U LIKE ME NOW ? How u like me now ?-1992
JOEY BREAKER Joey breaker-1992
CHILDREN OF FATE Children of fate-1992
LAST CALL AT MAUD'S Last call at Maud's-1992
ROCK HUDSON'S HOME MOVIES Rock hudson's home movies-1992
HEXED Hexed-1992
THE LUNATIC The lunatic-1992
DARK HORSE Dark horse-1992
MEATBALLS 4 Meatballs IV-1992
MARTIAL LAW Martial law-1992
MARTIAL LAW II : UNDERCOVER Martial law II : undercover-1992
MISSION OF JUSTICE Mission of justice-1992
MUNCHIE Munchie-1992
DEADLY RIVALS Deadly rivals-1992
SOLDIER'S FORTUNE Soldier's fortune-1992
MIND BODY AND SOUL Mind body & soul-1992
MIDNIGHT WITNESS Midnight witness-1992
PRAYING WITH ANGER Praying with anger-1992
WHO KILLED THE BABY JESUS ? Who killed the baby Jesus ?-1992
THE PAINT JOB The paint job-1992
AMITYVILLE 1992 : IT'S ABOUT TIME Amityville 1992 : it's about time-1992
BLOODFIST IV : DIE TRYING Bloodfist iv : die trying-1992
TRANCERS III Trancers III-1992
SHADOWCHASER Shadowchaser-1992
AGE ISN'T EVERYTHING Age isn't everything-1992
LE VISIONARIUM From time to time-1992
THE MAGICAL WORLD OF CHUCK JONES The magical world of Chuck Jones-1992
THE TURNING The turning-1992
CLAIRE OF THE MOON Claire of the moon-1992
MY SAMOURAI My samourai-1992
ALMOST BLUE Almost blue-1992
ANOTHER GIRL ANOTHER PLANET Another girl another planet-1992
BAD CHANNELS Bad channels-1992
NETHERWORLD Netherworld-1992
SMALL KILL Small kill-1992
THE SILENCER The silencer-1992
JACK AND HIS FRIENDS Jack and his friends-1992
THE RAINBOW WARRIOR The rainbow warrior-1992
THE LOUNGE PEOPLE The lounge people-1992
AMBITIOUS DESIRES Ambitious desires-1992
OUT OF CONTROL Out of control-1992
SNAKE EATER III : HIS LAW Snake eater III : his law-1992
THE ROAD TO MECCA The road to Mecca-1992
BORIS AND NATASHA : THE MOVIE Boris and Natasha : the movie-1992
NEWSIES Newsies-1992
FALLING FROM GRACE Falling from grace-1992
JUICE Juice-1992
SECTION 44 A midnight clear-1992
ALAN ET NAOMI Alan and Naomi-1992
POISON IVY Poison ivy-1992
BRAIN DONORS Brain donors-1992
RADIO FLYER Radio flyer-1992
LADYBUGS Ladybugs-1992
HARD PROMISES Hard promises-1992
LEAVING NORMAL Leaving normal-1992
YEAR OF THE COMET Year of the comet-1992
LES FILLES DE LA POUSSIERE Daughters of the dust-1992
FINAL IMPACT Final impact-1992
CROSSING THE BRIDGE Crossing the bridge-1992
MR. SATURDAY NIGHT Mr. Saturday Night-1992
KICKBOXER 3 : THE ART OF WAR Kickboxer III : the art of war-1992
EN TOUTE BONNE FOI Leap of faith-1992
THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE There's nothing out there-1992
TERMINAL BLISS Terminal bliss-1992
BACK IN THE U.S.S.R. Back in the u.s.r.r.-1992
BLOODFIST III : FORCED TO FIGHT Bloodfist III : forced to fight-1992
IN THE HEAT OF PASSION In the heat of passion-1992
ROCK SOUP Rock soup-1992
COLOR ADJUSTMENT Color adjustment-1992
FOLKS ! Folks !-1992
LES GRANDES NE PLEURENT PAS Big girls don't cry ... they get even-1992
LITTLE NOISES Little noises-1992
ROADSIDE PROPHETS Roadside prophets-1992
LOVE POTION NO. 9 Love potion No. 9-1992
THE LIVING END The living end-1992
MONEY MAN Money man-1992
ONCE UPON A CRIME Once upon a crime-1992
EQUINOX Equinox-1992
STAY TUNED Stay tuned-1992
NEMESIS Nemesis-1992
THE GIFTED The gifted-1992
SEVERED TIES Severed ties-1992
STAR TIME Star time-1992
LEPRECHAUN Leprechaun-1992
THE FEAR INSIDE The fear inside-1992
INTERCEPTOR Interceptor-1992
SMOKE Smoke-1992
THE WATERDANCE The waterdance-1992
COLD HEAVEN Cold heaven-1992
THE DEAD BOY'S CLUB The dead boys' club-1992
QUICK Quick-1992
SUNSET GRILL Sunset grill-1992
THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD There goes the neighborhood-1992
THE NUTTY NUT The nutty nut-1992
CAPITAINE RON Captain Ron-1992
JUMPIN AT THE BONEYARD Jumpin at the boneyard-1992
WHEN THE PARTY'S OVER When the party's over-1992
RAIN WITHOUT THUNDER Rain without thunder-1992
ME MYSELF AND I Me myself and I-1992
NIGHT CALLER Night caller-1992
INSIDE MONKEY ZETTERLAND Inside monkey Zetterland-1992
KISS ME A KILLER Kiss me a killer-1991
PIZZA MAN Pizza man-1991
STRICTLY BUSINESS Strictly business-1991
HOUSE PARTY 2 House party II-1991
SLACKER Slacker-1991
UNDER SURVEILLANCE Under surveillance-1991
MOM AND DAD SAVE THE WORLD Mom and dad save the world-1991
MANNEQUIN TWO : ON THE MOVE Mannequin two : on the move-1991
WHERE SLEEPING DOGS LIE Where sleeping dogs lie-1991
WHO SHOT PATAKANGO ? Who shot patakango ?-1991
LOVE CRIMES Love crimes-1991
COUPABLE Past midnight-1991
SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 5 Silent night deadly night V-1991
MIKEY Mikey-1991
INTIMATE STRANGER Intimate stranger-1991
LUNATICS Lunatics : a love story-1991
SHAKES THE CLOWN Shakes the clown-1991
DROP DEAD FRED Drop dead fred-1991
STRAIGHT OUT OF BROOKLYN Straight out of Brooklyn-1991
CLASS OF NUKE'EM HIGH II Class of nuke'em high II-1991
SGT KABUKIMAN N.Y.P.D. Sgt kabukiman n.y.p.d.-1991
CHAMELEON STREET Chameleon street-1991
PARIS IS BURNING Paris is burning-1991
PRIME TARGET Prime target-1991
BLOOD & CONCRETE Blood & concrete-1991
THE SEARCH FOR SIGNS OF INTELLIGENT LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE The search for signs of intelligent life in the universe-1991
PASTIME Pastime-1991
LATE FOR DINNER Late for dinner-1991
SEX DRUGS ROCK & ROLL Sex drugs rock & roll-1991
MINDWALK Mindwalk-1991
CONVICTS Convicts-1991
DECEMBER December-1991
BASKET CASE 3 : THE PROGENY Basket case III : the progeny-1991
ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE Absolutely positive-1991
THE RESURRECTED The resurrected-1991
PYRATES Pyrates-1991
SCORCHERS Scorchers-1991
CHOPPER CHICKS IN ZOMBIETOWN Chopper chicks in Zombietown-1991
ESPION JUNIOR If looks could kill-1991
SPACE COMMANDO Suburban commando-1991
SAMANTHA Samantha-1991
ZEBRAHEAD Zebrahead-1991
SUNDOWN : THE VAMPIRE IN RETREAT Sundown : the vampire in retreat-1991
HIGH STRUNG High strung-1991
BABY ON BOARD Baby on board-1991
LENA'S HOLIDAY Lena's holiday-1991
THE BONEYARD The boneyard-1991
DOLLMAN Dollman-1991
SUBSPECIES Subspecies-1991
DRIVE Drive-1991
TED AND VENUS Ted and venus-1991
LOSER Loser-1991
ERNEST SCARED STUPID Ernest scared stupid-1991
AUX PORTES DE L'ENFER 976-evil II : the astral factor-1991
MOTORAMA Motorama-1991
TRUSTING BEATRICE Trusting beatrice-1991
FAMILY PRAYERS Family prayers-1991
INVADER Invader-1991
VEGAS IN SPACE Vegas in space-1991
CLIFFORD Clifford-1991
NEON CITY Neon city-1991
THE ICE RUNNER The ice runner-1991
TALKIN' DIRTY AFTER DARK Talkin' dirty after dark-1991
LIVIN' LARGE Livin' large-1991
LEATHER JACKETS Leather jackets-1991
AN AMERICAN SUMMER An american summer-1990
NAKED TANGO Naked tango-1990
TWISTED JUSTICE Twisted justice-1990
JEZEBEL'S KISS Jezebel's kiss-1990
SOLAR CRISIS Solar crisis-1990
FEMME FATALE Femme fatale-1990
CLASS OF 1999 Class of 1999-1990
THE SPIRIT OF '76 The spirit of '76-1990
THE RETURN OF SUPERFLY The return of superfly-1990
REAL BULLETS Real bullets-1990
TRIPLE BOGEY ON A PAR FIVE HOLE Triple bogey on a par five hole-1990
SHAKING THE TREE Shaking the tree-1990
DEATHSTALKER IV : MATCH OF TITANS Deathstalker IV : match of titans-1990
THREE LITTLE NINJAS AND THE LOST TREASURE Three little ninjas and the lost treasure-1990
WITCHCRAFT II : THE TEMPTRESS Witchcraft II : the temptress-1990
NEVER LEAVE NEVADA Never leave Nevada-1990
FORGOTTEN HEROES Forgotten heroes-1990
BREAKFAST IN BED Breakfast in bed-1990
MIDNIGHT RIDE Midnight ride-1990
HARD TO DIE Hard to die-1990
EVIL SPIRITS Evil spirits-1990
LIFE IS CHEAP... BUT TOILET PAPER IS EXPENSIVE Life is cheap... but toilet paper is expensive-1990
GRAFFITI BRIDGE Graffiti bridge-1990
GENUINE RISK Genuine risk-1990
DIVING IN Diving in-1990
DADDY'S DYIN'... WHO'S GOT THE WILL ? Daddy's dyin'... who's got the will ?-1990
MEN IN LOVE Men in love-1990
AMERICAN DREAM American dream-1990
RESIDENT ALIEN Resident alien-1990
RICH GIRL Rich girl-1990
HANGFIRE Hangfire-1990
DEAD MEN DON'T DIE Dead men don't die-1990
FIREHEAD Firehead-1990
THE DREAM MACHINE The dream machine-1990
GUILTY AS CHARGED Guilty as charged-1990
THE BIG BANG The big bang-1990
GRIM PRAIRIE TALES Grim prairie tales-1990
OLD EXPLORERS Old explorers-1990
INVISIBLE MANIAC Invisible maniac-1990
SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 4 Silent night deadly night IV-1990
SHORT TIME Short time-1990
L'ILE OUBLIEE Lord of the flies-1990
LA MORT SERA SI DOUCE After dark my sweet-1990
THE LEMON SISTERS The lemon sisters-1990
LOVE HURTS Love hurts-1990
FRAME UP Frame up-1990
FALSE IDENTITY False identity-1990
A MATTER OF DEGREES A matter of degrees-1990
MURDER BLUES Murder blues-1990
THE HORSEPLAYER The horseplayer-1990
HOUSE 4 House iv-1990
MARTIANS GO HOME Martians go home-1990
THE CLOSER The closer-1990
ANIMAL BEHAVIOR Animal behavior-1989
DAMNED RIVER Damned river-1989
SAVAGE BEACH Savage beach-1989
CATCH ME IF YOU CAN Catch me if you can-1989
J'AI ETE AU BAL I went to the dance-1989
HIGH STAKES High stakes-1989
TRANSYLVANIA TWIST Transylvania twist-1989
AN UNREMARKABLE LIFE An unremarkable life-1989
FOR ALL MANKIND For all mankind-1989
FORCED MARCH Forced march-1989
MAKING "DO THE RIGHT THING" Making "do the right thing"-1989
VENGEANCES Ministry of vengeance-1989
NO JUSTICE No justice-1989
SURVIVAL QUEST Survival quest-1989
TEN LITTLE INDIANS Ten little indians-1989
THE TOXIC AVENGER PART 3 The toxic avenger part-1989
TRUST ME Trust me-1989
FEAR ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION Fear anxiety and depression-1989
DEPECHE MODE 101 Depeche mode 101-1989
COLD DOG SOUP Cold dog soup-1989
JOURNEY TO SPIRIT ISLAND Journey to spirit island-1989
CAPTAIN AMERICA Captain america-1989
TRIUMPH OF THE SPIRIT Triumph of the spirit-1989
LA MAISON SUR LA COLLINE The hill farm-1989
PRANCER Prancer-1989
THE LUCKIEST MAN IN THE WORLD The luckiest man in the world-1989
ALL'S FAIR All's fair-1989
A SINFUL LIFE A sinful life-1989
MIND GAMES Mind games-1989
LIGHTNING OVER BRADDOCK Lightning over braddock-1989
TEEN WITCH Teen witch-1989
TIME TRACKERS Time trackers-1989
FAST FOOD Fast food-1989
ON THE MAKE On the make-1989
ONE MAN FORCE One man force-1989
FORTRESS OF AMERIKKA Fortress of amerikka-1989
LITTLE MONSTERS Little monsters-1989
CHEETAH Cheetah-1989
RACE FOR GLORY Race for glory-1989
EASY WHEELS Easy wheels-1989
BLOODFIST Bloodfist-1989
CHAMPIONS FOREVER Champions forever-1989
HEAVY PETTING Heavy petting-1989
HEROES STAND ALONE Heroes stand alone-1989
THUNDERGROUND Thunderground-1989
THE RUNNIN' KIND The runnin' kind-1989
THE FEUD The feud-1989
FROM HOLLYWOOD TO DEADWOOD From Hollywood to Deadwood-1989
SCENES FROM THE CLASS STRUGGLE IN BEVERLY HILLS Scenes from the class struggle in Beverly Hills-1989
WAITING FOR THE LIGHT Waiting for the light-1989
NEW YEAR'S DAY New year's day-1989
RUDE AWAKENING Rude awakening-1989
WELCOME HOME Welcome home-1989
TRUE LOVE True love-1989
SILENCE LIKE GLASS Silence like glass-1989
RUNAWAY DREAMS Runaway dreams-1989
THE KILL-OFF The kill-off-1989
SIGNS OF LIFE Signs of life-1989
BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE Bill and ted's excellent adventure-1989
TROMA'S WAR Troma's war-1989
THE TOXIC AVENGER PART 2 The toxic avenger part II-1989
DR CALIGARI Dr Caligari-1989
MEET THE APPLEGATES Meet the Applegates-1989
ROBOJOX Robot jox-1989
SPACE AVENGER Space avenger-1989
GRAVE SECRETS Grave secrets-1989
THE UNDERSTUDY : GRAVEYARD SHIFT II The understudy : graveyard shift II-1989
FAR FROM HOME Far from home-1989
NIGHT VISITOR Night visitor-1989
TWISTER Twister-1989
C.H.U.D. II - BUD THE CHUD C.h.u.d. II - Bud the chud-1989
LE GUERRIER DE L'ENFER III Deathstalker III : Deathstalker and the warriors from hell-1989
HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD II Hollywood boulevard II-1989
THE REVENGER The revenger-1989
TRAPPER COUNTY WAR Trapper county war-1989
SCHWEITZER Schweitzer-1989
COLLISION COURSE Collision course-1989
FAR OUT MAN Far out man-1989
ALIENATOR Alienator-1989
BACK TO BACK Back to back-1989
SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH Sweet bird of youth-1989
L.A. BOUNTY L.A. Bounty-1989
SCENES FROM THE GOLDMINE Scenes from the goldmine-1988
HONOR BOUND Honor bound-1988
THE HOUSE OF USHER The house of Usher-1988
CAPTIVE RAGE Captive rage-1988
HURLEMENTS 4 Howling IV : the original nightmare-1988
SHE'S BACK She's back-1988
GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE Grand mother's house-1988
DREAM A LITTLE DREAM Dream a little dream-1988
VICE VERSA Vice versa-1988
STICKY FINGERS Sticky fingers-1988
IT TAKES TWO It takes two-1988
SPIKE OF BENSONHURST Spike of bensonhurst-1988
FRANKENSTEIN GENERAL HOSPITAL Frankenstein general hospital-1988
THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF TENNESSEE BUCK The further adventures of Tennessee Buck-1988
THE BLUE IGUANA The blue iguana-1988
VIPER Viper-1988
SOME GIRLS Some girls-1988
DOIN' TIME ON PLANET EARTH Doin' time on planet earth-1988
DAKOTA Dakota-1988
THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION II : THE METAL YEARS The decline of western civilization II : the métal years-1988
NEVER ON TUESDAY Never on tuesday-1988
MEET THE HOLLOWHEADS Meet the hollowheads-1988
IGUANA Iguana-1988
I'M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA I'm gonna git you sucka-1988
FUN DOWN THERE Fun down there-1988
CAT CHASER Cat chaser-1988
VALENTINO RETURNS Valentino returns-1988
THE WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME The wizard of speed and time-1988
FISTFIGHTER Fist fighter-1988
ANOTHER CHANCE Another chance-1988
SANG ET PASSION To die for-1988
VOICES FROM THE ATTIC Voices from the attic-1988
BEVERLY HILLS BODYSNATCHERS Beverly Hills bodysnatchers-1988
OPTIONS Options-1988
UNDER THE BOARDWALK Under the boardwalk-1988
SPLIT Split-1988
EXQUISITE CORPSES Exquisite corpses-1988
NAM ANGELS Nam angels-1988
STRIPPED TO KILL II : LIVE GIRLS Stripped to kill II : live girls-1988
MERCHANTS OF WAR Merchants of war-1988
BORN TO RACE Born to race-1988
NOBODY LISTENED Nobody listened-1988
BREAK OF DAWN Break of dawn-1988
POUND PUPPIES AND THE LEGEND OF BIG PAW Pound puppies and the legend of big paw-1988
THE WASH The wash-1988
SATURDAY THE 14TH STRIKES BACK Saturday the 14th strikes back-1988
THE EXPENDABLES The expendables-1988
HOME REMEDY Home remedy-1988
VAMPIRES AT MIDNIGHT Vampires at midnight-1988
SLIPPING INTO DARKNESS Slipping into darkness-1988
MISSING LINK Missing link-1988
SLEEPAWAY CAMP II : UNHAPPY CAMPERS Sleepaway camp II : unhappy campers-1988
PARTY LINE Party line-1988
AFTER THE RAIN After the rain-1988
TOKYO POP Tokyo pop-1988
MADE IN USA Made in USA-1988
PUSS IN BOOTS Puss in boots-1988
THE CHOCOLATE WAR The chocolate war-1988
RENTED LIPS Rented lips-1988
CANNIBAL WOMEN IN THE AVOCADO JUNGLE OF DEATH Cannibal women in the avocado jungle of death-1988
TRAXX Traxx-1988
THE CHAIR The chair-1988
SHUTTLECOCK Shuttlecock-1988
PAINT IT BLACK Paint it black-1988
HIDER IN THE HOUSE Hider in the house-1988
HEARTS OF FIRE Hearts of fire-1987
THE BIG BLUE The big blue-1987
BUY AND CELL Buy & cell-1987
SWEET LIES Sweet lies-1987
DUDES Dudes-1987
SCREWBALL HOTEL Screwball hotel-1987
THE CARTOGRAPHER'S GIRLFRIEND The cartographer's girlfriend-1987
NIGHT WARS Night wars-1987
BORDER RADIO Border radio-1987
GROTESQUE Grotesque-1987
BEACH BALLS Beach balls-1987
GIRL TALK Girl talk-1987
THE SUICIDE CLUB The suicide club-1987
SHE MUST BE SEEING THINGS She must be seeing things-1987
MONDO NEW YORK Mondo new york-1987
ALIEN FROM L.A. Alien from l.a.-1987
DISTANT HARMONY : PAVAROTTI IN CHINA Distant harmony : pavarotti in china-1987
BLUEBERRY HILL Blueberry hill-1987
PASS THE AMMO Pass the Ammo-1987
HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS Hollywood chainsaw hookers-1987
THE LAWLESS LAND The lawless land-1987
OUTLAW FORCE Outlaw force-1987
SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA Sorority babes in the slimeball bowl-o-rama-1987
SUMMER JOB Summer job-1987
SEASON OF FEAR Season of fear-1987
SONNY BOY Sonny boy-1987
I LOVE N.Y. I love n.y.-1987
THAT'S ADEQUATE That's adequate-1987
UNDER COVER Under cover-1987
FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC Flowers in the attic-1987
DESTROYER Destroyer-1987
SIESTA Siesta-1987
'68 '68-1987
TOUCH AND GO Touch and go-1987
FIRE AND ICE Fire and ice-1987
HUNK Hunk-1987
SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA Swimming to Cambodia-1987
SWEET LORRAINE Sweet Lorraine-1987
DISORDERLIES Disorderlies-1987
MATEWAN Matewan-1987
HOUR OF THE ASSASSIN Hour of the assassin-1987
WARRIOR QUEEN Warrior queen-1987
SWEET REVENGE Sweet revenge-1987
PERFECT MATCH Perfect match-1987
IN THE MOOD In the mood-1987
THE CELLAR The cellar-1987
BIG SHOTS Big shots-1987
THE BIKINI SHOP The bikini shop-1987
YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE You can't hurry love-1987
MUNCHIES Munchies-1987
DEATHSTALKER II Deathstalker II-1987
DOUCE NUIT, SANGLANTE NUIT 2 Silent night dead night part II-1987
GHOULIES 2 Ghoulies II-1987
PENITENTIARY III Penitentiary III-1987
ERNEST GOES TO CAMP Ernest goes to camp-1987
SKELETON COAST Skeleton coast-1987
RAGE TO KILL Rage to kill-1987
HEART OF A CHAMPION Heart of a champion-1987
THE UNDERACHIEVERS The underachievers-1987
RUMPELSTILSTKIN Rumpelstilstkin-1987
GHOST FEVER Ghost fever-1987
WATCH THE SHADOWS DANCE Watch the shadows dance-1987
HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAK Hollywood heartbreak-1987
ENEMY TERRITORY Enemy territory-1987
CYCLONE Cyclone-1987
THREE KINDS OF HEAT Three kinds of heat-1987
FIRE WITH FIRE Fire with fire-1986
PLAYING FOR KEEPS Playing for keeps-1986
MODERN GIRLS Modern girls-1986
EVERY TIME WE SAY GOODBYE Every time we say goodbye-1986
STEEL JUSTICE Steel justice-1986
VIOLATED Violated-1986
BEDROOM EYES II Bedroom eyes II-1986
EAT AND RUN Eat and run-1986
SALVATION ! Salvation !-1986
ARMES ET DANGEREUX Armed and dangerous-1986
NUTCRACKER Nutcracker-1986
BILLY GALVIN Billy galvin-1986
WORKING GIRLS Working girls-1986
LES BONS TUYAUX The longshot-1986
KING OF THE STREETS King of the streets-1986
ODD JOBS Odd jobs-1986
ELIMINATORS Eliminators-1986
TERRORVISION Terror Vision-1986
QUICKSILVER Quicksilver-1986
SIXTEEN DAYS OF GLORY Sixteen days of glory-1986
GOBOTS : BATTLE OF THE ROCK LORDS Gobots : battle of the rock lords-1986
HOLLYWOOD VICE SQUAD Hollywood vice squad-1986
RAD Rad-1986
THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL The check is in the mail-1986
NINJA TURF Ninja turf-1986
ON VALENTINE'S DAY On Valentine's day-1986
WILD THING Wild thing-1986
LES PANZERS DE LA MORT Misfit brigade-1986
HARDBODIES II Hardbodies II-1986
CROSSROADS Crossroads-1986
MY LITTLE PONY My little pony-1986
AMERICA America-1986
WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN ? Where are the children ?-1986
EVIL LAUGH Evil laugh-1986
JAKE SPEED Jake speed-1986
JO JO DANCER YOUR LIFE IS CALLING Jo Jo dancer your life is calling-1986
PRETTY SMART Pretty smart-1986
ONE MORE SATURDAY NIGHT One more saturday night-1986
INSIDE OUT Inside out-1986
HELL HIGH Hell high-1986
BLUE CITY Blue city-1986
THE TROUBLE WITH SPIES The trouble with spies-1985
ALWAYS Always-1985
A FLASH OF GREEN A flash of green-1985
KEY EXCHANGE Key exchange-1985
ONCE BITTEN Once bitten-1985
HOT CHILI Hot chili-1985
LOOSE SCREWS Loose screws-1985
SESAME STREET PRESENTS : FOLLOW THAT BIRD Sesame street presents : follow that bird-1985
STREETWALKIN' Streetwalkin'-1985
SUDDEN DEATH Sudden death-1985
WHEN NATURE CALLS When nature calls-1985
THE GIG The gig-1985
THE ASSISI UNDERGROUND The assisi underground-1985
BROKEN RAINBOW Broken rainbow-1985
ORNETTE : MADE IN AMERICA Ornette : made in America-1985
PINK NIGHTS Pink nights-1985
WIZARDS OF THE LOST KINGDOM Wizards of the lost kingdom-1985
THE STAND-IN The stand-in-1985
STARCHASER : THE LEGEND OF ORIN Starchaser : the legend of orin-1985
HOT RESORT Hot resort-1985
KADDISH Kaddish-1985
THE MUTILATOR The mutilator-1985
TOMBOY Tomboy-1985
STREETWISE Streetwise-1985
HELLHOLE Hellhole-1985
JAMES JOYCE'S WOMEN James Joyce's women-1985
FINAL JUSTICE Final justice-1985
HOUSE RAP Rappin'-1985
THE PASSING The passing-1985
THE ORACLE The oracle-1985
KILLZONE Killzone-1985
FUTURE KILL Future kill-1985
BOMBS AWAY Bombs away-1985
DELTA PI Delta pi-1985
THE GALAXY INVADER The galaxy invader-1985
SANFORD MEISNER : THE THEATER'S BEST KEPT SECRET Sanford Meisner : the theater's best kept secret-1985
CAVEGIRL Cavegirl-1985
JOEY Joey-1985
THE ZOO GANG The zoo gang-1985
CHAIN LETTERS Chain letters-1985
IMPURE THOUGHTS Impure thoughts-1985
ONE MAGIC CHRISTMAS One magic christmas-1985
PRIVATE RESORT Private resort-1985
WITCHBOARD Witchboard-1985
ON DANGEROUS GROUND On dangerous ground-1985
MOVERS AND SHAKERS Movers & shakers-1985
THE ADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN The adventures of Mark Twain-1985
DESERT HEARTS Desert hearts-1985
ON THE EDGE On the edge-1985
LAST RESORT Last resort-1985
COCAINE WARS Cocaine wars-1985
BELIZAIRE THE CAJUN Belizaire the cajun-1985
LATINO Latino-1985
HUEY LONG Huey long-1985
DEATH OF AN ANGEL Death of an angel-1985
JUST ONE OF THE GUYS Just one of the guys-1985
OUT OF CONTROL Out of control-1985
BAD GIRLS DORMITORY Bad girls dormitory-1985
RETURN Return-1985
SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN Seven minutes in heaven-1985
HAMBURGER : THE MOTION PICTURE Hamburger : the motion picture-1985
BEGINNERS LUCK Beginners luck-1985
BUDDIES Buddies-1985
THE BENIKER GANG The Beniker gang-1985
APPOINTMENT WITH FEAR Appointment with fear-1985
PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS Private conversations-1985
MY MAN ADAM My man adam-1985
THE LADIES CLUB The ladies club-1984
MEATBALLS PART II Meatballs part II-1984
SAVAGE DAWN Savage dawn-1984
MISSION KILL Mission kill-1984
TALKING WALLS Talking walls-1984
OXFORD BLUES Oxford blues-1984
AMERICAN NIGHTMARES American nightmares-1984
HADLEY'S REBELLION Hadley's rebellion-1984
SCANDALOUS Scandalous-1984
IN OUR HANDS In our hands-1984
ORSON WELLES' THE SPIRIT OF CHARLES LINDBERGH Orson Welles' the spirit of Charles Lindbergh-1984
ACCESS CODE Access code-1984
A BILLION FOR BORIS A billion for boris-1984
CEASE FIRE Cease fire-1984
DEATHSTALKER Deathstalker-1984
HAUNTED Haunted-1984
SPECIAL EFFECTS Special effects-1984
GIRLS SCHOOL SCREAMERS Girls school screamers-1984
DIM SUM - A LITTLE BIT OF HEART Dim sum - a little bit of heart-1984
HARD CHOICES Hard choices-1984
OLD ENOUGH Old enough-1984
ICEMAN Iceman-1984
OVER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE Over the Brooklyn bridge-1984
ALIEN PREDATOR Alien predator-1984
HARD TO HOLD Hard to hold-1984
FIRSTBORN Firstborn-1984
OH GOD ! YOU DEVIL Oh god ! you devil-1984
SURF 2 Surf II-1984
SONGWRITER Songwriter-1984
KID Kid-1984
THE SECRET DIARY OF SIGMUND FREUD The secret diary of sigmund freud-1984
SAM'S SON Sam's son-1984
ZOMBIE ISLAND MASSACRE Zombie island massacre-1984
LOVELINES Lovelines-1984
BLUE HEAVEN Blue heaven-1984
THE PARTY ANIMAL The party animal-1984
THE GLITTER DOME The glitter dome-1984
FAST FORWARD Fast forward-1984
NOTHING LASTS FOREVER Nothing lasts forever-1984
COLD FEET Cold feet-1984
ALMOST YOU Almost you-1984
CITY LIMITS City limits-1984
DOOR TO DOOR Door to door-1984
DREAMS COME TRUE Dreams come true-1984
BIOHAZARD Biohazard-1984
IT DON'T PAY TO BE AN HONEST CITIZEN It don't pay to be an honest citizen-1984
THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK The times of Harvey Milk-1984
SCREAMPLAY Screamplay-1984
THE PEOPLE VS. DAN WHITE The people vs. dan white-1984
GRINGO Gringo-1984
PAUL CADMUS - ENFANT TERRIBLE AT EIGHTY Paul Cadmus - enfant terrible at eighty-1984
NOT FOR PUBLICATION Not for publication-1984
TOY SOLDIERS Toy soldiers-1984
KEROUAC Kerouac-1984
MASQUE DE MORT Death mask-1984
I'M ALMOST NOT CRAZY I'm almost not crazy-1984
THE BEAR The bear-1984
EDDIE MURPHY - DELIRIOUS Eddie murphy - delirious-1983
LAST PLANE OUT Last plane out-1983
SUBURBIA Suburbia-1983
SOMEWHERE TOMORROW Somewhere tomorrow-1983
THE SURVIVORS The survivors-1983
DOCTOR DETROIT Doctor Detroit-1983
THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE The man who wasn't there-1983
WALKING THE EDGE Walking the edge-1983
BEFORE STONEWALL Before Stonewall-1983
THE LOST EMPIRE The lost empire-1983
RETURN ENGAGEMENT Return engagement-1983
EASY MONEY Easy money-1983
LOVESICK Lovesick-1983
VALLEY GIRL Valley girl-1983
BABY IT'S YOU Baby it's you-1983
CAN SHE BAKE A CHERRY PIE ? Can she bake a cherry pie ?-1983
LOVE LETTERS Love letters-1983
ENORMOUS CHANGES AT THE LAST MINUTE Enormous changes at the last minute-1983
SACRED GROUND Sacred ground-1983
INDEPENDENCE DAY Independence day-1983
LIANNA Lianna-1983
THE BIG SCORE The big score-1983
ABUSE Abuse-1983
OFF THE WALL Off the wall-1983
BOG Bog-1983
A NIGHT IN HEAVEN A night in heaven-1983
UP 'N COMING Up 'n coming-1983
THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE The pirates of penzance-1983
THE PRODIGAL The prodigal-1983
ANGELO MY LOVE Angelo my love-1983
TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN Taking tiger mountain-1983
MORTUARY Mortuary-1983
RICHARD PRYOR HERE AND NOW Richard Pryor here and now-1983
THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW The house on sorority row-1983
ONE MORE CHANCE One more chance-1983
SPRING BREAK Spring break-1983
JOE'S BED-STUY BARBERSHOP : WE CUT HEADS Joe's bed-stuy barbershop : we cut heads-1983
JOYSTICKS Joysticks-1983
THE DEADLY SPAWN The deadly spawn-1983
GEEK MAGGOT BINGO Geek maggot bingo-1983
SCREWBALLS Screwballs-1983
BILL COSBY... HIMSELF Bill cosby... himself-1983
CHICKEN RANCH Chicken ranch-1983
STILL SMOKIN' Still smokin'-1983
THE GOLDEN SEAL The golden seal-1983
LUGGAGE OF THE GODS Luggage of the gods-1983
HEARTBREAKER Heartbreaker-1983
DON'T CHANGE MY WORLD Don't change my world-1983
EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS Eddie and the cruisers-1983
LIES Lies-1983
BLUE SKIES AGAIN Blue skies again-1983
THE GOODBYE PEOPLE The goodbye people-1983
GOING BERSERK Going berserk-1983
CHEECH AND CHONG'S THE CORSICAN BROTHERS Cheech & Chong's the corsican brothers-1983
I AM THE CHEESE I am the cheese-1983
A MINOR MIRACLE A minor miracle-1983
LA BALLADE DE GREGORIO CORTEZ The ballad of Gregorio Cortez-1982
ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON Assault with a deadly weapon-1982
PINK MOTEL Pink motel-1982
SORCERESS Sorceress-1982
SECOND THOUGHTS Second thoughts-1982
STUCK ON YOU Stuck on you-1982
SPRING FEVER Spring fever-1982
SAY AMEN SOMEBODY Say amen somebody-1982
WACKO Wacko-1982
GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD Good-bye cruel world-1982
SEPARATE WAYS Separate ways-1982
HUMAN HIGHWAY Human highway-1982
THE ACT The act-1982
BRAINWAVES Brainwaves-1982
MAKING LOVE Making love-1982
A LITTLE SEX A little sex-1982
THE ESCAPE ARTIST The escape artist-1982
FAST-WALKING Fast-walking-1982
THE BOOGENS The boogens-1982
EATING RAOUL Eating Raoul-1982
THE FIRST TIME The first time-1982
LOVE CHILD Love child-1982
CA CHAUFFE AU LYCEE RIDGEMONT Fast times at Ridgemont high-1982
PERSONAL BEST Personal best-1982
SOME KIND OF HERO Some kind of hero-1982
TEX Tex-1982
CHAN IS MISSING Chan is missing-1982
PANDEMONIUM Pandemonium-1982
I'M DANCING AS FAST AS I CAN I'm dancing as fast as I can-1982
PURPLE HAZE Purple haze-1982
P.K. AND THE KID P. K. and the kid-1982
SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND Slapstick of another kind-1982
CHASING DREAMS Chasing dreams-1982
SUPERSTITION Superstition-1982
IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD It came from hollywood-1982
OUT Out-1982
UNDERGROUND ACES Underground aces-1981
SATURDAY THE 14TH Saturday the 14th-1981
CHOICES Choices-1981
SAVAGE HARVEST Savage harvest-1981
CHU CHU AND THE PHILLY FLASH Chu chu and the philly flash-1981
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE FABULOUS STAINS Ladies and gentlemen the fabulous ...-1981
THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION The decline of western civilization-1981
NATIONAL LAMPOON'S MOVIE MADNESS National lampoon's movie madness-1981
SHADOWS RUN BLACK Shadows run black-1981
THE FINAL TERROR The final terror-1981
KING OF THE MOUNTAIN King of the mountain-1981
GOING APE ! Going ape !-1981
BURDEN OF DREAMS Burden of dreams-1981
THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN The incredible shrinking woman-1981
HONKY TONK FREEWAY Honky tonk freeway-1981
CARBON COPY Carbon copy-1981
THE HOUSE WHERE DEATH LIVES The house where death lives-1981
HEARTBEEPS Heartbeeps-1981
D.O.A. D.O.A.-1981
UNDER THE RAINBOW Under the rainbow-1981
FIRST MONDAY IN OCTOBER First monday in october-1981
LONGSHOT Longshot-1981
MODERN ROMANCE Modern Romance-1981
ST. HELENS St. helens-1981
STRONG MEDICINE Strong medicine-1981
MODERN PROBLEMS Modern problems-1981
THE WHITE LIONS The white lions-1981
THE NESTING The nesting-1981
LES YEUX DU CAUCHEMAR Satan's mistress-1981
ON THE RIGHT TRACK On the right track-1981
BLOOD TIDE Blood tide-1981
MIDNIGHT Midnight-1981
SPACESHIP Spaceship-1981
TATTOO Tattoo-1981
AMY Amy-1981
THE DEVIL AND MAX DEVLIN The devil and Max Devlin-1981
FULL MOON HIGH Full moon high-1981
JONI Joni-1980
THE RETURN The return-1980
LOOSE SHOES Loose shoes-1980
THE BEING The being-1980
CHEAPER TO KEEP HER Cheaper to keep her-1980
MIDNIGHT MADNESS Midnight madness-1980
ON THE NICKEL On the nickel-1980
DR. HECKYL AND MR. HYPE Dr. heckyl and mr. hype-1980
FOOLIN' AROUND Foolin' around-1980
UNION CITY Union city-1980
JANE AUSTEN IN MANHATTAN Jane Austen in Manhattan-1980
WINDWALKER Windwalker-1980
COAST TO COAST Coast to coast-1980
SERIAL Serial-1980
THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS The Hollywood knights-1980
LOVELESS Loveless-1980
GILDA LIVE Gilda live-1980
TOUCHED BY LOVE Touched by love-1980
NO NUKES No nukes-1980
OH HEAVENLY DOG Oh heavenly dog-1980
MIDDLE AGE CRAZY Middle age crazy-1980
ONE-TRICK PONY One-trick pony-1980
HARD COUNTRY Hard country-1980
G.O.R.P. Gorp-1980
UP THE ACADEMY Up the academy-1980
TIMES SQUARE Times square-1980
THE LITTLE DRAGONS The little dragons-1980
WITCHES' BREW Witches' brew-1980
FIRST FAMILY First family-1980
DIE LAUGHING Die laughing-1980
THE LAST MARRIED COUPLE IN AMERICA The last married couple in America-1979
DREAMER Dreamer-1979
KEN MURRAY SHOOTING STARS Ken Murray shooting stars-1979
MR. MIKE'S MONDO VIDEO Mr. mike's mondo video-1979
THE AMERICAN SUCCESS COMPANY The american success company-1979
NATURAL ENEMIES Natural enemies-1979
THE FISH THAT SAVED PITTSBURGH The fish that saved pittsburgh-1979
JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT Just tell me what you want-1979
BOARDWALK Boardwalk-1979
HEAD OVER HEELS Head over heels-1979
COCAINE COWBOYS Cocaine cowboys-1979
FAST BREAK Fast break-1979
HOME MOVIES Home movies-1979
PENITENTIARY Penitentiary-1979
ANIMALYMPICS Animalympics-1979
NOCTURNA Nocturna-1979
TOO FAR TO GO Too far to go-1979
MONSTER Monster-1979
REGGAE SUNSPLASH Reggae sunsplash-1979
V COMME VENGEANCE A time to die-1979
THE DOUBLE MAC GUFFIN The double Mac Guffin-1979
SKATETOWN, U.S.A. Skatetown USA-1979
AMERICAN HOT WAX American hot wax-1978
CLOUD DANCER Cloud dancer-1978
CASEY'S SHADOW Casey's shadow-1978
FIVE DAYS FROM HOME Five days from home-1978
TILT Tilt-1978
UNCLE JOE SHANNON Uncle joe shannon-1978
OLLY OLLY OXEN FREE Olly, olly, oxen free-1978
RECORD CITY Record city-1978
THE LAST CAMPAIGN The last campaign-1978
A TOUCH OF THE SUN A touch of the sun-1978
HITLER'S SON Hitler's son-1978
L'AUTRE VERSANT DE LA MONTAGNE (2) The other side of the mountain part II-1978
THE BAD NEWS BEARS GO TO JAPAN The bad news bears go to Japan-1978
THE SEA GYPSIES The sea gypsies-1978
CORVETTE SUMMER Corvette summer-1978
TAKE DOWN Take down-1978
THE SENIORS The seniors-1978
OUR WINNING SEASON Our winning season-1978
THE BOSS' SON The boss' son-1978
HARPER VALLEY P.T.A. Harper Valley P.T.A.-1978
ONCE IN PARIS Once in Paris-1978
JOYRIDE Joyride-1977
THREE WARRIORS Three warriors-1977
FOR THE LOVE OF BENJI For the love of benji-1977
HANDLE WITH CARE Handle with care-1977
BETWEEN THE LINES Between the lines-1977
FRATERNITY ROW Fraternity row-1977
THE BAD NEWS BEARS IN BREAKING TRAINING The bad news bears in breaking training-1977
GREASED LIGHTNING Greased lightning-1977
ONE ON ONE One on one-1977
SIDEWINDER ONE Sidewinder one-1977
SHORT EYES Short eyes-1977
THE CHICKEN CHRONICLES The chicken chronicles-1977
A PIECE OF THE ACTION A piece of the action-1977
THE HAZING The hazing-1977
SHE CAME TO THE VALLEY She came to the valley-1977
CRASH Crash-1977
HAUNTED Haunted-1977
A HERO AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT A SANDWICH A hero ain't nothin' but a sandwich-1977
FIRST LOVE First love-1977
THE AXE The axe-1977
RABBIT TEST Rabbit test-1977
SAVAGE WEEKEND Savage weekend-1976
FEELIN'UP Feelin'up-1976
DRAGONFLY Dragonfly-1976
THE RITZ The ritz-1976
GABLE AND LOMBARD Gable and Lombard-1976
SPECIAL DELIVERY Special delivery-1976
SHOOT THE SUN DOWN Shoot the sun down-1976
TUNNELVISION Tunnel vision-1976
THE ENTERTAINER The entertainer-1976
THIEVES Thieves-1976
BABY BLUE MARINE Baby blue marine-1976
HOOCH Hooch-1976
TRACKS Tracks-1976
ECHOES OF A SUMMER Echoes of a summer-1976
LOVE IN THE HAMPTONS Love in the Hamptons-1976
THE FOUR DEUCES The four deuces-1975
CRAZY MAMA Crazy mama-1975
GONE WITH THE WEST Gone with the West-1975
ALI THE MAN : ALI THE FIGHTER Ali the man : Ali the fighter-1975
SMILE Smile-1975
BROKEN TREATY AT BATTLE MOUNTAIN Broken treaty at battle mountain-1975
DISTANCE Distance-1975
92 IN THE SHADE 92 in the shade-1975
INDEPENDANCE Independence-1975
PEEPER Peeper-1975
THE PASSOVER PLOT The passover plot-1975
RETURN TO MACON COUNTY Return to macon county-1975
THE BLACK BIRD The black bird-1975
CORNBREAD EARL AND ME Cornbread earl and me-1975
FUGITIVE LOVERS Fugitive lovers-1975
THE SWISS CONSPIRACY The swiss conspiracy-1975
LAND OF NO RETURN Land of no return-1975
BUGS BUNNY SUPERSTAR Bugs Bunny superstar-1975
MR. SYCAMORE Mr. Sycamore-1975
WILLIE DYNAMITE Willie dynamite-1974
LOST IN THE STARS Lost in the stars-1974
CHOSEN SURVIVORS Chosen survivors-1974
UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT Uptown saturday night-1974
BUSTER AND BILLIE Buster and Billie-1974
MACON COUNTY LINE Macon county line-1974
THE EDUCATION OF SONNY CARSON The education of sonny carson-1974
ANTONIA : A PORTRAIT OF THE WOMAN Antonia : a portrait of the woman-1974
THE SAVAGE IS LOOSE The savage is loose-1974
THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK The trial of Billy Jack-1974
SHEILA LEVINE IS DEAD AND LIVING IN NEW YORK Sheila Levine is dead and living in New York-1974
THE SECOND COMING OF SUZANNE The second coming of Suzanne-1974
LA VALSE DES SOUVENIRS The hiding place-1974
MOONCHILD Moonchild-1974
WELCOME TO ARROW BEACH Welcome to Arrow Beach-1974
THE REHEARSAL The rehearsal-1974
THE GARDENER The gardener-1974
WIN PLACE OR STEAL Win place or steal-1974
WHERE THE LILLIES BLOOM Where the lillies bloom-1974
THE SISTER-IN-LAW The sister-in-law-1974
BANK SHOT Bank shot-1974
THE WHITE DAWN The white dawn-1974
ZANDY'S BRIDE Zandy's bride-1974
SIZZLE BEACH USA Sizzle beach USA-1974
UN COWBOY A HAWAÏ The castaway cowboy-1974
GRAVY TRAIN Gravy train-1974
COCKFIGHTER Cockfighter-1974
OUR TIME Our time-1974
I LOVE YOU... GOODBYE I love you... Goodbye-1974
FROM THE MIXED-UP FILES OF MRS BASIL E. FRANKWEILER From the mixed-up files of Mrs Basil E. Frankweiler-1973
HURRY UP OR I'LL BE 30 Hurry up or i'll be 30-1973
BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD Barn of the naked dead-1973
TOM SAWYER Tom Sawyer-1973
THE KILLING KIND The killing kind-1973
KID BLUE Kid blue-1973
THE OTHER HALF OF THE SKY : A CHINA MEMOIR The other half of the sky : a China mémoir-1973
THE ICEMAN COMETH The iceman cometh-1973
FORTY CARATS 40 carats-1973
THE HARRAD EXPERIMENT The harrad experiment-1973
CHARLEY ET L'ANGE Charley and the angel-1973
SUPERDAD Superdad-1973
YOU AND ME You and me-1973
SLITHER Slither-1973
TERROR IN THE WAX MUSEUM Terror in the wax museum-1973
ONE IS A LONELY NUMBER One is a lonely number-1973
GINGER IN THE MORNING Ginger in the morning-1973
THE ALL-AMERICAN BOY The all-american boy-1973
IDAHO TRANSFER Idaho transfer-1973
HIT ! Hit !-1973
YEAR OF THE WOMAN Year of the woman-1973
A DELICATE BALANCE A delicate balance-1973
YOUR THREE MINUTES ARE UP Your three minutes are up-1973
HAPPY AS THE GRASS WAS GREEN Happy as the grass was green-1973
THE GORE GORE GIRLS The gore gore girls-1972
THE JERUSALEM FILE The Jerusalem file-1972
LE JOUR OU LE CLOWN PLEURA The day the clown cried-1972
BLOOD OF GHASTLY HORROR Blood of ghastly horror-1972
LES ORGUEILLEUX The proud and the damned-1972
THUMB TRIPPING Thumb tripping-1972
NECROMANCY Necromancy-1972
TOGETHER FOR DAYS Together for days-1972
THE VOICE OF LA RAZA The voice of la raza-1972
GET TO KNOW YOUR RABBIT Get to know your rabbit-1972
EVERY LITTLE CROOK AND NANNY Every little crook and nanny-1972
THE AROUSERS The arousers-1972
F.T.A. F. T. A.-1972
SILENT NIGHT BLOODY NIGHT Silent night bloody night-1972
DEADHEAD MILES Deadhead miles-1972
NIGHTMARE HONEYMOON Nightmare honeymoon-1972
UP THE SANDBOX Up the sandbox-1972
LIFE STUDY Life study-1972
JOURNEY THROUGH ROSEBUD Journey through rosebud-1972
MALCOLM X Malcolm x-1972
FILLMORE Fillmore-1972
THE HAPPINESS CAGE The happiness cage-1972
THE STRANGE VENGEANCE OF ROSALIE The strange vengeance of Rosalie-1972
COME BACK CHARLESTON BLUE Come back charleston blue-1972
LA CHOSE A DEUX TETES The thing with two heads-1972
GREASER'S PALACE Greaser's palace-1972
MELINDA Melinda-1972
SUPERFLY Super fly-1972
RIVALS Rivals-1972
CANCEL MY RESERVATION Cancel my reservation-1972
DAUGHTERS OF SATAN Daughters of Satan-1972
YOU'LL LIKE MY MOTHER You'll like my mother-1972
1776 1776-1972
LIMBO Limbo-1972
CRUSH PROOF Crush proof-1972
KANSAS CITY BOMBER Kansas City bomber-1972
J.W. COOP J.w. coop-1972
THE BISCUIT EATER The biscuit eater-1972
LA PETITE ARCHE The little ark-1972
MAN AND BOY Man and boy-1972
WILD IN THE SKY Wild in the sky-1972
SKIN GAME Skin game-1971
DESPERATE CHARACTERS Desperate characters-1971
THE AMERICAN DREAMER The american dreamer-1971
HELEN QUEEN OF THE NAUTCH GIRLS Helen queen of the nautch girls-1971
CORKY Corky-1971
THE MARRIAGE OF A YOUNG STOCKBROKER The marriage of a young stockbroker-1971
THE STEAGLE The steagle-1971
ANGELS HARD AS THEY COME Angels hard as they come-1971
BELIEVE IN ME Believe in me-1971
THE SPORTING CLUB The sporting club-1971
WELCOME TO THE CLUB Welcome to the club-1971
SUMMERTREE Summertree-1971
JENNIFER ON MY MIND Jennifer on my mind-1971
THE GANG THAT COULDN'T SHOOT STRAIGHT The gang that couldn't shoot straight-1971
DEALING : OR THE BERKELEY-TO-BOSTON FORTY-BRICK LOST-BAG BLUES Dealing : or the Berkeley-to-Boston forty-brick lost-bag blues-1971
WHERE'S POPPA ? Where's Poppa ?-1971
CISCO PIKE Cisco pike-1971
BLESS THE BEASTS AND CHILDREN Bless the beasts and children-1971
THE CITY The city-1971
HAIL Hail-1971
DIRECTED BY JOHN FORD Directed by John Ford-1971
THE 300 YEAR WEEKEND The 300 year weekend-1971
BLOOD LEGACY Blood legacy-1971
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WANDA JUNE Happy birthday, Wanda June-1971
THE TODD KILLINGS The todd killings-1971
THE TELEPHONE BOOK The telephone book-1971
COLD TURKEY Cold turkey-1971
THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS The pursuit of happiness-1971
BEEN DOWN SO LONG IT LOOKS UP TO ME Been down so long it looks up to me-1971
A NEW LEAF A new leaf-1971
WHO KILLED MARY WHAT'S'ERNAME ? Who killed mary what's'ername ?-1971
THE HEADLESS EYES The headless eyes-1971
THE GRAPEDEALER'S DAUGHTER The grape dealer's daughter-1970
SWEET VENGEANCE Sweet vengeance-1970
GLASS HOUSES Glass houses-1970
FOOLS Fools-1970
KEMEK Kemek-1970
THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND The other side of the wind-1970
CAPTAIN MILKSHAKE Captain milkshake-1970
CARRY IT ON Carry it on-1970
BROTHER CRY FOR ME Brother cry for me-1970
A BULLET FOR PRETTY BOY A bullet for pretty boy-1970
CAIN'S WAY Cain's way-1970
BLOODTHIRSTY BUTCHERS Bloodthirsty butchers-1970
THE BODY BENEATH The body beneath-1970
BRANCHES Branches-1970
BRAND X Brand x-1970
THE ANGEL LEVINE The angel Levine-1970
ANGELS DIE HARD ! Angels die hard !-1970
ALL THE LOVIN' KINFOLK All the lovin' kinfolk-1970
THE BANG BANG GANG The bang bang gang-1970
BLACK ANGELS Black angels-1970
EVENTS Events-1970
SKULLDUGGERY Skullduggery-1970
PIECES OF DREAMS Pieces of dreams-1970
R.P.M. R.p.m.-1970
KING : DE MONTGOMERY A MEMPHIS King : a filmed record Montgomery to Memphis-1970
THE RETURN OF COUNT YORGA The return of count Yorga-1970
THE CHRISTINE JORGENSEN STORY The Christine Jorgensen story-1970
DINAH EAST Dinah East-1970
THE ADVERSARY The adversary-1970
GUESS WHAT WE LEARNED IN SCHOOL TODAY ? Guess what we learned in school today ?-1970
GROUPIES Groupies-1970
MULTIPLE MANIACS Multiple maniacs-1970
GAS-S-S-S OR IT MAY BE NECESSARY TO DESTROY THE WORLD IN ORDER TO SAVE IT ! Gas-s-s-s or it may be necessary to destroy the world in order to save it !-1970
THE LAST OF THE MOBILE HOT-SHOTS The last of the mobile hot-shots-1970
ZIGZAG Zigzag-1970
THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR The people next door-1970
BLOOMFIELD Bloomfield-1970
QUACKSER FORTUNE HAS A COUSIN IN THE BRONX Quackser fortune has a cousin in the Bronx-1970
C.C. AND COMPANY C.c. and company-1970
RABBIT RUN Rabbit run-1970
ALEX IN WONDERLAND Alex in Wonderland-1970
ADAM AT 6 A.M. Adam at 6 a.m.-1970
SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Something for everyone-1970
THE SIDELONG GLANCES OF A PIGEON KICKER The sidelong glances of a pigeon kicker-1970
SONG OF THE LOON Song of the loon-1970
THE MAGIC GARDEN OF STANLEY SWEETHEART The magic garden of Stanley Sweetheart-1970
PREMONITION Premonition-1970
DREAMS OF GLASS Dreams of glass-1970
THE NAKED ZOO The naked zoo-1970
PUTNEY SWOPE Putney Swope-1969
THE CHRISTIAN LICORICE STORE The Christian Licorice store-1969
HAIL HERO ! Hail hero !-1969
LE CONTRAT The swap-1969
ONE MILLION AC/DC One million ac/dc-1969
THE VIXENS The vixens-1969
MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN My side of the mountain-1969
THE LOVE GOD ? The love god ?-1969
THAT COLD DAY IN THE PARK That cold day in the park-1969
BIGFOOT Bigfoot-1969
FUTZ Futz-1969
ANGEL ANGEL DOWN WE GO Angel angel down we go-1969
THE HAPPY ENDING The happy ending-1969
SHARK ! Shark !-1969
A DREAM OF KINGS A dream of kings-1969
THE PICASSO SUMMER The Picasso summer-1969
NUMBER ONE Number one-1969
THE CYCLE SAVAGES The cycle savages-1969
DIONYSUS Dionysus in 69'-1969
FINALLY GOT THE NEWS Finally got the news-1969
ONE STEP TO HELL One step to hell-1969
THE COMIC The comic-1969
A BOY... A GIRL A boy... a girl-1969
THE CANDY MAN The candy man-1969
HELLO DOWN THERE Hello down there-1969
THE ADDING MACHINE The adding machine-1969
POPI Popi-1969
ANGEL IN MY POCKET Angel in my pocket-1969
THAR SHE BLOWS Thar she blows-1969
THAT TENDER TOUCH That tender touch-1969
THIS SPORTING HOUSE This sporting house-1969
THREE Three-1969
THEY RAN FOR THEIR LIVES They ran for their lives-1968
TERROR IN THE JUNGLE Terror in the jungle-1968
THREE IN THE ATTIC Three in the attic-1968
FADE-IN Fade-in-1968
THE YOUNG RUNAWAYS The young runaways-1968
CARGO OF LOVE Cargo of love-1968
BORN TO BUCK Born to buck-1968
BEWARE THE BLACK WIDOW Beware the black widow-1968
THE BAMBOO SAUCER The bamboo saucer-1968
ANGELS FROM HELL Angels from hell-1968
THE ANGRY BREED The angry breed-1968
THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES The astro-zombies-1968
THE ACID EATERS The acid eaters-1968
GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS Girl in gold boots-1968
THE WILD RACERS The wild racers-1968
OUT OF IT Out of it-1968
THE NIGHT THEY RAIDED MINSKY'S The night they raided Minsky's-1968
BEYOND THE LAW Beyond the law-1968
PROJECT X Project X-1968
MOI ET MON FRERE Me and my brother-1968
LA REINE The queen-1968
LE GOUROU The guru-1968
BYE BYE BRAVERMAN Bye bye braverman-1968
THE ONE AND ONLY GENUINE ORIGINAL FAMILY BAND The one and only genuine original family band-1968
THE SECRET LIFE OF AN AMERICAN WIFE The secret life of an american wife-1968
PSYCH-OUT Psych-out-1968
HEAD Head-1968
WINDFLOWERS THE STORY OF A DRAFT DODGER Windflowers the story of a draft dodger-1968
PANIC IN THE CITY Panic in the city-1968
THE SAVAGE SEVEN The savage seven-1968
THUNDER ALLEY Thunder alley-1967
THE FICKLE FINGER OF FATE The fickle finger of fate-1967
A COVENANT WITH DEATH A covenant with death-1967
ENTER LAUGHING Enter laughing-1967
FOR LOVE & MONEY For love and money-1967
CLAMBAKE Clambake-1967
VISA POUR L'AVENTURE The perils of Pauline-1967
BIKE BOY Bike boy-1967
GOOD TIMES Good times-1967
BONJOUR ET AU REVOIR Good morning and goodbye-1967
FEARLESS FRANK Fearless Frank-1967
MONKEYS GO HOME ! Monkeys go home !-1967
LE JEU DE LA MORT The name of the game is kill-1967
THE CUT-UPS The cut-ups-1967
BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE Blood of dracula's castle-1967
BLAST-OFF GIRLS Blast-off girls-1967
DON'T LOOK BACK Don't look back-1967
CARMEN BABY Carmen baby-1967
THE BUSY BODY The busy body-1967
CATALINA CAPER Catalina caper-1967
CHAFED ELBOWS Chafed elbows-1967
TEENAGE MOTHER Teenage mother-1967
SWITZERLAND AND THE ALPS Switzerland and the alps-1967
A TASTE OF BLOOD A taste of blood-1967
TEACH ME HOW TO DO IT ! Teach me how to do it !-1967
THE TIGER MAKES OUT The tiger makes out-1967
THE DEEP The deep-1967
WELCOME TO HARD TIMES Welcome to hard times-1967
OH DAD, POOR DAD, MAMMA'S HUNG YOU IN THE CLOSET AND I'M FEELING' SO SAD Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad-1967
THE FAT SPY The fat spy-1966
SINGLE ROOM FURNISHED Single room furnished-1966
TEENAGE GANG DEBS Teenage gang debs-1966
TAMMY AND THE MILLIONAIRE Tammy and the millionaire-1966
TARZAN AND THE VALLEY OF GOLD Tarzan and the valley of gold-1966
TAKE ME NAKED Take me naked-1966
THE TALISMAN The talisman-1966
TERROR IN THE CITY Terror in the city-1966
THAT TENNESSEE BEAT That Tennessee beat-1966
THIS SAVAGE LAND This savage land-1966
CASTLE OF EVIL Castle of evil-1966
THE CAT The cat-1966
THE CAROLYN LIMA STORY The carolyn lima story-1966
THE BUBBLE The bubble-1966
BLOOD BATH Blood bath-1966
THE BLACK KLANSMAN The black klansman-1966
THE BOB HOPE VIETNAM CHRISTMAS SHOW The Bob Hope Vietnam christmas show-1966
BRIGHTY OF THE GRAND CANYON Brighty of the grand canyon-1966
FORTY GUNS TO APACHE PASS Forty guns to Apache pass-1966
THE ALLEY CATS The alley cats-1966
THE BIG T.N.T. SHOW The big t.n.t. show-1966
THE BLACK CAT The black cat-1966
BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA Billy the Kid vs. Dracula-1966
BIRDS DO IT Birds do it-1966
PICTURE MOMMY DEAD Picture mommy dead-1966
BROTHEL Brothel-1966
CHAPPAQUA Chappaqua-1966
JOHNNY TIGER Johnny tiger-1966
MAYA Maya-1966
THE HOSTAGE The hostage-1966
MADE IN PARIS Made in Paris-1966
QUEEN OF BLOOD Queen of blood-1966
MISTER BUDDWING Mister buddwing-1966
A MAN CALLED DAGGER A man called dagger-1966
ORGY OF THE DEAD Orgy of the dead-1965
ECHOES OF SILENCE Echoes of silence-1965
JOY IN THE MORNING Joy in the morning-1965
WHEN THE BOYS MEET THE GIRLS When the boys meet the girls-1965
BIG DADDY Big daddy-1965
THE BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER The beach girls and the monster-1965
WILL ROGERS HOSPITAL TRAILER Will rogers hospital trailer-1965
BILLIE Billie-1965
THE BUS The bus-1965
CAMP Camp-1965
HARVEY MIDDLEMAN FIREMAN Harvey middleman fireman-1965
THREE GUNS FOR TEXAS Three guns for Texas-1965
A SWINGIN' SUMMER A swingin' summer-1965
THE SWEET SMELL OF SEX The sweet smell of sex-1965
SYNANON Synanon-1965
TAFFY AND THE JUNGLE HUNTER Taffy and the jungle hunter-1965
HOW TO STUFF A WILD BIKINI How to stuff a wild bikini-1965
VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS Village of the giants-1965
NEVER TOO LATE Never too late-1965
BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL Bad girls go to hell-1965
A KING'S STORY A king's story-1965
THE TATTOED POLICE HORSE The tattoed police horse-1964
TAYLOR MEAD'S ASS Taylor mead's ass-1964
THE T.A.M.I. SHOW The t.a.m.i. show-1964
TELL ME IN THE SUNLIGHT Tell me in the sunlight-1964
TENNESSEE JAMBOREE Tennessee jamboree-1964
THE CANDIDATE The candidate-1964
BLACK LIKE ME Black like me-1964
BIKINI PARADISE Bikini paradise-1964
JOURNEY BACK TO OZ Journey back to oz-1964
SIGNPOST TO MURDER Signpost to murder-1964
THE DELHI WAY The Delhi way-1964
ONE MAN'S WAY One man's way-1964
TARZAN AND JANE REGAINED SORT OF Tarzan and jane regained sort of-1964
THUNDER ISLAND Thunder island-1963
DRUMS OF AFRICA Drums of Africa-1963
THE SHOTGUN WEDDING The shotgun wedding-1963
A FACE IN THE RAIN A face in the rain-1963
TWICE TOLD TALES Twice told tales-1963
TOWERS OPEN FIRE Towers open fire-1963
BLACK GOLD Black gold-1963
BEACH PARTY Beach party-1963
AN AFFAIR OF THE SKIN An affair of the skin-1963
BALLAD OF A GUNFIGHTER Ballad of a gunfighter-1963
BELL BARE AND BEAUTIFUL Bell bare and beautiful-1963
CALIFORNIA California-1963
TERRIFIED ! Terrified !-1963
13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS 13 frightened girls-1963
ACT ONE Act one-1963
A SWINGIN' AFFAIR A swingin' affair-1963
ALL THE WAY HOME All the way home-1963
GREENWICH VILLAGE STORY Greewich village story-1963
THE CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE The curse of the living corpse-1963
ISLAND OF LOVE Island of love-1963
BON VOYAGE Bon voyage !-1962
STAGECOACH TO DANCER'S ROCK Stagecoach to dancer's rock-1962
THIRD OF A MAN Third of a man-1962
TERROR AT BLACK FALLS Terror at black falls-1962
TERROR OF THE BLOODHUNTERS Terror of the bloodunters-1962
BRUSHFIRE ! Brushfire !-1962
THE CASE OF PATTY SMITH The case of Patty Smith-1962
BELLE SOMMERS Belle sommers-1962
CONVICTS FOUR Convicts four-1962
THE INTRUDER The intruder-1962
THE YOUNG RACERS The young racers-1962
L'OUEST SAUVAGE ET NU Tonight for sure-1962
THE BIG SHOW The big show-1961
YOU HAVE TO RUN FAST You have to run fast-1961
LA CREATURE DE LA MER HANTEE Creature from the haunted sea-1961
KING OF THE ROARING 20'S King of the roaring 20's-1961
THE SINISTER URGE The sinister urge-1961
OPERATION EICHMANN Operation Eichmann-1961
PRESQUE DES ANGES Born to sing-1961
CARNIVAL OF CRIME Carnival of crime-1961
CAPTURE THAT CAPSULE ! Capture that capsule !-1961
THE CAT BURGLAR The cat burglar-1961
THE BOY WHO CAUGHT A CROOK The boy who caught a crook-1961
BLOODLUST ! Bloodlust!-1961
ANGEL BABY Angel baby-1961
THE EXPLOSIVE GENERATION The explosive generation-1961
SWINGIN' ALONG Swingin' along-1961
TEENAGE MILLIONAIRE Teenage millionaire-1961
THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS The beast of Yucca Flats-1961
SEX KITTENS GO TO COLLEGE Sex kittens go to college-1960
I PASSED FOR WHITE I passed for white-1960
THE MAGNIFICENT REBEL The magnificent rebel-1960
THE SECRET OF THE PURPLE REEF The secret of the purple reef-1960
VOYOUS EN HERBE This rebel breed-1960
THE FESTIVAL GIRLS The festival girls-1960
SCENT OF MYSTERY Scent of mystery-1960
THE WILD RIDE The wild ride-1960
A DOG'S BEST FRIEND A dog's best friend-1960
THE GAMBLER WORE A GUN The gambler wore a gun-1960
THE WALKING TARGET The walking target-1960
SKI TROOP ATTACK Ski troop attack-1960
ATLAS Atlas-1960
EVE ET SON HOMME A TOUT FAIRE Eve and the handyman-1960
THE FOUR SKULLS OF JONATHAN DRAKE The four skulls of Jonathan Drake-1959
VICE RAID Vice raid-1959
PIER 5 HAVANA Pier 5 Havana-1959
THE SWORD AND THE FLUTE The sword and the flute-1959
CITY OF FEAR City of fear-1959
LITTLE SAVAGE Little savage-1959
LES PLAISIRS DE LA CHAIR The naked Venus-1959
PULL MY DAISY Pull my Daisy-1959
GANGSTER STORY Gangster story-1959
CAST A LONG SHADOW Cast a long shadow-1959
LI'L ABNER Li'l Abner-1959
FLOOD TIDE Flood tide-1958
THE MISSOURI TRAVELER The Missouri traveler-1958
BOURBON STREET SHADOWS The invisible avenger-1958
BUFFALO GUN Buffalo gun-1958
UNWED MOTHER Unwed mother-1958
SATAN'S SATELLITES Satan's satellites-1958
THE BRAIN EATERS The brain eaters-1958
OUTCASTS OF THE CITY Outcasts of the city-1958
CETTE SATANEE LOLA Damn Yankees-1958
THE MUGGER The mugger-1958
SKYSCRAPER Skyscraper-1958
WINK OF AN EYE Wink of an eye-1958
MONSTER FROM GREEN HELL Monster from green hell-1958
THE CRY BABY KILLER The cry baby killer-1958
EARTH VS THE SPIDER Earth vs the spider-1958
GUNS, GIRLS AND GANGSTERS Guns girls and gangsters-1958
WAR OF THE SATELLITES War of the satellites-1958
I MOBSTER I mobster-1958
TEENAGE CAVEMAN Teenage cave man-1958
TEENAGE DOLL Teenage doll-1957
THE VIKING WOMEN AND THE SEA SERPENT The Viking women and the sea serpent-1957
PORTE DE CHINE China gate-1957
VENICE : THEME AND VARIATIONS Venice : theme and variations-1957
TOMAHAWK TRAIL Tomahawk trail-1957
CHAIN OF EVIDENCE Chain of evidence-1957
MAN ON FIRE Man on fire-1957
THE CARELESS YEARS The careless years-1957
VOICE IN THE MIRROR Voice in the mirror-1957
AFFAIR IN RENO Affair in reno-1957
SABU AND THE MAGIC RING Sabu and the Magic Ring-1957
JUNGLE HELL Jungle hell-1956
CORN'S-A-POPPIN' Corn's-a-poppin'-1956
OVER-EXPOSED Over-exposed-1956
THE SHE-CREATURE The she creature-1956
IT CONQUERED THE WORLD It conquered the world-1956
NOT OF THIS EARTH Not of this earth-1956
THE UNDEAD The undead-1956
ROCK ALL NIGHT Rock all night-1956
SHE-GODS OF SHARK REEF She-gods of shark reef-1956
THE NAKED PARADISE Naked paradise-1956
THE BRASS LEGEND The brass legend-1956
LE SEXE OPPOSE The opposite sex-1956
THE GREAT AMERICAN PASTIME The great american pastime-1956
OKLAHOMA WOMAN Oklahoma woman-1955
THE BIG TIP OFF The big tip off-1955
NIGHT FREIGHT Night freight-1955
THE BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES The beast with a million eyes-1955
DIAL RED O Dial red O-1955
AN ANNAPOLIS STORY An Annapolis story-1955
IT'S A DOG'S LIFE It's a dog's life-1955
SHACK OUT ON 101 Shack out on 101-1955
BATTLE OF ROGUE RIVER Battle of Rogue River-1954
FRANCIS JOINS THE WACS Francis joins the wacs-1954
YANKEE PACHA Yankee Pasha-1954
THE LAWLESS RIDER The lawless rider-1954
JAIL BAIT Jail bait-1954
THE ROCKET MAN The rocket man-1954
MARTIN LUTHER Martin Luther-1953
SWORD OF VENUS Sword of venus-1953
IT HAPPENS EVERY THURSDAY It happens every thursday-1953
TENNESSEE CHAMP Tennessee champ-1953
WHITE LIGHTNING White lightning-1953
PROJECT MOON BASE Project moon base-1953
CONFIDENTIALLY CONNIE Confidentially Connie-1953
RUN FOR THE HILLS Run for the hills-1953
EVERGLADES, MONDE MYSTERIEUX Prowlers of the Everglades-1953
JALOPY Jalopy-1953
CLIPPED WINGS Clipped wings-1953
NO ESCAPE No escape-1953
OLD OVERLAND TRAIL Old overland trail-1953
MAIN STREET TO BROADWAY Main street to Broadway-1953
TAXI Taxi-1953
DOWN AMONG THE SHELTERING PALMS Down among the sheltering palms-1953
THE FARMER TAKES A WIFE The farmer takes a wife-1953
THE KID FROM LEFT FIELD The kid from left field-1953
JUST ACROSS THE STREET Just across the street-1952
KID MONK BARONI Kid monk Baroni-1952
FRANCIS GOES TO WEST POINT Francis goes to West Point-1952
HIAWATHA Hiawatha-1952
THE PRIDE OF ST. LOUIS The pride of St. Louis-1952
APACHE WAR SMOKE Apache war smoke-1952
SOMETHING FOR THE BIRDS Something for the birds-1952
CRUISE OF THE ZACA Cruise of the Zaca-1952
DEEP SEA FISHING Deep sea fishing-1952
ACTORS AND SIN Actors and sin-1952
INVASION USA Invasion USA-1952
THREE FOR BEDROOM C Three for bedroom c-1952
BELA LUGOSI MEETS A BROOKLYN GORILLA Bela Lugosi meets a Brooklyn gorilla-1952
WHEN IN ROME When in Rome-1952
ST. BENNY THE DIP St. Benny the dip-1951
THE MAN WITH MY FACE The man with my face-1951
HELLO GOD Hello God-1951
SHADOW IN THE SKY Shadow in the sky-1951
HOMETOWN STORY Hometown story-1951
UNDER THE GUN Under the gun-1951
ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD Angels in the outfield-1951
THE UNDERWORLD STORY The underworld story-1950
VENDETTA Vendetta-1950
PARADE DU RYTHME I'll get by-1950
ONE LAST FLING One last fling-1949
THE LADY TAKES A SAILOR The lady takes a sailor-1949
ALWAYS LEAVE THEM LAUGHING Always leave them laughing-1949
FATHER WAS A FULLBACK Father was a fullback-1949
MAKE MINE LAUGHS Make mine laughs-1949
SO THIS IS NEW YORK So this is New York-1948
DESIGN FOR DEATH Design for death-1948
LE DROIT DE TUER Live today for tomorrow-1948
DANGEROUS YEARS Dangerous years-1948
ALWAYS TOGETHER Always together-1948
LARCENY Larceny-1948
THE GIRL FROM MANHATTAN The girl from Manhattan-1948
SMART GIRLS DON'T TALK Smart girls don't talk-1948
THE ARGYLE SECRETS The argyle secrets-1948
THE GOLDEN EYE The golden eye-1948
THE SHANGHAI CHEST The Shanghaï chest-1948
DOCKS OF NEW ORLEANS Docks of New Orleans-1948
THE CREEPER The creeper-1948
THE DECISION OF CHRISTOPHER BLAKE The decision of Christopher Blake-1948
LUCKY STRIKE SALESMAN'S MOVIE 48-A Lucky strike salesman's movie 48-a-1948
L'ARCHANGE DE BROOKLYN Texas Brooklyn and heaven-1948
THE INVISIBLE WALL Invisible wall-1947
ROSES ARE RED Roses are red-1947
THE TRAP The trap-1947
LIGHTHOUSE Lighthouse-1947
CRIME DOCTOR'S GAMBLE Crime doctor's gamble-1947
SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE Seven keys to Baldpate-1947
THE CHINESE RING The chinese ring-1947
DESPERATE Desperate-1947
SEPIA CINDERELLA Sepia cinderella-1947
CYNTHIA Cynthia-1947
SCARED TO DEATH Scared to death-1947
L'ENGRENAGE FATAL Railroaded !-1947
LIVING IN A BIG WAY Living in a big way-1947
NE ME QUITTE JAMAIS Escape me never-1947
LA FEMME DESHONOREE Dishonored lady-1947
STAIRWAY FOR A STAR Stairway for a star-1947
THE COCKEYED MIRACLE The cockeyed miracle-1946
BEHIND THE MASK Behind the mask-1946
BOWERY BOMBSHELL Bowery Bomshell-1946
HER SISTER'S SECRET Her sister's secret-1946
MEURTRE AU PORT Nobody lives forever-1946
THE RUNAROUND The runaround-1946
GENIUS AT WORK Genius at work-1946
BOYS' RANCH Boys' ranch-1946
FAITHFUL IN MY FASHION Faithful in my fashion-1946
THE BAMBOO BLONDE The bamboo blonde-1946
VALLEY OF THE ZOMBIES Valley of the zombies-1946
DARK ALIBI Dark alibi-1946
SHOCK Shock-1946
LITTLE MISTER JIM Little mister Jim-1946
MY BROTHER TALKS TO HORSES My brother talks to horses-1946
SECRETS OF A SORORITY GIRL Secrets of a sorority girl-1946
THE DEVIL BAT'S DAUGHTER The devil bat's daughter-1946
DANGEROUS MONEY Dangerous money-1946
SHADOWS OVER CHINATOWN Shadows over Chinatown-1946
ONE MORE TOMORROW One more tomorrow-1946
THE ALL-STAR BOND RALLY The all-star bond rally-1945
SPECIAL CHRISTMAS TRAILER Special christmas trailer-1945
STRANGLER OF THE SWAMP Strangler of the swamp-1945
PILLOW TO POST Pillow to post-1945
THE FROZEN GHOST The frozen ghost-1945
CRIME DOCTOR'S WARNING Crime doctor's warning-1945
A MEDAL FOR BENNY A medal for Benny-1945
THE TOWN WENT WILD The town went wild-1945
SHE WENT TO THE RACES She went to the races-1945
ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY Zombies on Broadway-1945
A LETTER FOR EVIE A letter for Evie-1945
THE HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT The horn blows at midnight-1945
EADIE WAS A LADY Eadie was a lady-1945
EVE KNEW HER APPLES Eve knew her apples-1945
SING YOUR WAY HOME Sing Your Way Home-1945
MY BEST GAL My best gal-1944
HEY ROOKIE Hey, Rookie-1944
JAZZ EN FOLIE Jam session-1944
CAROLINA BLUES Carolina blues-1944
THE INVISIBLE MAN'S REVENGE The invisible man's revenge-1944
HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN Hollywood canteen-1944
IN THE MEANTIME DARLING In the meantime darling-1944
LE MARIAGE UNE AFFAIRE PRIVEE Marriage is a private affair-1944
LADIES OF WASHINGTON Ladies of Washington-1944
VOODOO MAN Voodoo man-1944
MAISIE VA A RENO Maisie goes to Reno-1944
ONCE UPON A TIME Once upon a time-1944
YOUTH RUNS WILD Youth runs wild-1944
THE GIRL WHO DARED The girl who dared-1944
MAKE YOUR OWN BED Make your own bed-1944
SEVEN DAYS ASHORE Seven days ashore-1944
THREE IS A FAMILY Three is a family-1944
CHARLIE CHAN IN THE SECRET SERVICE Charlie chan in the secret service-1944
CHARLIE CHAN IN BLACK MAGIC Charlie Chan in black magic-1944
ONE MYSTERIOUS NIGHT One mysterious night-1944
THE GREAT MOMENT The great moment-1944
THE ROAD TO VICTORY The road to victory-1944
WINGED VICTORY Winged victory-1944
THE DOUGHGIRLS The doughgirls-1944
JIVE JUNCTION Jive junction-1943
GIRLS IN CHAINS Girls in chains-1943
THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME The chance of a lifetime-1943
THEY CAME TO BLOW UP AMERICA They came to blow up America-1943
APPOINTMENT IN BERLIN Appointment in Berlin-1943
PARIS AFTER DARK Paris after dark-1943
CRY HAVOC Cry havoc-1943
SWING FEVER Swing fever-1943
THE APE MAN The ape man-1943
GIRL CRAZY Girl crazy-1943
YOUNG IDEAS Young ideas-1943
THE YOUNGEST PROFESSION The youngest profession-1943
LE VILLAGE FANTOME What's buzzin' cousin ?-1943
LES ALEOUTIENNES Report from the Aleutians-1943
NOBODY'S DARLING Nobody's darling-1943
GANGWAY FOR TOMORROW Gangway for tomorrow-1943
LARCENY INC. Larceny Inc.-1942
TRUE TO THE ARMY True to the army-1942
LA REINE DU SWING Priorities on parade-1942
HER CARDBOARD LOVER Her cardboard lover-1942
THE AFFAIRS OF MARTHA The affairs of Martha-1942
STREET OF CHANCE Street of chance-1942
MEET THE STEWARTS Meet the stewarts-1942
NIGHT MONSTER Night monster-1942
THE CORPSE VANISHES The corpse vanishes-1942
BLACK DRAGONS Black dragons-1942
THERE'S ONE BORN EVERY MINUTE There's one born every minute-1942
BULLET SCARS Bullet scars-1942
DR. GILLESPIE'S NEW ASSISTANT Dr. Gillespie's new assistant-1942
QUIET PLEASE MURDER Quiet please murder-1942
BORN TO SING Born to sing-1942
NORTHWEST RANGERS Northwest rangers-1942
THE PIED PIPER The pied piper-1942
THE TUTTLES OF TAHITI The Tuttles of Tahiti-1942
WE MUST HAVE MUSIC We must have music-1942
MANILA CALLING Manila calling-1942
CASTLE IN THE DESERT Castle in the desert-1942
CHARLIE CHAN IN RIO Charlie Chan in Rio-1941
DEAD MEN TELL Dead men tell-1941
KISSES FOR BREAKFAST Kisses for breakfast-1941
STEEL AGAINST THE SKY Steel against the sky-1941
THREE SONS O'GUNS Three sons o'guns-1941
THE SMILING GHOST The smiling ghost-1941
HERE COMES HAPPINESS Here comes happiness-1941
SINGAPORE WOMAN Singapore woman-1941
THE GREAT MR. NOBODY The great Mr. Nobody-1941
SHE COULDN'T SAY NO She couldn't say no-1941
FLIGHT FROM DESTINY Flight from destiny-1941
A CHILD WENT FORTH A child went forth-1941
ELLERY QUEEN'S PENTHOUSE MYSTERY Ellery queen's penthouse mystery-1941
ELLERY QUEEN AND THE MURDER RING Ellery queen and the murder ring-1941
THE MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF The man who lost himself-1941
THE SAINT IN PALM SPRINGS The Saint in Palm Springs-1941
THE FORGOTTEN VILLAGE The forgotten village-1941
CITADEL OF CRIME Citadel of crime-1941
BLUES IN THE NIGHT Blues in the night-1941
THE BODY DISAPPEARS The body disappears-1941
YOU'RE IN THE ARMY NOW You're in the army now-1941
LA REINE DU GANG Paper bullets-1941
MURDER IN THE BIG HOUSE Murder in the big house-1941
NAVAL ACADEMY Naval academy-1941
SPOOKS RUN WILD Spooks run wild-1941
THE INVISIBLE GHOST The invisible ghost-1941
AMONG THE LIVING Among the living-1941
NAZI AGENT Nazi agent-1941
AU SEUIL DU PARADIS One foot in heaven-1941
L'HEURE DU RYTHME Time out for rhythm-1941
THIEVES FALL OUT Thieves fall out-1941
KNOCKOUT Knockout-1941
BULLETS FOR O'HARA Bullets for O'Hara-1941
CADET GIRL Cadet girl-1941
PETTICOAT POLITICS Petticoat politics-1941
DOCTORS DON'T TELL Doctors don't tell-1941
BLONDIE ON A BUDGET Blondie on a budget-1940
THOSE WERE THE DAYS Those were the days-1940
BROTHER RAT AND A BABY Brother rat and a baby-1940
POLICE-SECOURS Emergency squad-1940
HIT PARADE OF 1941 Hit parade of 1941-1940
VIGIL IN THE NIGHT Vigil in the night-1940
DEUX JEUNES FILLES A BROADWAY Two girls on Broadway-1940
WE WHO ARE YOUNG We who are young-1940
GAMBLING ON THE HIGH SEAS Gambling on the high seas-1940
VENDREDI 13 Black friday-1940
THE SAINT'S DOUBLE TROUBLE The Saint's double trouble-1940
THE MAN WITH NINE LIVES The man with nine lives-1940
MEET THE MISSUS Meet the missus-1940
CROSS-COUNTRY ROMANCE Cross-country romance-1940
IN OLD MISSOURI In Old Missouri-1940
HER FIRST ROMANCE Her first romance-1940
TUGBOAT ANNIE SAILS AGAIN Tugboat Annie sails again-1940
MY LOVE COME BACK My love come back-1940
SATURDAY'S CHILDREN Saturday's children-1940
THE SAINT TAKES OVER The saint takes over-1940
ZANZIBAR Zanzibar-1940
ELLERY QUEEN MASTER DETECTIVE Ellery Queen master detective-1940
CHARLIE CHAN'S MURDER CRUISE Charlie Chan's murder cruise-1940
CHARLIE CHAN AT THE WAX MUSEUM Charlie Chan at the wax museum-1940
MILLION DOLLAR LEGS Million dollars legs-1939
SECRET SERVICE OF THE AIR Secret service of the air-1939
PETE ROLEUM AND HIS COUSINS Pete Roleum and his cousins-1939
DICK TRACY'S G-MEN Dick Tracy's g-men-1939
CHARLIE CHAN IN CITY IN DARKNESS Charlie Chan in city of darkness-1939
LE SAINT CONTRE-ATTAQUE The saint strikes back-1939
THEY ALL COME OUT They all come out-1939
KID NIGHTINGALE Kid Nightingale-1939
PRIVATE DETECTIVE Private detective-1939
SPIRIT OF CULVER Spirit of culver-1939
TWO BRIGHT BOYS Two bright boys-1939
SMASHING THE MONEY RING Smashing the money ring-1939
HELL'S KITCHEN Hell's kitchen-1939
THESE GLAMOUR GIRLS These glamour girls-1939
LE GANGSTER ESPION Television spy-1939
LUCKY NIGHT Lucky night-1939
REMEMBER ? Remember ?-1939
DANCING CO-ED Dancing co-ed-1939
MONSIEUR MOTO AU MUSIC-HALL Mr. Moto's last warning-1939
MONSIEUR MOTO EN ORIENT Mr. Moto takes a vacation-1939
TARNISHED ANGEL Tarnished angel-1938
RICH MAN, POOR GIRL Rich man poor girl-1938
OF HUMAN HEARTS Of human hearts-1938
SWING YOUR LADY Swing your lady-1938
HE COULDN'T SAY NO He couldn't say no-1938
SPECIAL INSPECTOR Special inspector-1938
CONVICTED Convicted-1938
JUVENILE COURT Juvenile court-1938
THE DUKE IS TOPS The duke is tops-1938
TROUBLE IN TEXAS Trouble in Texas-1937
GIRLS CAN PLAY Girls can play-1937
MATCH TRAGIQUE The game that kills-1937
PAID TO DANCE Paid to dance-1937
MR DODD TAKES THE AIR Mr Dodd takes the air-1937
PUBLIC WEDDING Public wedding-1937
THE LADY ESCAPES The lady escapes-1937
THE BARRIER The barrier-1937
LA VILLE DU DIABLE Born to the west-1937
HOLD 'EM NAVY Hold 'em navy-1937
NOUVEAUX VISAGES 1939 New faces of 1937-1937
CHARIVARI The life of the party-1937
PARTNERS IN CRIME Partners in crime-1937
NIGHT WAITRESS Night waitress-1936
SWORN ENEMY Sworn enemy-1936
THREE GODFATHERS Three godfathers-1936
SPEED Speed-1936
BRAVE JOHNNY Great guy-1936
UNDER YOUR SPELL Under your spell-1936
PARADE DU FOOTBALL Pigskin parade-1936
SONG OF THE SADDLE Song of the saddle-1936
POSTAL INSPECTOR Postal inspector-1936
FATAL LADY Fatal lady-1936
EMPTY SADDLES Empty saddles-1936
WILD BRIAN KENT Wild brian kent-1936
MAJOR BOWES'AMATEUR THEATRE OF THE AIR Major Bowes'amateur theatre of the air-1935
THE BEST MAN WINS The best man wins-1935
MURDER BY TELEVISION Murder by television-1935
IT'S A SMALL WORLD It's a small world-1935
THE CASE OF THE LUCKY LEGS The case of the lucky legs-1935
THE CASE OF THE CURIOUS BRIDE The case of the curious bride-1935
LA DOUBLE VENGEANCE The Murder man-1935
TIMES SQUARE LADY Times square lady-1935
NORTHERN FRONTIER Northern frontier-1935
PADDY O'DAY Paddy O'Day-1935
JAMBES EN SOIE Piernas de seda-1935
HANDY ANDY Handy Andy-1934
WE'RE NOT DRESSING We're not dressing-1934
GOOD DAME Good Dame-1934
ALL OF ME All of me-1934
THE NOTORIOUS SOPHIE LANG The notorious sophie lang-1934
FOUR FRIGHTENED PEOPLE Four frightened people-1934
LE CABOCHARD The St. Louis kid-1934
JIMMY THE GENT Jimmy the gent-1934
FOG OVER FRISCO Fog over frisco-1934
LA MENAGERE Housewife-1934
THE BIG SHAKEDOWN The big shakedown-1934
VOICI LA MARINE Here comes the Navy-1934
BIOGRAPHY OF A BACHELOR GIRL Biography of a bachelor girl-1934
BORN TO BE BAD Born to be bad-1934
KISS AND MAKE-UP Kiss and make-up-1934
THE SHOW-OFF The show-off-1934
GIFT OF GAB Gift of gab-1934
THE RETURN OF CHANDU The return of Chandu-1934
CHANDU ON THE MAGIC ISLE Chandu on the magic isle-1934
LE PERROQUET CHINOIS Charlie Chan's courage-1934
EASY TO LOVE Easy to love-1934
ET DEMAIN ? Little man what now ?-1934
LET'S BE RITZY Let's be ritzy-1934
THE FRIENDS OF MR. SWEENEY The friends of mr. sweeney-1934
L'HOMME QUI RECLAMAIT SA TETE The man who reclaimed his head-1934
THE LITTLE MINISTER The little minister-1934
CHARLIE CHAN'S GREATEST CASE Charlie chan's greatest case-1933
THEY JUST HAD TO GET MARRIED They just had to get married-1933
HELLO SISTER Hello sister-1933
NIGHT OF TERROR Night of terror-1933
THE DEVIL'S IN LOVE The devil's in love-1933
THOMAS GARNER The power and the glory-1933
LADIES THEY TALK ABOUT Ladies they talk about-1933
GAMBLING SHIP Gambling ship-1933
SHANGHAI MADNESS Shanghai madness-1933
EX-LADY Ex-lady-1933
FROM HELL TO HEAVEN From hell to heaven-1933
BRIEF MOMENT Brief moment-1933
UNE GRANDE BAGARRE Picture snatcher-1933
SUPERNATURAL Supernatural-1933
SATURDAY'S MILLIONS Saturday's millions-1933
ECHEC AU PRINCE No more orchids-1932
MERRILY WE GO TO HELL Merrily we go to hell-1932
FAITES DE MOI UNE ETOILE Make me a star-1932
TAXI ! Taxi !-1932
VIRTUE Virtue-1932
SINNERS IN THE SUN Sinners in the sun-1932
THE MENACE The menace-1932
THE RICH ARE ALWAYS WITH US The rich are always with us-1932
WAY BACK HOME Way back home-1932
CONDUITE DESORDONNEE Disorderly conduct-1932
ELLE VOULAIT UN MILLIONNAIRE She wanted a millionaire-1932
SOCIETY GIRL Society girl-1932
THE PAINTED WOMAN The painted woman-1932
HOT SATURDAY Hot saturday-1932
LOVE AFFAIR Love affair-1932
JEWEL ROBBERY Jewel robbery-1932
WEEK-END MARRIAGE Week-end marriage-1932
THE MOUTHPIECE The mouthpiece-1932
CHARLIE CHAN'S CHANCE Charlie Chan's chance-1932
STEADY COMPANY Steady company-1932
WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOOD ? What price Hollywood ?-1932
ROCKABYE Rockabye-1932
LADIES OF THE JURY Ladies of the jury-1932
THE WOMAN IN ROOM 13 The woman in room 13-1932
PAYMENT DEFERRED Payment deferred-1932
GIRLS ABOUT TOWN Girls about town-1931
MARIONS-NOUS Su noche de bodas-1931
THE VIRTUOUS HUSBAND The virtuous husband-1931
CHARLIE CHAN CARRIES ON Charlie Chan carries on-1931
GOD'S GIFT TO WOMEN God's gift to women-1931
WINDY RILEY GOES HOLLYWOOD Windy Riley goes Hollywood-1931
UNDER EIGHTEEN Under eighteen-1931
THE GUARDSMAN The guardsman-1931
BODY AND SOUL Body and soul-1931
A HOLY TERROR A holy terror-1931
FIFTY MILLION FRENCHMEN Fifty million frenchmen-1931
THE BLACK CAMEL The black camel-1931
BROADMINDED Broadminded-1931
GOLDIE Goldie-1931
SIX CYLINDRES ET UN COEUR 6 cylinder love-1931
OTHER MEN'S WOMEN Other men's women-1931
WATERLOO BRIDGE Waterloo bridge-1931
BAD SISTER Bad sister-1931
LADIES' MAN Ladies' man-1931
LE MILLIONNAIRE The millionaire-1931
THIS MODERN AGE This modern age-1931
THE ROYAL FAMILY OF BROADWAY The royal family of Broadway-1931
I TAKE THIS WOMAN I take this woman-1931
MAN OF THE WORLD Man of the world-1931
UP POPS THE DEVIL Up pops the devil-1931
IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE It pays to advertise-1931
PUR-SANG Sporting blood-1931
SAFETY IN NUMBERS Safety in numbers-1930
THE RACKETEER The racketeer-1930
LE TIGRE DE L'ARIZONA The Arizona kid-1930
FAST AND LOOSE Fast and loose-1930
LAUGHTER Laughter-1930
UNE BELLE BRUTE Ladies love brutes-1930
TRUE TO THE NAVY True to the Navy-1930
THE BAT WHISPERS The bat whispers-1930
SARAH ET SON FILS Sarah and son-1930
MONTANA MOON Montana moon-1930
SINNER'S HOLIDAY Sinner's holiday-1930
THE TEXAN The texan-1930
A MAN FROM WYOMING A man from Wyoming-1930
SA PLUS BELLE VENGEANCE Such men are dangerous-1930
WILD COMPANY Wild company-1930
RENEGADES Renegades-1930
L'AMANT DE MINUIT Oh ! for a man !-1930
A DEVIL WITH WOMEN A devil with women-1930
THE OFFICE WIFE The office wife-1930
PASSION FLOWER Passion flower-1930
ON THE BORDER On the border-1930
BROADWAY'S LIKE THAT Broadway's like that-1930
TAXI TALKS Taxi talks-1930
A LADY SURRENDERS A lady surrenders-1930
GRUMPY Grumpy-1930
PRISONERS Prisoners-1929
THE VEILED WOMAN The veiled woman-1929
A NIGHT IN A DORMITORY A nignt in a dormitory-1929
OFFICE BLUES Office blues-1929
LE VIRGINIEN The virginian-1929
JEALOUSY Jealousy-1929
FOOTLIGHTS AND FOOLS Footlights and folls-1929
LE STUDIO TRAGIQUE The studio murder mystery-1929
THE MARRIAGE PLAYGROUND The marriage playground-1929
APPLAUSE Applause-1929
HIGH VOLTAGE High voltage-1929
MATCHMAKING MAMAS Matchmaking mamas-1929
BIG NEWS Big news-1929
DYNAMITE Dynamite-1929
COURS, MA FILLE Run, girl, run-1928
THE GIRL FROM NOWHERE The girl from nowhere-1928
POWER Power-1928
THE CAMPUS CARMEN The campus Carmen-1928
THE DIVINE SINNER The divine sinner-1928
THE BICYCLE FLIRT The bicycle flirt-1928
SHOW FOLKS Show folks-1928
LE PRINCE DES CACAHUETES How to handle women-1928
LIFE'S MOCKERY Life's mockery-1928
THAT CERTAIN THING That certain thing-1928
IN OLD KENTUCKY In old Kentucky-1927
SURRENDER Surrender-1927
LA CITE MAUDITE The city gone wild-1927
NOW WE'RE IN THE AIR Now we're in the air-1927
FRERES ENNEMIS Rolled stocking-1927
UN HOMME EN HABIT Evening clothes-1927
IMPLACABLE DESTIN Love me and the world is mine-1927
SILVER SLAVE Silver slave-1927
MATINEE LADIES Matinee ladies-1927
UNE HISTOIRE TRISTE Irish hearts-1927
SUPPLICE DE FEMME The siren-1927
GINSBERG THE GREAT Ginsberg the great-1927
LE DERNIER REFUGE The understanding heart-1927
TAXI GIRL The taxi dancer-1927
PUNCHINELLO Punchinello-1926
MONDAINE Fine manners-1926
JUST ANOTHER BLONDE Just another blonde-1926
THE AMERICAN VENUS The american Venus-1926
ROAD AGENT Road agent-1926
SUNSHINE OF PARADISE ALLEY Sunshine of paradise alley-1926
SWEET ADELINE Sweet adeline-1926
WEST OF THE LAW West of the law-1926
WINNING THE FUTURITY Winning the futurity-1926
RIDING FOR LIFE Riding for life-1926
DON JUAN Don Juan-1926
RIDIN' WILD Ridin' wild-1925
WIZARD OF OZ Wizard of Oz-1925
DAUGHTERS WHO PAY Daughters who pay-1925
THE MIDNIGHT GIRL The midnight girl-1925
LE REPROUVE Durand of the bad lands-1925
LA MERVEILLEUSE AVENTURE Marriage in transit-1925
THE EXQUISITE SINNER The exquisite sinner-1925
THE REJECTED WOMAN The rejected woman-1924
LES LOUPS DE MONTMARTRE The humming bird-1924
HUSBANDS AND LOVERS Husbands and lovers-1924
WHY MEN LEAVE HOME Why men leave home-1924
THE EXTRA GIRL The extra girl-1923
ZAZA Zaza-1923
BY DIVINE RIGHT By divine right-1923
THE TOILERS OF THE SEA The toilers of the sea-1923
LA MAISON DE POUPEE A doll's house-1922
INCONSCIENCE Her husband's trademark-1922
ONE CLEAR CALL One clear call-1922
L'ENFANT DU PASSE Sowing the wind-1921
SUSPICIOUS WIVES Suspicious wives-1921
SON ENFANT The child thou gavest me-1921
IF WOMEN ONLY KNEW If women only knew-1921
WHITE OAK White Oak-1921
THE CRADLE OF COURAGE The cradle of courage-1920
L'HEURE SUPREME The great moment-1920
LE FRERE INCONNU Square Deal Sanderson-1919
POUR LE MEILLEUR ET POUR LE PIRE For better for worse-1919
HER CODE OF HONOR Her code of honor-1919
RED LANTERN Red lantern-1919
PERILLEUSE MISSION The false faces-1919
HEART OF GOLD Heart of gold-1919
DOUGLAS A LE SOURIRE He Comes Up Smiling-1918
A BULLET FOR BERLIN A bullet for Berlin-1918
TILL I COME BACK TO YOU Till i come back to you-1918
LA MAISON DE POUPEE A doll's house-1918
CARMEN OF THE KLONDIKE Carmen of the Klondike-1918
LA PISTE DE L'ARC-EN-CIEL The rainbow trail-1918
SECRET CODE The Secret code-1918
STATION CONTENT Station content-1918
WIFE OR COUNTRY Wife or country-1918
EVERY WOMAN'S HUSBAND Every woman's husband-1918
SOCIETY FOR SALE Society for sale-1918
SHIFTING SANDS Shifting sands-1918
HER DECISION Her decision-1918
YOU CAN'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING You can't believe everything-1918
TEDDY AT THE THROTTLE Teddy at the throttle-1917
DANGERS OF A BRIDE Dangers of a bride-1917
THE SULTAN'S WIFE The sultan's wife-1917
HEDDA GABLER Hedda Gabler-1917
ALL STAR PRODUCTION OF PATRIOTIC EPISODES FOR THE SECOND LIBERTY LOAN All star production of patriotic épisodes for the second liberty loan-1917
THE PRIMAL LURE The primal lure-1916
MARIA ROSA Maria rosa-1916
THE BRUISER The bruiser-1916
THE DAWN MAKER The dawn maker-1916
THE PATRIOT The patriot-1916
THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE The devil's double-1916
TRUTHFUL TULLIVER Truthful Tulliver-1916
A DASH OF COURAGE A dash of courage-1916
A SOCIAL CLUB A social club-1916
THE DANGER GIRL The danger girl-1916
HAYSTACKS AND STEEPLES Haystacks and steeples-1916
LOVE ON SKATES Love on skates-1916
THE NICK-OF-TIME BABY The nick-of-time baby-1916
HEARTS AND SPARKS Hearts and sparks-1916
THE CITY OF ILLUSION The city of illusion-1916
THE IMMORTAL FLAME The immortal flame-1916
SWEEDIE GOES TO COLLEGE Sweedie goes to college-1915
THE ROMANCE OF AN AMERICAN DUCHESS The romance of an american duchess-1915
THE BROKEN PLEDGE The broken pledge-1915
THE FABLE OF ELVIRA AND FARINA AND THE MEAL TICKET The fable of Elvira and Farina and the meal ticket-1915
THE MAN FROM NOWHERE The man from nowhere-1915
THE TAKING OF LUKE MAC VANE The taking of Luke Mac Vane-1915
THE ROUGHNECK The roughneck-1915
TOOLS OF PROVIDENCE Tools of providence-1915
THE RUSE The ruse-1915
THE CONVERSION OF FROSTY BLAKE The conversion of Frosty Blake-1915
DON CAESAR DE BAZAN Don caesar de bazan-1915
BAD BUCK OF SANTA YNEZ Bad Buck of Santa Ynez-1915
CASH PARRISH'S PAL Cash Parrish's pal-1915
THE DARKENING TRAIL The darkening trail-1915
THE CHALICE OF COURAGE The chalice of courage-1915
THE CAPTIVE The captive-1915
THE WARRENS OF VIRGINIA The warrens of Virginia-1915
THE GOLDEN CHANCE The golden chance-1915
CHIMMIE FADDEN Chimmie fadden-1915
KINDLING Kindling-1915
THE UNAFRAID The unafraid-1915
THE WILD GOOSE CHASE The wild goose chase-1915
A KNIGHT OF THE TRAILS A knight of the trails-1915
LES LOUPS Between men-1915
THE DISCIPLE The disciple-1915
CHIMMIE FADDEN OUT WEST Chimmie fadden out West-1915
PINTO BEN Pinto Ben-1915
ON THE NIGHT STAGE On the night stage-1915
THE SHERIFF'S STREAK OF YELLOW The sheriff's streak of yellow-1915
THE SCOURGE OF THE DESERT The scourge of the desert-1915
MR SILENT HASKINS Mr Silent Haskins-1915
GHOSTS Ghosts-1915
PEER GYNT Peer Gynt-1915
A FLORIDA ENCHANTMENT A Florida enchantment-1914
THE PASSING OF TWO-GUN HICKS The passing of Two-Gun Hicks-1914
THE GRUDGE The grudge-1914
THE VIRGINIAN The Virginian-1914
WHAT'S HIS NAME What's his name-1914
THE MAN FROM HOME The man from home-1914
JIM CAMERON'S WIFE Jim Cameron's wife-1914
IN THE SAGE BRUSH COUNTRY In the sage brush country-1914
HIS HOUR OF MANHOOD His hour of manhood-1914
THE OLD ACTOR The old actor-1912